DIY Tree Topper (made with a plastic cup!)

This tutorial for how to make a DIY tree topper uses bows made out of deco mesh ribbon and a simple Solo plastic cup as a base for an easy homemade Christmas decoration!

Supplies Needed

1 red plastic Solo cup hot glue gun 2 rolls 6″ deco mesh ribbon (different colors if desired) craft wire  8-10 matching pieces of floral stems 6-8 matching Christmas ornaments (varying sizes)  (I didn't use these, but other accessories like snowflake ornaments, pom-poms, or Christmas tree picks would be great fillers as well.)

From each roll of deco mesh, cut 5 2′ pieces of ribbon with a sharp pair of scissors (so the ends of the deco mesh don't unravel). No need to use a ruler – just eyeball it. Take the first piece of ribbon and loop it into a simple 2-loop bow. Do the same with an alternating color of ribbon and cross the bows (making an x). Thread a 1′ piece of craft wire or pipe cleaner through the middle of the x and tightly wind it around the 2 crossed bows to secure them together.

Step 1: Make x's with deco mesh ribbon.

Take one of the completed x's and glue it on top of the cup with your hot glue gun. You'll need to hold this down until the hot glue dries to ensure that it is secured (careful not to burn your fingers!). Glue remaining deco mesh ribbon x's all around the cup.

Step 2: Hot glue x's to the cup.

Next, take your roll of deco mesh and cut out 5-10 1 foot pieces. Wind them up pretty tightly in a roll and glue the end of the loop to the cup so the loop will stick out from the topper. This will cover up some of the remaining plastic cup that you can see.

Step 3: Make deco mesh loops.

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