How to Make a DIY Blanket Ladder for $20

Find out how to make an inexpensive DIY Blanket Ladder with simple 2x4 cuts of wood! This is the perfect rustic piece to complement farmhouse decor. Post includes free plans and step by step instructions.


3 8' 2x4" studs hammer, larger screw, and flat-head screwdriver for distressing wood miter saw hand sander a power drill and 20 3" self-tapping wood screws wood filler drop cloth stain sponge brushes old rags, towels, or scrap pieces of fabric that you're willing to throw away polyurethane

Step 1: Distress 2x4 cuts of wood

Step 2: Make the wood cuts

Step 3: Finish off corners

Step 4: Use wood screws to attach side and rungs

Step 5: Patch screw holes

Step 6: Stain the finished blanket ladder

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