Elf on the Shelf Calendar - 2022

The 2022 Elf on the Shelf Calendar has over 25 days of ideas. Find funny and easy activities for your elf, from arrival to the last day. 

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Day 1 (11/25) – Welcome Back Breakfast – Decorate your table with a Christmas-themed tablecloth, plates, cups, centerpiece and have a fun breakfast with your elf! Elf can bring a sweet breakfast treat (donuts, muffins, cereal, etc.).  (Supplies Needed: Christmas centerpiece, tablecloth, plates, cups, sweet breakfast treat) – Day 2 (11/26) – Draw on pictures with dry erase markers – Make silly faces on your framed pictures with dry erase markers. You can add eyebrows, hats, ears, sunglasses, clown noses, etc.  (Supplies Needed: Dry erase markers) – Day 3 (11/27) – Ziplining – Use a long piece of string and a coat hanger; tie piece of string to 2 higher places 6-10 feet from each other and have elf hang onto coat hanger to zipline across. (Supplies Needed: 8-10 foot piece of string, coat hanger)

Day 4 (11/28) – Go Goldfishing – Tie a short piece of string to the end of a toothpick or cotton swab. Fill a bowl with Goldfish crackers and have elf fish with the fishing pole you made. (Supplies Needed: Toothpick or cotton swab, short piece of string, Goldfish crackers) – Day 5 (11/29) – Dye the milk/juice green – Use green food coloring to dye the milk or juice in the fridge! (Supplies Needed: Green food coloring) – Day 6 (11/30) – Candy Cane Hunt – Hide a pack of candy canes throughout the house; have elf sit in empty candy cane box with a note to find them.  (Supplies Needed: Box of candy canes, note)

Day 7 (12/1) – Snowball fight – Ball up 10-12 pieces of toilet tissue and make a note for kids to have a snowball fight with them.  (Supplies Needed: Toilet tissue) – Day 8 (12/2) – Flour snow angel – Spread flour on a a cookie sheet and use the elf to make a snow angel. (Supplies Needed: Cookie sheet, flour (sprinkles work too!)) – Day 9 (12/3) – Doll tea party – Have a few dolls set up to have a tea party with your elf.  (Supplies Needed: Tea party set, 3-4 dolls) – Day 10 (12/4) – Hide in the fridge – Wrap your elf up in “blankets” (kitchen towels) and hide in the door of the fridge.  (Supplies Needed: Kitchen towels)

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