Over 50 Cleaning and Organizing Projects For Your Home

This list of over 50 home cleaning projects will help you organize and deep clean while you're stuck in your house. It's even broken down by room (kitchen, bedroom, etc.).

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Alright friends, I've decided I'm going to make lemonade out of lemons here. By the time you read this, we're all on week 2 of the Coronavirus quarantine – and you're probably starting to go a little stir crazy. Me too, and I've always considered myself a homebodied introvert.

While we're stuck at home, let's make it a productive time! I've come up with over 50 organizing and home cleaning projects we can all do while we're cooped up for the next weeks/months. Let's make this a time to give our homes the TLC they've probably needed for awhile (and I put my home in this category, too).

Most of these projects are fairly small – most of them can be completed in under an hour. You'll find a lot of these throughout Journey to Clean, my home cleaning system, so feel free to skip if you're already completing one of these. I went even further than Journey to Clean in this list though because, let's be honest – we've all got a little bit more time on our hands now.

Just think – if we're all cooped up for 2 more months (shudder, I know, but it's possible), and you complete one of these per day, you could work through this entire list during the quarantine!

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Kitchen Cleaning and Organization Projects

  • Deep clean fridge
  • Organize kitchen utensils
  • Clean utensil trays and knife holders
  • Organize junk drawers
  • Clean small appliances
  • Clean faucet and drain
  • Deep clean dishwasher (using something like this)
  • Organize cabinets and throw out extra cups/storage containers
  • Clean out old food from pantry and fridge

Living Area Organization Projects

  • Deep clean carpets (our favorite carpet cleaner is this one)
  • Organize DVDs and games
  • Wash throw pillows and blankets
  • Steam clean and defuzz furniture (we love this defuzzer)
  • Purge old magazines and donate old books
  • Wash curtains
  • Make sure all remotes have batteries and are being used; throw out ones that don't have a purpose.

Bedroom Organization Projects

  • Wash comforters and duvets
  • Vacuum and mop under beds
  • Organize side tables and drawers
  • Wash pillows; replace if needed
  • Vacuum/clean/flip mattresses

Outside Cleaning/Organization Projects

  • Pressure wash house, deck, patio
  • Pull all weeds
  • Replenish mulch or pine straw in flower beds
  • Dust and sweep garage
  • Throw out damaged toys
  • Vacuum/dust pollen off of furniture

Bathroom/Closet Organization Projects

  • Clean makeup brushes
  • Dispose of old or expired makeup and toiletries
  • Clean behind toilets and tubs
  • Clean grout
  • Descale faucets
  • Clean out old or damaged clothing
  • Refold and hang up clothing
  • Organize sock and underwear drawers
  • Inventory linens; throw out damaged or worn pieces
  • Replace old/mismatched hangers (we invested in these a couple of years ago and absolutely love them!)

This list of over 50 home cleaning projects will help you organize and deep clean while you're stuck in your house. It's even broken down by room (kitchen, bedroom, etc.).

Laundry Organization Projects

  • Deep clean washer and dryer, including lint traps – this washing machine cleaner is super effective.
  • Scrub cabinets and shelves
  • Organize cleaners
  • Wash any laundry bags or hamper liners

Attic Organization Projects

  • Make sure small items are in a box or container
  • Organize boxes by type (holiday, clothing, keepsakes, etc.)
  • Get rid of old, unused, damaged holiday decor
  • Make a garage sale pile
  • Check insulation for gaps (don't touch!) – schedule repairs if needed

Playroom Organization Projects

  • Organize toys by type (ours are organized like this)
  • Throw out small, “Happy Meal” type toys
  • Make a donate pile of unused toys
  • Make sure toys have fresh batteries
  • Cycle out books; make ones that were hidden more accessible

There you have it – enough home cleaning projects to survive this quarantine (maybe 😉). Let's use this time wisely – if we're stuck at home, it might as well be clean and organized, right?

And, if you want to maintain that clean and organized home after you finish these, make sure to check out Journey to Clean! My tried-and-true cleaning system addresses so many different (and often forgotten) cleaning tasks in the home with a thorough, easy cleaning list. You'll get cleaning tasks to do for every single day of the year!

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  1. I would love to print these cleaning projects out and divide them up among our family member to recruit their help. I hope it works!