Download these free blog planning printables and to your weekly blog posts, monthly editorial calendar, income and expenses, yearly goals, and more.

blog planning printables in a notebook.

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Eight years ago (which seems like such a long time!), I published the original version of this free printable blog planner. Since then, it's been such a popular post on the blog. I'm so glad it's been able to help so many readers organize their blog, whether they are new at it or a seasoned pro.

I thought this would be a great time to share the blog planning printables workbook! This is a version that matches my full collection of planner printables, The Year of Intent and my cleaning worksheets, Journey to Clean. That way, everything in your planning line-up can be nice and coordinated (I can't tell you how giddy that makes me πŸ€—).

These can be downloaded to your computer and printed at your convenience. The printables you see fit in a 3-ring binder. You can either print the pages as needed, or put them in sheet protectors and use wet-erase markers on them. I also love using a simple laminator to preserve the pages.

(It goes without saying - these files are for personal use only. Please, no commercial distribution of these. If you're in doubt whether or not your use of these files is allowed, contact me!)

Free Blog Planning Printables

Let's take a look at what you'll get in your set of printables...

free blog planning printables

Of course, every pretty planner has to have a pretty cover!

free blog planning printables

What are you trying to accomplish with you blog? Is it just for your personal use, or are you trying to make it into a business? What do you want to accomplish this year? Next year? What do you want to convey to your readers? Get focused with this overall goals/mission page by setting a big-picture business plan.

free blog planning printables

Then, once you've got your main goals, break them down into achievable monthly goals. Get even more specific with action steps; these are great to use for daily goals. I have a similar set of goal setting printables in The Year of Intent, but this one's made for you bloggers out there. This method of goal setting is so simple and works incredibly well.

free blog planning printables

Keep this running list of blog post ideas - you never know when an idea will hit you. This blog post planner also gives you room to make simple notes about what to add to the post.

blog series planner printable.

You also have space to organize a blog series!

editorial calendar printable.
editorial calendar printable.

I am a huge believer in keeping an editorial calendar. I typically keep about a few weeks' worth of posts penciled into my monthly calendar. The worst feeling is getting to a week of blogging and having nothing to write about - this is the easiest way to eliminate that. With this page, you'll be able to see your planned content at a glance.

weekly blog planner printable.

Once you plan out your month, use this page to plan out your week. You can include social media ideas and brainstorming to dive deeper into your post topic.

blog statistics printable.

It's so, so important to keep up with your blog stats if you're trying to grow your blog. This is an easy way to keep up with site analytics and social media/email stats for a whole year...I love keeping it all in one place.

social media schedule.

Speaking of social media - if you've been blogging for any period of time, you know how important it is to interact on several different forms of social media as well. This is an easy way to plan out your social media posts for a whole month. You can even use this page as a checklist as you post content.

link parties printable.

Link parties aren't as big of a deal as they were a few years ago in promoting your blog. However, I will still occasionally use them to get the word out about new posts. They can be super confusing if you don't get some kind of organization - but this makes it easy.

blog contacts printable.

Whether you're dealing with other bloggers for a collab, keep them in one place. Deal with sponsors, or PR firms, all important people.

blog income & expenses printable.

If you're blogging for profit, I can't stress enough how important it is to keep up with both monthly income and monthly expenses. Not only is it absolutely necessary for tax time, but you're going to want to know that your blog is actually making enough profit to pay you for the time and money you put into it! Keep up with them both here.

my blog to do list printable.

A simple to-do list is always my favorite page in a planner. It might seem silly, but this is the most effective page for me.

login info printable.

And finally, an easy way to keep up with the many social media/blog usernames and passwords you probably have.

These free blog planning printables you see above are exclusively available to my email newsletter subscribers. Click here to sign up for free and receive download access! After you sign up and gain access to my printable library, you'll find a file towards the top that contains all of these pages in one pretty pdf.

day at a glance printable in a notebook.

If you're looking to organize your schedule, I've also got a great (matching!) set of printables for that. The 2024 Year of Intent Printable Planner has over 100 pages of organization printables that allow you to make your own customized planner. There are resources for schedules, goals, finances, projects, and more. This is a huge collection of organization resources, all in one place! Click here for more information.

journey to clean 2023 in a notebook.

You can also learn how to keep your home clean in under an hour a day with Journey to Clean. This set contains 33 pages of cleaning printables, showing you exactly how to clean your home every day in 2023. Click here for info on Journey to Clean.

Wishing you lots of blog success!

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  1. Tricia Murdock says:

    WOW! What an incredible set of resources for a blog. It can be totally overwhelming, but this will help with all the organizing and the planning. Thanks for putting this together.

  2. I subscribed but still wasn't able to download the notebook printables.

    1. Mila Praschma says:

      same πŸ™‚ Not in printables either.

      Might want to clean this up @LambertsLately. I see a few people have already commented this same issue. rather than referring us to your email why not just fix the issue and place it in the printables section or actually send the correct download link once we subscribe πŸ™‚

      great blog, sending love x

      1. Hi Mila, I have dozens of people sign up for the emails each day with no issue - so yes, there are some that need additional help (and I need their email address to actually send them to the right place, hence the request to email me), but the vast majority of sign ups get through with no problem.

  3. I've subscribed but there is no link to download the blog printables

  4. I've subscribed twice. Received the password but can't find a PDF to download or any one file with everything to print. Only three pages will let me click on them to create printable pages but I was looking for the whole notebook.

  5. Clearissa says:

    I totally enjoyed your article. You have a great selection of downloadable products and good information. I spent a lot of time on your site. I even subscribed. Thank you for sharing at #omhgww. We'll see you next week. Pinned and tweeted if buttons are available.

  6. This is a very nicely thought out guide for new and old) bloggers to organize and plan their blog and keep motivated!