How to Organize Christmas Decorations (& printable labels)

Check out how to organize Christmas decorations and grab a free printable for your holiday storage bins! Lots of organization tips and tricks on ways to store boxes.

three bins stacked with christmas decorations around them.

I can't believe I'm already writing this post! As I write this, it's only the week after Thanksgiving - so it's nuts that, before we know it, we'll be packing the Christmas decorations right back up. The Christmas season was a little bit shorter this year because of the timing of Thanksgiving, but it seems SO quick.

I thought it might be helpful to go on and share how I've started to organize Christmas decor for storage in the off-season. Having an organized plan for this is so helpful. If you're anything like our family, there is a TON (probably too much) holiday decor to inventory and actually know how to find. By giving your storage bins some cute and methodical labels, you're going to make both packing up and future unpacking of Christmas decorations a breeze!

top of plastic bin labeled with packing tape

In years past, I've used this incredibly easy method for labeling my Christmas storage bins. I used a simple piece of packing tape to label both the room and the contents on each box. Truth be told, this is still a great method: it's so easy to change out and is pretty effective. But, this year, I thought I'd make it a little prettier. I also wanted something that was going to show really clearly on even the darker-colored bins that we have.

So (of course), I made a pretty printable!

Christmas storage bin label

This is the same general idea as using just the packing tape - as a matter of fact, I designed these labels to fit under a piece of packing tape perfectly. So, simply print these out, write your room and contents on each one, and use a piece of packing tape to stick it to the box (and protect it at the same time). Need to change the room/contents? Simply take it off and change it out. So easy!

Christmas storage bin printable on a box

I think labeling both the room and the contents on each box is really important. Having the room clearly displayed on the box makes it so easy to take boxes out of the attic and distribute as needed. When we're unpacking the Christmas decorations, the first thing I always do is to take the boxes to their respective rooms. This makes actually decorating those rooms so much easier - no more digging in random boxes to look for decorations for another space.

gray plastic bin with label on the front.

You guys know I had to make a printable to match my cleaning and organization sets. These coordinate with both Journey to Clean and The Year of Intent!

Want a copy of these labels? I've got a freebie for you today!

screenshot of christmas storage bin labels printable.

Simply click here to download your free Christmas storage labels. Just cut them out, write out your contents, and tape on with packing tape. Super easy!

Christmas storage bin with label on front

Here's to a happy (and organized) holiday season! See more of my organization posts here or my printable posts here.

xo, Leslie; signature at end of the blog post.

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  1. I can't seem to find the download button for these. Can you help?

    1. Oh my goodness - I never added it. 🙈 I'll blame it on my post book launch fog - sorry about that! It's in the post now - just click the printable image toward the bottom of the post or the text link right below it.