Must Have Apps For An iPhone

These are the must-have iPhone apps for organization, productivity, money management, health, and photography. There are even apps that pay you! Find ideas and inspiration for how to organize your life with your smartphone.

These are the must-have iPhone apps for organization, productivity, money management, health, and photography.  There are even apps that pay you! Find ideas and inspiration for how to organize your life with your smartphone.

If you're like me (and use your phone just about all day, every day), you probably need a solid list of favorite iPhone apps. I am constantly looking for ways I can make my time more productive through apps – there are so many ways! From organization, to health, to making a little bit of spare change, I don't think I can count the number of ways my phone keeps me organized and productive.

I've shared my favorite money-making apps in the past, but today, I thought I'd open that up a little bit and share my favorites in a few different categories. I use my phone in a lot of different areas of life, so obviously I've got a few tried-and-true apps that make my day so much easier. Here they are!

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Organization/Productivity iPhone Apps

Todoist – I've preached my love of this app so many times…if you've been reading here for awhile, you know this is my go-to to do list app! It is a no-frills (in a good way) method of organizing several different to do lists in one place. I keep my blog/work tasks, cleaning schedule (this is what I recommend in Journey to Clean if you're more of a digital person), random to dos, and even my shopping list in this one place. They can easily be differentiated by color in one big list. You can link it with other users and share lists too – this is great for things like a shopping list that needs to be shared with a spouse. Your list can also be pulled up in a web browser if you're on a desktop and, if you're a Mac user, there is also a great desktop app that I use constantly. And the best part? The basic version of this app (the one I use) is free!

Get more info on Todoist here.

Alarmy – I am just about the most anti-morning person you'll ever meet. Waking up has always been a huge struggle for me. I started using this app a few months ago…let me tell you, if you have difficulty waking up in the mornings, this is a game-changer. Not only is it an alarm, but it assigns random tasks to actually shutting your alarm off. You can set it to solve math problems, do puzzles, or even take a picture of an item before your alarm is deactivated. I have it set to take a certain picture in my living room to set off the alarm, meaning I have to physically get out of bed to deactivate it (and there's no way to set it off besides that).

This might sound silly if you wake up easily, but for those of us who don't do mornings, Alarmy is amazing. Get this app here.

Evernote – I talked a lot in my school paper organization and my paperless organization posts about how I use evernote. Having it on your phone is so convenient. It gives me constant access to pretty much any important paper in our home…so, if I'm ever in need of medical info, financial info, etc. it's right there at my fingertips. There is also a scanner feature on the Evernote app that lets me easily put in papers as they come into the house. I don't use this app for the traditional reason (taking notes), but it's just as convenient for organizing paper…trust me.

Find out more about Evernote here.

Diet/Exercise/Health Apps

Autosleep – Like I mentioned earlier, I'm a terrible morning person. To help curb the desire to sleep in each and every day, I've really been focusing on getting enough (and getting quality) sleep. As I get more into health, I've realized that sleep is just as important as food and exercise. It's huge!

This app was recommend by a friend of mine a few months ago and I have loved the info it gives me. You need an Apple Watch for this one (I have this model and highly, highly recommend it); through the watch, your heart rate and sleep quality is tracked each night. You can see how much quality sleep, deep sleep, and heart rate drop (which is important to sleep quality) you get each night. It also tracks your sleep deficits (or surplus) each week. I can honestly say this app has been a huge motivator to get more sleep each night.

Get more info about Autosleep here.

Fitbod – This is by far, no question my favorite fitness app of all time. A friend of mine at the gym recommended it to me about a year ago – at the time, I was using the Sweat app for resistance training. But here's the problem – I get incredibly bored with workouts incredibly quickly (and lose motivation because of it). The Sweat programs are great, but they tend to be repetitive. So, last fall, I switched to Fitbod…it has made a huge impact in my motivation and my ability to increase my reps/weights when resistance training.

Each time you workout, you get to pick what muscle groups you're working and what you do to work them. The app tracks your reps and weight on each individual exercise, letting you know how much you need to try next time to gradually increase weight/reps. It also keeps track of how much each muscle group is fatigued based on your past workouts, letting you know what really needs to be worked next. You pick how much exercises you do in each session. And, the app syncs with your Apple Watch, adding the appropriate calories and exercise time to your health app if you use it.

I cannot recommend this app enough if you're into weight training. You won't regret this one!

Click here for more info – and, if you decide to sign up for a subscription, use the code LAMBERTSLATELY to get a 25% discount (on either the monthly or yearly plan) for the life of your subscription! This code needs to be entered on a desktop (not your phone) to get the discount.

MyFitnessPal – I am an awful intuitive eater. For some reason I just can't get the hang of it. I have finally decided that it is just absolutely necessary to track my foods on a daily basis…which is why MyFitnessPal is a daily need for me.

Every food you can imagine is already in their database. You simply select your food and serving size from their database to track it. I've been really into tracking macros recently, so I just upgraded to their premium plan. It allows my to have my macros listed at the top (as seen above) to really know specifically what I've eaten in a day and how many macros/calories I have left. The premium version also lets you set different goals for different days. I usually let myself have more over the weekends and have a couple of days a week where I really tighten up my diet to make up for it. The goals section of the app is perfect for that.

There's also a really easy way to add recipes if you cook at home a lot. You just put in your recipe, list the servings, and it divides everything up for you! If you track calories at all, you absolutely have to try this app. Click here for more info.

Cardiogram – This is another great app if you use an Apple Watch. It gives you a real-time look at your heart rate and shows you what your rate has looked like throughout the day. It's really good to reference this against the health app to really understand your heart rate vs. your calorie burn.

Click here to download this app.

Money-Making/Money-Saving iPhone Apps

Acorns – If you'd like to get into investing (but have no idea what you're doing), Acorns is a great place to start. It allows you to invest in the stock market with very little fuss – just put your money in the account, select whether you want your investments to be more or less aggressive, and check back daily to see what's going on with the market. You can set up auto drafts so you don't forget to invest weekly/monthly and even invest spare change (where your purchases are rounded up and the extra money goes into your investment account).

There is no minimum for investing…the fee for this is only $1 per month (or 0.25% if your account is over $5,000). I don't use this app for investments anymore, but I did start on this one and used it for about a year. It's a great way to kind of learn the basics of investing – if you're a newbie, I highly recommend it!

Click here for more info.

Fidelity Investments – This is the service I now use for my investments. It gives you a little bit more control over what you're actually investing in. I love their interface – it lets you see what's happening in the market as a whole (and updates in real-time when the markets are open) and gives you a quick summary of what your account is looking like on any given day. This service also allows for auto drafts (if your'e terrible at remembering to put money in your account monthly, like me).

Click here for more info on this service.

Dosh – This is one of those no-brainer apps that lets you earn money, even when you don't realize you're doing it. 🙂 You simply link your credit card to the app, and each time you make a purchase at one of the approved stores, you get a certain percentage of cash back from your purchase. All you have to do is link your card – Dosh takes care of the rest for you! So there's no need to approve the cash-back each time.

Click here to download Dosh…you'll get a $5 bonus when you use that link and link a card!

Shopkick – This is one of my oldest money-making apps, and I still love using it! You get points (which they call “kicks”) for going to certain stores, scanning barcodes of items in that store, or linking a card and making purchases of certain items on that card. You'll be able to redeem your kicks for gift cards when you get to a minimum threshold.

Click here for more info on Shopkick – you'll get free points by using that link to sign up.

Checkpoints – Another one of my favorite easy money-making apps that I've been using for years. It's similar to shopkick – you'll get points for going to certain stores and scanning certain products in those stores. It's really easy to earn with this one!

Click here to get Checkpoints – use the code lflambert to get free points when you sign up!

Mint – This is more of a money-tracking app than a money-making app, but I can't tell you how much money it's saved our family over the years. I absolutely love making our monthly budget in Mint. By linking up every credit/debit/bank account you use, you can track just about every penny you spend – so, whether you like it or not, you're held accountable for every penny you spend. 🙂 This app/website has single-handedly given me a way to effortlessly budget for our family each month.

Click here to download Mint.

Checkout 51 – This is a great way to earn money in items you would be purchasing anyway. Before you grocery shop each week, add offers to your account that you will be purchasing. Once you buy the products, simply upload your receipt and get cash back for buying the products you added. So easy!

Click here to download Checkout 51.

iBotta – This app is very similar to Checkout 51 – add product offers to your account, upload a receipt, and get cash back for your purchases. This app also allows users to link loyalty card accounts from certain retailers that allow you to earn rewards without having to upload receipts. Doesn't get easier than that, friends!

Click here to download iBotta.  By using that link, you can earn up to a $20 welcome bonus!

Gasbuddy – In need of gas, but don't know where to go for the lowest prices? This app is great. Simply open it and search for the lowest gas prices near you. It's a crowd-sourced database that users update as they find low gas prices. I live in a small town, and even I don't have an issue getting really accurate pricing for my area. It's a freebie app too!

Click here to download Gasbuddy.

Achievement – I'm telling you – it doesn't get any easier than this app for earning spare change. You link your apple health, myfitnesspal, fitbit, etc. accounts to the app and get rewards based on healthy tracking through your phone – weighing yourself and logging it, logging food in apps like MyFitnessPal, exercising, tracking your heart rate – they all add up to points that can be traded in for cash. I honestly forget I have this app for months at a time and am always pleasantly surprised to find free money when I remember it! 🙂 You can see here that I've got enough to get a $10 PayPal payment right now (and really did things that I'd be doing anyway to earn it).

Click here to download Achievement!

Swagbucks – I've used Swagbucks to earn spare change since before I think there were even iPhone apps. 🙂 It's one of those tried-and-true money-making sites that has really stood the test of time.

There are lots of different ways you can earn with Swagbucks – by doing web searches in their site/app, clicking through the site/app to shop certain websites, taking surveys, watching videos – the methods change occasionally, but their company has been really consistent with providing proven ways to earn a little spare cash. I do the web searches a lot (I have their browser set as my bookmarks on my computer) and do surveys occasionally when I have the chance.

The app is a really easy way to use this service from your phone! Click here to download.

Photography Apps

VSCO – I usually edit pictures I take on my iPhone in the actual photos app (usually just to bump up brightness and color a little bit). But, if I need a quick filter, this is my go-to. There are lots of pretty filters that can be applied with one click in this app, as well as color edits. I don't use this as the social media app it's supposed to be – just for the editing!

Click here to download.

PicTapGo – This is also a great way to quickly edit pictures. It quickly allows you to edit light, color, and crop and share to your social media outlet of choice. I use to use this all the time for Instagram – before Instagram allowed for longer images, it let you crop your photo with white on either side to be completely shown on Instagram. It's a great, simple editing app!

Click here to download.

CutStory – If you do a lot of longer-form Instagram stories, this is a must download. Simply record a video on your phone (it doesn't matter how long), and CutStory will divide it into the 15-second increments that are required for posting a story to Instagram.

Click here to download CutStory.

TouchBlur – This app is great for blurring out small sections of a photo. I use this one a lot to blur addresses/identification on the front of our house, as well as anytime I have a cute picture I'm sharing of the kids that might have something that identifies our school/church in it. Great idea to use for privacy purposes! You simply pull up the picture and touch what needs to be blurred out.

Click here to download TouchBlur.

What apps are you loving lately? Let me know in the comments! If I haven't mentioned the app here, you're more than welcome to leave your affiliate link.

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