This list of Walmart Grocery Pickup hacks shows you several great ways to save money on your grocery bill, including how to find coupon deals, how to get cash back on purchases, and how to find the best discounts on your order.

This list of Walmart Grocery Pickup hacks shows you several great ways to save money on your grocery bill, including how to find coupon deals, how to get cash back on purchases, and how to find the best discounts on your order.

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This is a post I was originally planning to write earlier this year - as a matter of fact, I had it on my editorial calendar for late March. There were a few awesome ways I had found to save money on Walmart Grocery Pickup orders that really didn't require much more effort than placing your order.

By now, I think you all know why that post never happened. The world turned upside down and giving discounts was the last thing on the minds of the nice people at Walmart. We all kind of went into survival mode...but, I feel like we're slowly coming out of that survival mode as of this publish date! (Let's hope it stays that way.)

The really good, easy discounts I was going to write about back in March are finally starting to pop back up. I had a printable post planned for this week, but as soon as noticed that the Walmart Grocery Pickup discounts were back on a few of my favorite apps, I rearranged my calendar to write this post so I could get the info out to you ASAP. You'll want to start taking advantage of these discounts now!

What is Walmart Grocery Pickup?

Your new best friend. 🙂 If you haven't discovered the magic that is Walmart Grocery Pickup, you're missing out! You simply go to their site, add the items on your grocery list to your order (minimum order is $35 for pickup), select a pickup day and time, and order. Walmart picks your items for you, substituting as needed to make up for out of stock items (but only if you want them to), and puts your order in your car (currently with no-contact) - for free. Like, absolutely free. They're not even allowed to accept tips for this (but totally deserve them). It's the best thing since sliced bread!

This list of Walmart Grocery Pickup hacks shows you several great ways to save money on your grocery bill, including how to find coupon deals, how to get cash back on purchases, and how to find the best discounts on your order.

Prices are the same as they would be in the store - and, some of the time, they're even better. That's because, if an item is out of stock, they'll give you the next best thing at the same price as your item. That usually means you'll get a name brand for a store brand or you'll get the bigger size of an item if your product isn't in stock for the same price as what you chose. See how this can save even more money?

It also means you're not impulse shopping. There is absolutely no telling how much money Walmart Grocery Pickup has saved me by eliminating the urge to throw unneeded items in the cart as I shop. And, if you're using my freezer meal plans, it can literally take minutes to build your grocery list and select a pickup time!

This list of Walmart Grocery Pickup hacks shows you several great ways to save money on your grocery bill, including how to find coupon deals, how to get cash back on purchases, and how to find the best discounts on your order.

But how do you save money shopping this way? It takes the use of a few apps/websites, but it's totally doable! See my hacks for saving money on Walmart Grocery Pickup below.

The Best Walmart Grocery Pickup Hacks

This one is so easy - it's an absolute no-brainer! If you shop through Walmart Grocery regularly, you can link your Ibotta account to your Walmart Grocery account to get automatic cash back.

walmart grocery pickup & delivery offer ad.

Ibotta is a cash back app that allows you to earn rebates on groceries from most major grocery stores. You simply select the items you're planning on purchasing that week in the app, buy those items, and upload your receipt to get the cash back in your Ibotta account. I've used this app for years to make really easy money - if I'm being honest with you, I don't normally buy something *just* because it's on Ibotta unless the discount is really significant. I simply select the things I'm buying anyway to get easy cash back. They normally have a few really general items (like milk, or coffee, or granola bars) each week that don't even have to be a specific brand.

walmart grocery screen in ibotta.

Here's the awesome thing about Walmart Grocery though: since you don't get a traditional receipt to upload to Ibotta, they've made it even easier! Once you sign up for an account here, find Walmart grocery in the app and link your account (mine's already linked, but you'll select the area circled above to link it). Then, select the items you're buying in the app, buy those items (by clicking through the "Shop Walmart Grocery" button you see above the circled portion), and Ibotta automatically recognizes what you've bought and gives you the cash back without a receipt. I've made money a few times after I totally forgot that I had chosen items in Ibotta that week. 😂 It doesn't get easier than that!

walmart grocery delivery pickup screen in ibotta.

If you want to make even more with Walmart Grocery and Ibotta, you can click through the link in Ibotta each time you place a Walmart Grocery order through the app on your phone to get a flat $2 rebate. (Note: this has been coming and going; it might not be currently available, but it's worth a check.) This is simply when you place the order; you can make your list on whatever device you'd like, but when you're ready to order, click through the button at the top of that page to get an easy $2 back.

Sign up for your Ibotta account by clicking here (and you can use my referral code nfxjxq to unlock a $20 bonus).

Dosh is a cash back app that has a similar concept as Ibotta - it just goes about giving you rebates in a different way. But, the good news is (as of right now) you can stack the cash back rewards from both Dosh and Ibotta!

dosh app.

For most offers on Dosh, you're required to link a credit card number to your account (it sounds a little suspicious, I know, but I've used it since the beginning of the year with no issues). When Dosh detects that you've made a qualified purchase with one of their retailers with that linked credit card, you get cash back. Sometimes the discount is automatic, sometimes you have to click through their app and use the connected card to get the rebate - it just kind of depends on the offer.

For Walmart Grocery, you don't need to click through the app - once Dosh detects that you made an account on your Walmart Grocery account, you'll get a pop-up on your phone asking if you want the Dosh cash back from your purchase (make sure your notifications are on) - click to select that notification, and you'll get 2% of your purchase back. So, you'll need to actually click through the Ibotta link to get your $2 and individual offers, and Dosh will automatically detect your purchase! Just to make sure my Ibotta kind of recognizes me before I make a purchase, I click through Ibotta's link to Walmart Grocery. I then go to Ibotta and click through their button to go to Walmart Grocery as well, actually making the purchase through that link (using the credit card linked in Dosh). I've been getting cash back in both for months.

walmart screen in dosh app.

Dosh is also offering a great rebate on Walmart+, Walmart's new subscription service that offers free deliveries and discounted gas, among other perks. If you link your card and purchase through the Dosh app's button (as seen above), you'll get 5-10% of your purchase price back. That means, for an annual membership, you'll get almost $10 back!

You can sign up for the Dosh app by clicking here. After you sign up with that link, connect a card, and make your first purchase, you'll get a $10 bonus.

Tip 3: Be more general with your searches.

This is one of the Walmart Grocery Pickup hacks that never really stopped working during the pandemic. By searching for more general terms for ingredients, you're usually able to find lower prices on ingredients that can still be useful in your meals.

walmart grocery screenshot.

For example, I like to buy 1 or 2 kinds of fruit for my family each week. I rarely search for a specific type of fruit - instead, just type in "fruit" and you'll get the store's entire selection of fruit available. This shows you what is currently cheapest per pound (since produce prices change so frequently), letting you choose the most cost-effective item for your family. As an added bonus, the cheaper prices usually tip you off to what is most in-season at that point.

Being more general with your search terms can also show you what Rollback discounts are currently available. If I'm meal planning for the week, I'll often start by searching "meat" on the grocery app. This is an easy way to see if any particular kinds of meat (which is usually the most expensive part of a recipe) are discounted at that point. I try to choose the least expensive options available and plan recipes around those. And, as long as you place your order for that item while it's still in sale, they'll honor the price at the time of pickup, even if the sale is over!

Tip 4: Make sure your credit card gives cash back on grocery purchases.

I know there are a LOT of opinions on credit cards out there - but, in our family, we think that responsible use can work for you, not against you. We put absolutely every possible purchase on a credit card each month and have every card, no matter what, set to pay off the full balance at statement time. This way, interest is never an expense we worry about, and we're able to earn reward points and cash back benefits from the cards. (Of course, if you don't think you have the ability to set that payoff amount to the full balance each month without running into budget issues, stay away from this one! It takes strict budgeting and living within your means to do make this work effectively.)

So - if you're a credit card user - check your current card to make sure you're getting the absolute maximum cash back from grocery stores. My husband is one of those people that has made a hobby out of finding the best benefits from cards. For years, we've used an American Express Blue Cash Preferred for grocery and gas purchases. For groceries, this card gives 6% cash back (and yes, Walmart Grocery purchases count as a grocery store). It also gives 3% cash back for gas purchases.

If I see a better credit card deal after publish date, I'll make sure and revise this - but, as of now, this is the best cash-back rate I know of for grocery stores. You can sign up for our card here (there's currently a great offer for a $300 statement credit when you put $3000 in purchases on the card in the first 6 months. And if it says "Noah has referred you," don't worry - that's my husband! 😊)

Tip 5: Install Wikibuy.

For those of you who shop Walmart Grocery on your computer rather than the phone app, Wikibuy might be a better way to save.

capital one shopping widget in walmart grocery site.

This is a free browser extension that shows you cash back notifications for lots of different stores (including Amazon and Walmart Grocery). You simply install the extension on your browser (it's available for Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer, just to name a few) and the extension will notify you when there's a deal available. You can use the cash back you get through Wikibuy for gift cards from stores like Walmart (effectively making this a direct discount).

You can get the free browser extension by clicking here.

What Walmart Grocery Pickup hacks have you found useful? Leave them in the comments below - I'd love to hear them!

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  1. It’s so nice that some of the coupon/cash back apps are starting to bring back offers for Walmart Grocery. It’s such an incredible service to begin with, and it just makes it that much sweeter when you can earn a little bonus back. One thing I love is that I can reserve my time and place my order a week in advance, and then continue to add things that I need all week long. So convenient!