An Easy DIY Fall Wreath

This Easy DIY Fall Wreath is perfect for an autumn front door…uses a grapevine wreath, burlap ribbon, and dollar store flowers for a gorgeous, rustic look!

This Easy DIY Fall Wreath is perfect for an autumn front door...uses a grapevine wreath, burlap ribbon, and dollar store flowers for a gorgeous, rustic look!

Last week, I was in need of a new wreath for fall. The old one I made for summer was still holding up well, but I wanted something that wasn't quite as bright and tied in some of my favorite warmer fall colors. Wreaths are one of those things I almost always make – they're so easy to DIY at a fraction of the price you're going to pay at craft stores. So I whipped a new one up…I thought I'd share it with you guys today!

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You'll only need a few very basic supplies for this one…

First, to make the bow…

Measure out several pieces of burlap ribbon. For the natural color, you'll need about a 25″ piece and two 18″ pieces. For the white, you'll need a 25″ piece, 2 18″ pieces, and a 8″ piece (to wrap your bow).

After the pieces are cut, glue the two 25″ pieces and two of the 18″ pieces into circles.

Starting with the smallest burlap piece, bunch the center into a bow and secure with floral wire. Leave some of the wire hanging off of the back to secure the other bows together.

From there, repeat with the other circles and keep securing to the back of the bow, alternating colors.

Fold the small white piece in half and glue around the middle of the bow.

Fold the remaining two 18″ pieces in half. At the crease, secure the pieces of ribbon to the back of the bow with floral wire and glue, creating the hanging parts of the bow.

After the bow is done, it can be secured to the bottom part of the wreath with wire.

Now, take your floral stems and remove the actual flower part from the stem. It should pull right off.

Organize your large/medium/small pieces into piles.

Then, start by attaching your larger florals. For me, this was the green hydrangeas. Spread them out to roughly cover the whole part of the wreath that will have florals – it's ok if there are gaps right now.

To attach, simply put hot glue around the base of the flower…

…and reeeally hold it in there for 5-10 seconds.

Once the larger flowers are in, start filling in gaps by using the medium flowers. It looks so much better if it's nice and full…make sure you fill everything!

Then, finally, use the smaller leaves to fill in any last gaps in the middle and to trail off your florals at the ends. Glue 1-2 leaves on each end of the flower section to give it a tapered look, so the flowers don't just end abruptly.

Easy as that! You can definitely have this project done in under an hour and it's looks so professional. I'm excited about rocking this wreath for the next few months!

Happy Thursday, friends! Check out more of my DIY posts here.


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  1. I love wreaths and making wreaths! Thank you for this great tutorial.