How We’re Planning Our Craft Room

Come see our design for a combination craft/guest room that gives us lots of functional space! See how we're organizing a small space on a budget –  this room will have several purposes. Includes DIY projects and Ikea hacks!

There has been a thorn in my side since we moved into this house – our guest room.

It's a space that just wasn't utilized well. We really wanted a fourth bedroom because we do occasionally host guests. But, 99% of the time, we just flat out don't use it. It was starting to become a junk room, which I really didn't want.

In the past year, we've also found ourself in need of some more functional space for our family. I've acquired quite a few craft and DIY supplies over the past year of two that inevitably ended up in our office; but, if you've looked at this post, you can see that the space just isn't big enough for a full-on craft room. It's great for a home office, but the space is limited. As more junk piled up in this space, it became kind of non-functional as well.

So, about a month ago, I had had enough. I started searching for other space in our home that could be used for the craft space…and the obvious choice was the fourth bedroom. As is, it didn't have a ton of space, but I started researching ways we could keep our bed for occasional use and also use the area as a place the whole family could use. As of right now, I think we've got a plan!

Here's a little peek at how we planned this room…

Step 1: Prioritize what our family needs.

The very first thing I did when we were planning what to do with this space is to sit down and make a list of 3-5 things I really, really wanted out of this area. My priorities were…

  • Keeping a small, compact area that would allow us to occasionally host guests.
  • Making a space that could functionally store all of our craft supplies and allow us to create.
  • Giving the kids a space where they can craft, learn, and play.

This might not be a huge room, but I totally think it's possible to put all three of these things in this area. Some goals might have to overlap a little – but, if you get creative, this isn't a huge deal at all.

Step 2: Break the space into functional sections.

This is a very rough layout (copied from our floor plan) of how we're planning out this space. I essentially divided the room into three parts; with the way we're planning everything, the kids' space will be the largest part.

Step 3: Evaluate what you have and what you need in each section.

Next, I went through craft supplies and kind of divided into parts. Here's a summary of what we're working with:

  • Embroidery Machine
  • Sewing Machine
  • Fabric/Batting/Thread
  • Vinyl Cutting Machine
  • Paint/Brushes
  • Scrapbook Supplies
  • Deco Mesh, Ribbon
  • Paper Cutter
  • Wrapping/Present Supplies

I was able to kind of break those supplies down into parts to determine what we needed to functionally store everything.

We really don't have a lot as far as the kids' area goes; that's something we're building from scratch, as is the guest area.

So, with that being said, here's our plan for this space!

Come see our design for a combination craft/guest room that gives us lots of functional space! See how we're organizing a small space on a budget -  this room will have several purposes. Includes DIY projects and Ikea hacks!

Peg Board – I think a good place to start with a room design is a central focal point; this is mine! I'm going to hang several large white peg boards on the craft area wall to store supplies and maybe even feature a few cute wall hangers. I think this is going to be a great space for both storage and creativity!

Linnmon/Alex Desks (here and here) – These will go on both the back and side walls of the playroom to make for one big creative space.

Skalberg Chair – I thought this would be a cute and inexpensive option for seating at the desks! We don't need anything nice; I won't be sitting in this area for long periods of time, so I just need an inexpensive option.

Wall Shelf – On the back wall of the room (next to the window), I'm planning on putting in a few wall shelves for added storage in the craft area.

Variera Plastic Bag Holder (not for plastic bags!) – If you haven't heard of these super cheap plastic bag holders from Ikea, you're in for a treat! They're great for storing rolls of vinyl if you have a Silhouette or Cricut. They are also good wrapping paper roll holders. I grabbed a few of these!

Wall File –  I'm planning on using this big, pretty, pink wall file to store our gift bags and other wrapping paper supplies.

Jall Ironing Board – If you've ever had an embroidery/sewing machine, you know how necessary some kind of ironing board is for this space. This is another inexpensive option that's just enough for what I need.

Murphy Bed Kit – We have a super fun plan for the guest area of the room! Yes, it looks small; but we decided we can make it totally functional (and keep lots of extra space) by putting in a murphy bed in this area. We're planning on building it ourselves – premade murphy beds are incredibly expensive, and i think this is a project we can tackle! I'd like to put in small built-in end tables on either side of the murphy bed, as well as a pull-down desk on the front for when the bed is not in use. This makes this area functional for both guests and for the kids.

Chalkboard Paper – I'm going to continue to make the murphy bed area functional by adding this fun chalkboard contact paper to the front of the bed.

So, that's the plan. We're just starting to get supplies and start on this project; I'm hoping to be done with it by the end of summer. Stay tuned – we'll be sharing all of the progress here on the blog and on Instagram!

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  1. I looked longingly at a cabinet bed ($$😱)for our guest room for years. But ultimately had to go with a traditional bed. Thinking of my dear, 92 yo father and his knees.

    But I claimed the downstairs “retreat” as my sewing room. Can’t wait to show my husband your organizational plans. Thanks for sharing!

  2. rayfamily8127 says:

    🚨🆘🚨But first 🧑‍🎨🧑‍🔧GREAT JOB & Awesome 👫💃🕺 Teamwork!👍 BTW, Just super curious about your Murphy Bed build and how does your 👫 kids get the bed🛏️down?🤔🤔 Or do you guy’s🧔👩 (mom & dad) do it?! 🤦🙍🤷You never mentioned if it was easy or not 🤔
    🥺 Please 🙏 let me know I’ve been searching for something like this build the Murphy 🛏️ Bed W/Desk etc for several years and 😲 your idea 💡 is totally amazing. My daughter’s would 💕 love this!
    🙆-🤷-🙋-🙆 O-H-I-O Mom,

    1. Leslie Lambert says:

      It’s not very difficult to take down, but it’s something an adult would probably need to do. The kit includes pistons that allow the bed to open slowly, so it’s not necessarily heavy, but it is kind of bulky/big to open.