A Dining Room and Foyer Tour

This post is loaded with ways to achieve unique farmhouse decor on a budget. Ideas for wall decor, furniture, and neutral decor ideas that are perfect for both traditional or modern spaces.

This week, I'll be showing a few parts of our home that I haven't really highlighted yet. These are the some of the last areas of the home that I've really finished up, and what I thought would be my last home tour post…until this past weekend. See more on that below.

Let's take a look at the foyer and dining room today!

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Walking in our front door, you'll see our two story foyer (pendant found here). This area looks up into our playroom

…and back to our bedroom. You can see our newly built foyer table here all decorated for Easter!

Looking over to the left of the stairs, you'll see our dining room – which (I think) is finally done…for now!

The original intent was to have something else on this wall – but, a few weeks ago, I had the idea to frame our original blueprints as a focal point in the dining room. I've had this idea for awhile, but really didn't know where to put it in the home. Why not have them as the perfect welcoming piece?

I absolutely love these two here. They are simply framed with poster frames – who knew that blueprints fit in 24×36″ frames? Super easy – I thought I was going to have to find custom frames for this!

The runner and lanterns on the dining room table were some of the first decor pieces I added to this space.

They come from a few different places (Target, Hobby Lobby, and a local antique shop), but they all really came together so well! The runner can be found here. I also have flameless candles in these lanterns – I absolutely love them. They are battery-operated and can be controlled/set via a remote – so easy.

(And I wish I knew the source of our dining room table – we bought it at a sample sale and it has absolutely no brand markings on it!)

The chairs that came with our dining table were very small and basic, and I wanted something a little bit more sturdy to go with the table. I haven't found a set that I'm ready to pull the trigger on just yet, but I found a great way to make these small chairs work for us for right now.

I made a cardboard cut-out of the seat and back of the chairs and cut pieces of our basic 2″ upholstery foam to cover them.

It's super easy to cut – I just used a kitchen knife!

Then, I simply put a hole in each piece of foam and tied it to the chair with shoe laces (regular string would definitely work, I just had shoe laces on hand).

I also hot glued a piece of foam to the back to prevent drooping on top. Like I said, I wanted the chairs to look good and sturdy, not slouchy with the seat covers.

Then, simply cover with these slipcovers. I think they look great! I'll probably replace them a little bit down the road, but this was a great way to get some more use out of these chairs without making a big purchase. Plus, they are so much comfier now.

Over on the back wall of the dining room, you can find what I originally had on the side wall – a collection of wicker trivets that was inspired by my grandmothers. I remember them both using these for Sunday dinners. I found this particular collection all over the place – some from Hobby Lobby, some from an antique shop, and the four more ornamental ones here – they are handmade by underprivileged women in India! So gorgeous up close.

Looking into the dining room from the back of the house, you can see our office. It is basically the same as when I toured it a few months ago – but it got a little bit of a clean out this past weekend.

The clean out was totally unplanned. Somewhat on a whim, I decided to turn our upstairs guest bedroom into a bedroom/craft room/playroom/homework room combo! I'm so excited about it. We're in the planning stages now (i.e. it is an absolute disaster), but we have huge plans that should be done sometime this summer. I can't wait to show you guys!

We also added a desktop computer to the space…it's been great for the kids. (It's this girl's 7th birthday today!)

On either side of the office pocket doors, I have my kids' silhouettes from Disney framed. I talked a little bit about these in one of my Disney posts – they are among my favorite souvenirs ever! FYI, if you get these from Disney, skip the expensive frame. They fit perfectly in these frames from Walmart.

(Chandelier found here.)

Looking back from the office, you can see our kitchen and living room past the butler's pantry/coffee bar…

…which yes, still has the Buddy the Elf printable from Christmas. Told you guys we were keeping it. 😉

I totally meant to include our hallway/mudroom in this post, but it just got too long for it all! So, I'll be back on Thursday to show those areas.

You can see more of our home tour posts here.


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  1. Arabella Davies says:

    Hi Leslie, such a cute blue side tables, and you’re so clever with what you’ve done with the chairs!