10 Best Organization Tools for Home

Find great storage solutions for any size home in this round-up of the best organization tools for home. Find inspiration for how to organize small spaces with inexpensive products!

brightly colored bins on a white shelf.

One of my best secrets to home organization is having the right tools. You can group, consolidate, and stack until the cows come home, but if you don't have the right products to actually corral and sort the items throughout your home, it's going to be very difficult to keep them that way. By arming yourself with the tools you need, you set yourself up for success in the organization department!

That being said - don't feel like you have to go out and spend an arm and a leg on items to organize your home. As you'll see in this post, many of my favorite tools are really inexpensive (some as low as a few cents). And, sometimes, the trick to arming yourself with the right organization tools is working with what you already have. Many of the items in this list can be easily substituted for things you already have. Make it work for you without breaking the bank!

I have many organization items throughout my home, but here are a few of my absolute favorites. All of these products are things you can find throughout my home and are tools that have proven to work with my organization systems.

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gray metal cart holding art supplies.

3-Tier Metal Utility Cart

I absolutely love this cart for organizing art supplies in our playroom. It's great to just toss crayons, chalk, and markers in. The kids know that separate items go on separate shelves, so keeping things neat and organized is a breeze! I originally planned on buying the Ikea Raskog cart that's similar to this, but I found a great deal on this one and have been super pleased with it.

You can find this cart here.

clear plastic shoe boxes with blue lids in a cabinet.

clear plastic shoe boxes holding toys on a shelf.

Dollar Tree Shoe Boxes

I am in love with these - they are super versatile. I can literally use them (and have used them) in every room of the house! They're great for organizing mementos like cards & pictures, small toys, doll accessories, games, and so much more. And the best part - they're only a dollar each. I typically use the Dollar Tree ones, but I've found great quality Sterilite Brand ones at Walmart (as a matter of fact, I snagged a 10 pack for under $8 a few days ago). They're typically only available at Walmart during back-to-school time, so it's a great time to check!

You can get these shoe boxes here.

food containers and tops organized in a drawer.

small white bin hanging on a cabinet door, holding kitchen supplies.

small white bin holding food pouches.

Dollar Tree Pencil Baskets

This is another really inexpensive solution from Dollar Tree that I use in a lot of places throughout our home. They come three to a pack (making them 33 cents each!) and can be used to corral lids in your kitchen, office supplies, and various knick-knacks in the kitchen, like bag clips and keys.

You can get these pencil baskets here.

chairs hanging on a garage wall.

lawn tool hanger in garage.

Tool Holders

I found these on Amazon when we were organizing our garage and have been SO pleased with them, especially for the price! These cost just a few dollars each and are great for holding tools, chairs, and even bicycles in your garage. As long as they're installed correctly, each one can hold a good bit of weight. The hooks even flip up if they're not in use.

You can get these tool holders here.

hanger for long handles.

Broom/Mop Hanger

I absolutely could not live without this broom/mop holder in our laundry room. It's such a space saver! It installs really easily and holds really tightly onto various pole sizes - it even has hooks on the front to hold a few hanging items.

You can get this hanger here.

large white drawer storage bin.

2-Drawer Plastic Bin

This might not look new or innovative...that's because it's not. But I'm telling you, I've had this drawer since college - it's is absolutely one of the most versatile organization tools I've ever owned. It's great for closets (why I originally bought it), but I've also used it for toys for the past few years. Sometimes organization tools are worth the investment, and I promise, you will get so much use out of this!

You can find this drawer here.

under kitchen sink, with lazy susan and bar for hanging cleaner bottles.

Lazy Susan

Lazy Susans are amazing for small spaces that might not allow for a lot of browsing. I use this one underneath out kitchen sink for cleaner storage. It allows me to see all of our cleaners with a simple turn...no more digging through piles of bottles for what I need! I have our hanging bottles (that have spray nozzles) on a tension curtain rod, but the Lazy Susan holds everything else.

You can find this Lazy Susan here.

labeled pantry canisters in a line.

Ikea 365 Dry Food Containers

I have been so impressed with the quality of these containers for a really low price. They're super durable and so pretty! They make organizing dry goods in your pantry so easy. (See more of my organized small pantry or find out how I labeled my canisters.)

You can find these containers here and here.

wicker baskets on a mudroom shelf.

Ikea Byholma Baskets

This is another great find from Ikea - these are so perfect for our mudroom. I wanted something to kind of corral hats/gloves/socks that was functional and pretty at the same time. I think these are so beautiful and fit our space perfectly!

You can find these baskets here.

brightly colored bins on a white shelf.

Colorful Fabric Bins

I'm currently working on a couple of posts about how we're making our playroom and pretty and as functional as possible, but I'll go on and give you guys a sneak peek. These baskets have been a huge part of organizing our new playroom and are so cute! The colors are vibrant and beautiful and, for the price, I think they are just very well built. I attached a label to each one with these card holders and they've helped organize our new built-ins so much. I can't wait to show off the whole room!

You can find these bins here.

Do you have a favorite home organization tool? Share it in the comments below!

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  1. Gaston Mckillop says:

    Nice to read. Will apply the tips.

  2. These are great ideas! I think my favorite is the lazy susan under the sink! I currently have a tub that holds quite a bit, but the containers never seem to stand up straight, and like you mention, I am forever digging through it to find things. Great inspiration for creating organizing systems in the new year!

  3. I hang clear plastic inexpensive shoe bags on doors all over the house in kitchen for small utensils,cookbooks,fragrance cubes & in my craft room for all types of buttons, ribbons, glue gun, beads,in bathroom I store jewelry, bandaids ,bracelets And of course in bedroom for shoes, entry door for gloves,hats,keys,dog sweaters & leashes,vacuum bags and excessories, These bags give me tons of room in spaces not used..