A Peek at Our Mudroom

Grab a few farmhouse decor ideas for a mudroom and laundry room area, including organization techniques and ways to create a cute bench/seating area in an entryway.

Grab a few farmhouse decor ideas for a mudroom and laundry room area, including organization techniques and ways to create a cute bench/seating area in an entryway.

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As promised, I'm back today with a look at one of the spots in the house I've talked about the least – our mudroom!

This is definitely one of the most functional places in the house. I guarantee you it doesn't look this pretty most of the time. 😉 There are normally coats, bags, and shoes everywhere. Better that they're scattered in this area than all around the rest of the house!

Gingham Pillows (similar here) || Wreath (Smith and Hawken from Target, discontinued) || Baskets

I didn't want a lot of formal organization in the bottom of the lockers; I knew that would primarily be used for shoes. Instead, I left it open so shoes could easily be thrown down there as needed. It's worked great so far! Sometimes, the best organization is having as little as possible.

These baskets have been an absolutely perfect solution to organizing the tops of the lockers. We keep winter items (hats, gloves, etc.) in the two baskets to the left and the kids have socks/underwear in the basket to the right. They change downstairs most of the time – it's just easier than keeping it upstairs!

Looking to the right of this, we have the hallway that connects most of the downstairs…

…with my favorite frames ever displaying some of my favorite pictures ever. These are the same frames that we used in the living room, just turned to landscape.

I also display our Christmas cards year-round in the hallway! To be honest, I have them hanging here because we don't have a ton of doorknobs in the house – we used a lot of pocket doors and open doorways, so there weren't a lot of places to put this. We have Christmas cards from as far back as 2007/2008 on this ring! I'm close to needing a new one.

To the left of the mudroom, you'll see our laundry room. We've had a few minor changes in here since I wrote the full post on it…I thought I'd show them here too.

Laundry Sign || Ironing Board Cover || Ironing Board Hanger

I added these little labels to our laundry basket organizer to help the kids sort laundry when needed. Noah and I were getting tired of constant questions about where to put dirty laundry – so we fixed it! This was actually his idea and it's worked so well.

And with that, you have seen what I thought would be all I was going to be showing of the house! I've mentioned before that we're keeping the kids' rooms (for the most part) off the blog – I think they deserve a private space that isn't all over the internet, even though I think what we have in both rooms is really cute. 🙂 I wasn't planning on putting the guest bedroom on the blog, but as of last week, we have big plans for it!

After realizing that our fairly small home office was completely overrun with craft supplies, Noah and I decided that we're turning this space into a hybrid craft room/guest room/homework room. I am so excited about it! We've got a few big plans that might take a few months, but of course, I'll be documenting the whole experience on the blog.

Alright – this is the before. I'm kind of terrified to show this on the blog because – friends – it's rough. Brace yourself.

IN ALL FAIRNESS – it is consignment sale season and this is my staging area. But y'all – it's rough. I have an adorable vision in my mind though…it's going to be amazing. Stay tuned!

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