101 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Teens & Tweens

This list of stocking stuffer ideas for teens & tweens has the best ideas for both boy and girl teenagers in 2022! Includes over 100 small gifts sorted by interest. Cool, cheap, good ideas that are great Christmas gifts for teen family and friends.

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Welcome back!

Welcome to week 2 of this year's stocking stuffer series! To kick this week's posts off, we're going to spruce up one of my most popular stocking stuffer blog posts.

A few years ago, I published the original version of 101 stocking stuffers for teens & tweens. As most of you regular readers know, I try to keep these gift guides fresh by updating them every year. For 2022, I thought I'd share a new and improved version of this post. Below, you'll see some really cool, fun stocking stuffer ideas for teens in your life.

What are good stocking stuffers for teens?

I've covered practical ideas & many different interests in this stocking stuffer collection To be honest? As an adult, I'd kind of like to receive a few of these under the Christmas tree! 🙂

I have to admit, this stocking stuffer idea list was one of the more difficult ones I've had to do over the years. Our family's children, grandchildren and cousins are getting into the teen stage. In reality, I haven't been around a lot of tweens and teenagers recently.

So, I did a little bit of research (and a WHOLE lot of browsing my favorite shopping sites). I was able to come up with over 100 cool stocking stuffer ideas for teens & tweens in your life.

Stocking stuffer ideas for both teen boys & teen girls

In this list of stocking stuffers, you'll get ideas for both teenage boys and teenage girls. These groups' interests kind of start merging around this stage of life. Because of that, I didn't think it would make sense to divide it by gender.

Instead, I separated each category in this list by interest. You can personalize your stocking stuffer shopping to your teen's favorite things.

Turn stocking stuffers into small gifts!

These teen stocking stuffer ideas are also great small gift ideas. Many times, teenagers need small gifts for their friends. This list is perfect inspiration for that kind of gift giving! This would also be great for more distant family members or even when packing a gift basket.

Give these as small gifts this holiday season. Any teenager would love to receive these on Christmas morning! For you last minute shoppers, I tried to include as many “fast shipping” items as possible. Most of these are from Amazon, Target, Walmart, etc. so you can shop right up until zero hour.

Give teens what they need in their stocking

This presents a great opportunity to gift those things your teenager actually need. You're going to give them things like snacks, batteries, gum, pencils, etc. anyway. These small items make great stocking stuffers! You can even use these items as fillers instead of using a lot of candy.

101 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Teens & Tweens

Let's get going - here's my list of the the best stocking stuffer ideas for teens & tweens!

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Stocking Stuffers For an Artist

  1. Washi Tape
  2. Liquid Chalk
  3. Inkjoy Gel Pens - These are the best pens I've ever used. They come in lots of colors and work incredibly well!
  4. Hot Glue Gun Finger Caps - Keep those fingertips burn-free!
  5. Watercolors
  6. 'I Arted' Shirt
  7. Scrapbook Scissors - Cut paper edges into lots of different shapes and patterns.
  8. Mod Podge - An essential crafting supply.
  9. Glitter Hot Glue Sticks
  10. Chalkboard Tape - Stick this tape and write on it with chalk, just like a chalkboard!
  11. Geometric Art Spiral Tool
  12. Calligraphy Pen
  13. Color Wheel Magnets
  14. Pocketed Artist's Apron
  15. Mini Easel

Great Gifts For a Techie

  1. Selfie Stick - Attaches to any phone for easy selfies.
  2. Portable Bluetooth Speaker
  3. Lipstick-Sized Portable Charger
  4. Headphone Audio Splitter - This splitter allows the user to share their headphones with another device.
  5. Smart Color-Changing Light Bulb
  6. Bluetooth Beanie - Play your favorite bluetooth music from inside of your hat!
  7. Mini Pocket Drone
  8. Water Resistant Phone Case
  9. Ocean Wave Light Projector
  10. Lock Socket - Keeps the rest of the home from stealing your charger.
  11. Earbud Nest - Great way to organize earbuds and cords.

For a Chef/Food Lover

  1. Kitchen Apron
  2. Master Chef Junior Cookbook
  3. Marshmallow Roasting Sticks
  4. Chicken Infuser
  5. Microwave Popcorn Popper - Use this tool to pop kernels in the microwave
  6. Egg Mold Set - Cook eggs into fun shapes!
  7. Pie Press - Great tool for forming mini hand pies.
  8. GarlicZoom - Simple garlic chopper for the kitchen
  9. Cake Shapers - This lets the cook a cake in any shape they would like.
  10. Egg Beater Whisk
  11. 1000 Foods to Eat Before You Die
  12. Personalized Steak Brander
  13. 'Foodie Fight' Trivia Game

Stocking Stuffer Ideas For a Beauty Guru

  1. Mascara - This mascara is incredible and so inexpensive!
  2. Mac Prep + Prime Spray
  3. Curling Wand
  4. Lip and Cheek Blush Stick - Simple makeup tool for a minimal makeup look
  5. Small Eyeshadow Palette (like Naked 2 Basics)
  6. Wet Brush - The best brush I've ever used. My go-to!
  7. Hair Dryer Diffuser
  8. Makeup Brush Cleaning Mitt - It's great to start the habit of cleaning makeup brushes early.
  9. Acrylic Makeup Organizer
  10. Hand Mask
  11. Nail Art Set
  12. Funny Sleep Mask
  13. Beauty Blender - In my opinion, this is the best makeup sponge out there!
  14. 'Purity Made Simple' Cleansing Cloths
  15. Travel-Sized Leave-In Conditioner - My ride or die leave-in. Smells great and works like a charm to detangle and condition.
  16. Lip Balms
  17. Blush Palette
  18. Spiral Hair Ties - Unique ponytail holder that prevents tangles and breakage
  19. Tweezers - This set of tweezers has been my favorites for years!
  20. Egg White Pore Mask
  21. Philosophy Festive Frosty Favorites - Fun holiday scents of a really quality brand of shower gels
  22. Blotterazzi - Oil blotting towels for your face
  23. Hair Chalk - Great way to try out hair colors without making them permanent.
  24. Aquis Flip Hair Drying Tool - Easy way to dry hair after a shower
  25. Nail Care Set
  26. Facial Water Spray
  27. Loose Glitter
  28. Color Removal Sponge - Another great tool for cleaning makeup brushes

Stocking Stuffers For a Book Worm

  1. Hands-Free Reading Light - Attach to your neck for late-night reading
  2. Finger Point Bookmarks - Keep track of the exact space you stopped reading
  3. Kindle Cover
  4. Favorite Book
  5. Thumb Thing - Use your thumb to easily hold books open while reading
  6. Journaling Pens
  7. Keychain
  8. Novel Teas - Fun teas with literary names
  9. "Shh I'm Reading" Socks

Ideas for a Sports/Health Nut

  1. Infuser Water Bottle - This bottle allows you to infuse water with fruits, herbs, etc.
  2. Phone Armband - Great for runners or outdoor sportsmen. Attach your phone to your arm!
  3. Resistance Band Set - Wonderful way to weight train with limited resources.
  4. Desktop Basketball Game
  5. Electric Protein Shaker Bottle - Wirelessly mixes water and protein
  6. Fitness tracker
  7. Hype Buzzer - This is a gag gift for teens. Encourage hype when needed!
  8. Jump Rope
  9. Blue Steel Sports Soap - Knock out even the worst body odor after exercise.
  10. Hibbet Sports Gift Card
  11. Core Sliders - Another great way to train ab muscles with limited weights.
  12. Hand Grips
  13. Compression Socks
  14. Sports Laces - Keep shoe laces from getting in the way of a great workout!

There you have it - over 100 great ideas when buying stocking stuffers for teens this holiday season. I'm wishing a very Merry Christmas to the shoppers out there! I hope this list helps take a little bit of the load off of Santa this holiday season. 😉

xo, Leslie - signature at the end of blog post.

The following graphics are from previous version of this post:

101 stocking stuffers for teens.
101 stocking stuffers for teens.

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  1. Beth Bishop says:

    This list is so awesome! It has lots of different ideas that I haven’t seen on Pinterest/done by others yet. I can’t wait to use one to ask my girls!! I like the clothespin dolls a lot for some reason, they are so cute. The necklaces and scratch off cards too! Such great ideas!

  2. Natalie A says:

    Teens always seem so hard to shop for! I love all of your ideas! This compiled list of stocking stuffers is so helpful, and I'm sure it helps many others, too.

  3. Micah | Home Faith Family says:

    I love the variety on this list! Thanks for linking this post up 🙂

  4. This is a nice list, it does have a lot of great ideas. But I must comment... a $50 camera? a FitBit? If that's what you consider a "stocking stuffer", what do you consider an "under the tree" gift?!

    1. Many of my lists include smaller (in size) gifts as well!

  5. Mother of 3 says:

    So many great ideas! Thanks so much for sharing with us at Encouraging Hearts and Home. Pinned.

  6. Kate Holmes says:

    I have teenagers so will be taking a detailed look at this list #AnythingGoes

    1. I hope it helps, Kate!

  7. Katy @ Experienced Bad Mom says:

    Very cute ideas! I picked up a few ideas for my 16yo doing culinary arts at school this year.

    I'm visiting from #happynowlinkup.

    1. Thanks so much - I'm glad it could help!

  8. Angela Johnson says:

    This list is awesome! You gave me so many great ideas for my 2 teens and 1 tween. Thanks so much for sharing this. Visiting from Blogger's Pit Stop.

    1. So glad you stopped by, Angela!

  9. Found this post through a Google search (stocking stuffers for tweens) and it was excellent! Super helpful both in its recommendations and in that it sparked new ideas. Now I'm almost done with my prep. Thank you!

    1. Leslie Lambert says:

      I'm so glad it helped!