Fall and Spring Deep Cleaning Checklist

Lamberts Lately

This fall cleaning checklist printable is a free 14-day pdf schedule to plan out your home deep cleaning! Divide your house into zones by room (like bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, etc.). Great as a spring cleaning checklist too.

1️⃣ Day 1 - Kitchen – deep clean oven and stovetop – deep clean dishwasher – dispose of/donate old kitchen gadgets – descale coffee maker – clean range hood 2️⃣ Day 2 - Kitchen – clean grout – clean out freezer – clean out/organize junk drawers – polish silver – wash throw rugs/pot holders 3️⃣Day 3 - Kitchen – clean utensil organizers – wipe down backsplash – clean sides of large appliances – clean inside of drawers – clean underside of faucet heads and sink drain 4️⃣Day 4 - Living – check batteries in smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors – clean washing machine – clean lint around dryer/vents – wash pillows/blankets/furniture covers

Simply follow this easy cleaning schedule to deep clean your home twice a year.

5️⃣Day 5 - Living – wash curtains – vacuum or sweep under furniture – vacuum between/under furniture cushions – shampoo carpet – dust elevated surfaces 6️⃣Day 6 - Living – donate unused toys – clean/disinfect all toys – wash throw rugs – replace remote batteries – throw away old paperwork, receipts, magazines, and mail 7️⃣Day 7 - Living – dust vents throughout home – clean furniture upholstery/condition leather – clean/change air filters – replace old bulbs (dust light fixtures if needed) 8️⃣Day 8 - Bedrooms – clean out end table dressers – vacuum and flip mattresses – vacuum or sweep under furniture – wash pillows (replace if needed) – organize under beds

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