A Tour of Journey to Clean 2019

This complete set of cleaning notebook printables lets you plan every day of home maintenance for 2019! See a full tour in this post.

This complete set of cleaning notebook printables lets you plan every day of home maintenance for 2019! See a full tour in this post.

Today is one of my favorite days of the year – it's Journey to Clean day!

This morning, I released my fourth edition of this popular cleaning routine. Since 2016, I've been putting out sets of cleaning schedules and monthly cleaning calendars that help you keep your home easily maintained each day. Since its first release, thousands of people have used and loved this system. I also personally use this schedule, tweaking it throughout the year as I see needs. After months of work on this ebook, today's the day I get to share the newest set of printables with you guys!

Now, this year, Journey to Clean underwent a slight makeover. Many of you know that I released a comprehensive set of planning printables earlier this year. The Year of Intent has over 60 printables that let you design a planner that fits your needs. Well, the natural next step was to make Journey to Clean match it! So, now, you can have a coordinated printable planner and cleaning schedule – that just makes my little organizational nerd heart so happy. 😉

Let's take a peek at the made-over Journey to Clean!

The absolute foundation of this system lies in these two pages. With these printables, I break morning and evening duties down into small chunks that are easy to complete in around an hour a day. Each week, you'll focus on a different area of your home, as well as completing necessary tasks daily.

From there, I break down the daily “room of the week” tasks into easy-to-complete chunks! This way, you know exactly what tasks need to be done each day without tracking yourself…it doesn't get much easier than that.

You'll get cleaning calendars that walk you through every single day of 2019…and, if you purchase now, I've also added a special bonus: a December 2018 calendar that lets you get started immediately. You'll get that via email soon after your purchase.

Now, if you're really an overachiever that wants to get your home super sparkling clean, you'll want to check out the deep cleaning section of Journey to Clean. These printable checklist/calendars give you more intensive cleaning tasks and even break them down into daily chunks as well. You can complete these calendars once or twice a year to really make your home shine!

There are even cover pages that let you make a full cleaning notebook for your family. I really like printing these on card stock so you can easily divide the sections.

And, alright guys, another thing that I am SUPER excited about for this year – you can also get a light version of Journey to Clean 2019! This edition cuts your daily tasks in half from the original Journey to Clean, allowing you to maintain your home in even less time per day (typically 30-45 minutes). This was a project I tested last summer that had huge success, but then, I only made the light calendars to cover 4 months at a time. Now, you can get the full 12 months of light cleaning calendars as well!

Don't worry, I'm not going to just drop a bunch of printables in your lap and run! 😉 With both editions, you'll get full commentary on how to integrate this cleaning system into your home.

I am so, so excited to see what you guys think of this newest edition of Journey to Clean!

Now, what do you do with it once you purchase? The process of making your family cleaning notebook is incredibly simple. When you purchase, you'll get a file that provides both printables and commentary on how to implement the system into your routine. You'll also get a file that has just the printable pages to allow for easy printing. Just print that out (in reverse order) and you have a notebook – easy peasy!

I highly recommend these are printed on a color printer. I've tested them in both color and black/white, and while it is possible to tell the calendar tasks apart in black/white, it's much easier when printed in color.

Here are a few of my favorite items to use when building your notebook…

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1. Bright, high-quality copy paper: Getting really vivid colors in your printables has a lot to do with your paper, surprisingly. If you use dim paper, you’ll often get dim colors in your final product. I like to use paper like HP Office Ultra White to get really bright, vivid colors out of my printables. For card stock (like I mentioned above for those divider pages), the Neenah Premium Cardstock is a great option.
2. A great everyday printer: I’ve been so impressed with my HP Envy 4520. It’s really inexpensive in the inkjet market and produces such great quality printables. It’s what I printed all of the pages you’ll see above on, as a matter of fact!
3. A 3-hole punch that lasts: I have used my Swingline Desktop 3-Hole Punch for years. I bought it as an education student (10 years ago), used it throughout my teaching career, and now have it in my home…and it’s still going strong! This is such a great investment and, especially if you have school-aged kids, you’ll use this a ton.
4. Reusable accessories: I’ve often advised Journey to Clean users to invest in a few reusable accessories so they don’t have to print pages over and over. Two of my favorite are plastic page protectors and wet erase markers. The EXPO Vis a Vis markers are a teacher favorite for a reason – they last and last. I also found these cute tabbed dividers that give a nice contrast against the bright printables of Journey to Clean 2019.
5. Non-bleeding, colorful pens: I couldn’t let a supplies post go by without mentioning my favorite pens! The Papermate Inkjoy Gel Pens are the best colored pens I’ve found. They don’t bleed and they stay so bright, even after a ton of use. No smearing (even my left-handed self doesn’t have an issue) and very quick drying gel…that’s hard to find! These are fabulous and last so long, too. You'll even spot a few of these in my pictures of Journey to Clean above!
6. And finally, I love a pretty patterned notebook! Here are a few that match Journey to Clean 2019 beautifully:

a || b || c

Now, go forth and get organized, friends! I hope you love the newest edition of Journey to Clean.

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  1. Sarahgrace says:

    I recently signed up to receive the 1 2 pages of your cleaning system but I didn’t get sn email reply.
    Plz adv thnx

    1. Hi there, will you email me at leslie at lambertslately dot com? I’ll be glad to help!