Free Printable Recipe Cards

These free printable recipe cards are so cute and colorful! The blank template includes places for ingredients & directions.

free recipe card printables

Every once in awhile, I have an idea for (what I think will be) an easy post that very quickly spirals out of control. Welcome to one of those posts. 😉

I get requests all the time for blank versions of the cards I use in my Freezer Meal Boot Camps, just in case somebody wants to add their own recipe to a certain boot camp (or just likes the look of the recipe card for their own use). I keep telling readers that I'll get around to making one big collection of all of those cards eventually – well today's that day!

I don't think I quite realized just how many boot camps I had until I sat down to make this collection of cards. I thought it would be perfect to publish this post the same day as the launch of my two newest Freezer Meal Boot Camps – #7 and #8 are officially available for purchase today! I've had this on my editorial calendar to do for about a month and finally sat down to make each of the recipe cards last week. Well – long story short, a project I thought would take me an hour or so ended up taking all day. Did you guys realize that i now have 24 separate boot camps? Because I didn't. 😂

free recipe card printables

That includes 8 blog post boot camps, 8 regular premium packs, and 8 premium specialty plans (2 budget, 2 slow cooker, vegan, vegetarian, low carb, and low calorie versions). That totals over 230 individual recipes that I've written in just over 2 years. No wonder I always feel so busy! 🙂

colorful recipe card printables

And, today, you can get the blank version of every single one of those boot camps' recipe cards for free! That makes 24 sets of recipe cards (with a freezer meal label and full card in each set), totaling 48 different printables.

recipe cards and office supplies on a yellow polka dot background.

recipe cards and office supplies on a blue background.

In this collection, you'll get blank cards for both my blog post boot camps and premium freezer meal packs. Most of them have the same general color scheme and feel…the only two that are drastically different are the mini boot camp and fall soups boot camp packs. Those are included in this set too! All of the other ones have a bright, fun color scheme, though a few of them have varying fonts. I think it's a great little collection of cards that you can mix and match in your collection.

recipe cards and pens on a yellow polka dot background.

recipe cards and office supplies on a blue background.

Each full-size card has a section for ingredients, directions, notes, serving amount, and prep time (and a spot for the recipe name, of course). The mini ones are a little bit more condensed to make for easy reference on your freezer meals – I just included a place for the name, serving amount, prep time, and directions on this one, since you don't typically need to know ingredients when grabbing a freezer meal for prep.

recipe cards and pens on a yellow polka dot background.

recipe cards and office supplies on a blue background.

I typically recommend using card stock for these labels, especially for the full-size cards you might need to save for later. Many of my readers like either laminating the freezer meal labels (if you're saving them for future use) or putting them in a zip-top baggie to protect them from condensation.

recipe cards and office supplies on a blue background.

These recipe cards are exclusively available to my email subscribers! Just use the form below (or sign up here) to access your recipe cards for free.

cover of pressure cooker freezer meal boot camp 7 and 8.

And, boot campers – make sure you check out the new Freezer Meal Boot Camps that are available starting today! Packs #7 and #8 include 20 new recipes that are perfect for quick weeknight prep in a pressure cooker (like an Instant Pot). Click here to get more information!

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