The 101 Best Stocking Stuffers and Small Gifts for 2021

This list of over 100 of the best stocking stuffers and small gifts has ideas for babies, toddlers, kids, teens, men, and women – lots of practical and fun ideas for the whole family!

the 101 best stocking stuffers

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If you've never been here before, let's just say I have a little experience in the best stocking stuffers and small gifts.

My stocking stuffer research began in 2012, when I published my first stocking stuffer collection – that one was for the babies (since I had an 8 month old at the time). That post took off almost immediately and inspired my to put together a collection of 101 stocking stuffers every year since then!

So, after over 900 stocking stuffer ideas, I've been able to see first-hand what is popular (and maybe not so popular) in the world of stocking stuffers and small gifts. This year, I'm putting together a list of the 101 best stocking stuffers from years of posting. To do this, I dug into my blog analytics to see what had been clicked on the most since 2019 (when my analytics started tracking outbound clicks). Every single item on this last had at least 400 clicks, with #1 sitting at over 2,600 clicks in two years!

This is a combination of all of the stocking stuffers posts I've done over the years and ranges from babies to adults. I think it ended up being a good mix of ideas for babies, toddlers, teens, men and women. And, even though I put the item's original post in parentheses next to it, most things on this list could be used for just about anybody. I saw plenty of things on the men and teen list that I would love to receive.

Without further ado, let's get to the 101 Best Stocking Stuffers and Small Gifts!

  1. Plaid Scarf (Women)
  2. Fix It Kit (Toddlers)
  3. Digital Tire Pressure Gauge (Men)
  4. Sassy Look Book (Toddlers)
  5. Wooden Shot Flight (Men)
  6. Invisibobble (Teens/Tweens)
  7. Washi Tape (Teens/Tweens)
  8. Bluetooth Smart Bulbs (Teens/Tweens)
  9. Joseph Twist Whisk (Women)
  10. Closet Dividers (Women)
  11. Tie Bar Set (Men)
  12. Popsocket Popmount (Men)
  13. Makeup Remover Towel (Women)
  14. Mini Pocket Drone (Teens/Tweens)
  15. Microfiber Socks (Women)
  16. Silicone Teether (Babies)
  17. Mini Etch a Sketch (Toddlers)
  18. Fragranced Wax Cubes (my favorite kind!) (Women)
  19. Refillable Fountain Pen (Men)
  20. Noise Button (Teens/Tweens)
  21. Linkables (Babies)
  22. Core Sliders (Teens/Tweens)
  23. Funny Coffee Mug (Men)
  24. I Woke Up Like This T-Shirt (Teens/Tweens)
  25. Engraved Compass (Men)
  26. Avocado Slicer (Women)
  27. Boon Pipes (Toddlers)
  28. Knife Sharpener (Men)
  29. “Shh I'm Reading” Socks (Teens/Tweens)
  30. Touch and Swipe Baby Phone (Toddlers)
  31. Microfiber Glasses Cleaning Tool (Men)
  32. State Return Address Stamp (Women)
  33. Oball Shaker Rattle (Toddlers)
  34. Slim Wall Surge Protector (Women)
  35. Gourmet Coffee Candy (Women)
  36. Faucet Extender (Toddlers)
  37. Emily Ley Grocery List Notepad (Women)
  38. Toms (Women)
  39. Flexible Reading Light (Teens/Tweens)
  40. Finger Point Bookmarks (Teens/Tweens)
  41. Flip Straw Cup (Toddlers)
  42. Krazy Straws (Toddlers)
  43. Good Morning Zoom (Pandemic-Friendly)
  44. Lash Paradise (Teens/Tweens)
  45. Hot Glue Gun Finger Caps (Teens/Tweens)
  46. Piggy Polish (Toddlers)
  47. Tory Burch Logo Stud Earrings (Women)
  48. Cable Clips (Men)
  49. Sea Salt Sampler Set (Men)
  50. Flash Card Book (Toddlers)
  51. Tile Mate (Men)
  52. Redken Extreme Anti-Snap (Women)
  53. Texturizing Putty (Men)
  54. Chilling Stones (Men)
  55. Silicone Door Opener (Pandemic-Friendly)
  56. Adjustable Cell Phone Stand (Men)
  57. Shot Glass Flask (Men)
  58. Granulated Honey (Women)
  59. Phone Screen Amplifier (Women)
  60. Over the Door Shoe Organizer (Women)
  61. Floating Waterproof Dry Bag (Men)
  62. Silicone Ice Ball Mold (Men)
  63. Mini Mobile Photo Printer (Men)
  64. Cordless Screwdriver (Men)
  65. Palm Crayons (Toddlers)
  66. Citrus Spritzer (Women)
  67. Sriracha 2 Go (Women)
  68. Wireless Meat Thermometer (Men)
  69. Nest Tangle-Free Earbud Case (Teens/Tweens)
  70. No Crease Hair Ties (Women)
  71. Hook Remover (Men)
  72. Blenderbottle (Men)
  73. Thumb Thing Book Page Holder (Teens/Tweens)
  74. Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses (Women)
  75. Dizzy Pig BBQ Rub (Men)
  76. Magic Milk Straws (Toddlers)
  77. Silicone Ring (Women)
  78. Zippo Hand Warmer (Men)
  79. Heat Resistant BBQ Gloves (Men)
  80. Reusable Activity Mat (Toddlers)
  81. Magnetic Wristband (Men)
  82. Man Cave Candles (Men)
  83. Craft Beer Club (Men)
  84. Pocket Square/Level (Men)
  85. Capabunga Wine Caps (Women)
  86. Personalized Action Figure (Men)
  87. Wingman Multitool (Men)
  88. Bottle Opener (Men and Women)
  89. Dog Bone Socket Wrench (Men)
  90. Adjustable Measuring Cup (Women)
  91. Hopsulator (Men)
  92. Corksicle Chillsner (Men)
  93. Beer Savers (Men)
  94. Snap n Strain (Women)
  95. Keysocks (Women)
  96. Screwpop (Men)
  97. Minipresso (Men)
  98. Misto Sprayer (Women)
  99. Wallet Ninja (Men)
  100. Sportula (Men)
  101. Perfect Pod (Women)

Thanks for stopping by the tenth annual stocking stuffer post – can you believe this has been going that long? As long as I can keep coming up with ideas, I'll keep it going too. 😉

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