A Master Bedroom & Bath Tour

This post has tons of ideas for a master bedroom & bathroom, including organization techniques, paint colors, and decor/design ideas for furniture and bedding. 

This post has tons of ideas for a master bedroom & bathroom, including organization techniques, paint colors, and decor/design ideas for furniture and bedding. 

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Welcome to our bedroom! This is one of the last places I'll be showing in our new home tour – I have one or two more areas to go, and I'm trying to wrap it up by sometime around our one year anniversary in the house. You can see what it looked like the day we moved in here.

This is probably the room (or rooms, as you'll see in a second) that has gotten the least TLC since moving in. We used most of our old furniture/decor in the bedroom…I really liked most of what we had. No point in fixing it if it's not broken, right? We have gotten one or two new things in this room and we've reworked it all a little from when we were in our last home.

Long-time readers will remember that we've had this bed ever since we lived in Tuscaloosa. It's a huge (read: super heavy) piece that I'm sure we'll have for many more years! When we bought it, we decided to invest in a quality set that we would use for a long time, and so far it's been great. (I believe it's been discontinued – it's from Haverty's, but I couldn't find the set online anymore. There's an updated version that can be found here.)

[duvet and shams similar here (the blue was discontinued), brown pillows made by me]

I'm pretty minimalist when it comes to a nightstand. Just the essentials – my chargers, wax warmer (I'm smell obsessed), and a pretty picture. Both nightstands also have these lamps I painted right before we moved in.

Because I don't like a lot on our nightstands, I used heavy-duty velcro to attach surge protectors to the back of each one. Hides the cords and makes sure I always have an available plug!

As parents, of course, we need diapers and wipes all around the house. I store the kids' stuff in the top drawer of the nightstand.

Bonus points if you can spot any other place we've used these roses – they've decorated many rooms in many different houses for us over the years.

This is one wall that still needs some work. I'm thinking about some kind of lounge chair under this painting and we definitely need to frame the painting at some point. I love this picture though – it's also a piece that's been with us since Tuscaloosa! And I wish y'all could see the view out of these windows – they're stunning. Definitely one of my favorite things about the house. (Note: paint color is Amazing Gray by Sherwin Williams.)

I get asked about this rug all the time. I wish I had a link – it's from At Home, but I can't seem to find it on their site!

This part of the room was actually on the blog last week – we built this blanket ladder and it's the perfect addition to the room!

Looking back towards the bathroom, you'll see probably my favorite piece of decor in the whole house…

…my wedding bouquet and one of our invitations. I've said it many times on this blog, if our house caught on fire, this would be one of the few things I'd grab.

That brings us into the bathroom! I thought I would just lump this whole area in the same post. (This paint color is Oyster Bay by Sherwin Williams.)

These towels were one of the few decor items I knew I wanted before we ever moved in the house. They are so pretty and simple.

For some reason they don't have a matching bath mat, but I found a similar one that goes great with them.

Our beloved free-standing tub – we still love it so much. The faucet can be found here (c/o Vintage Tub).

Cleaning up our vanity area is something I've had to work at. Noah and I both tried not keeping anything on the counter – it just didn't work. I like having things that I use daily accessible, so I thought that if they're going to be there, at least they're going to be pretty!

I found these cute baskets at Hobby Lobby to at least corral the clutter. It makes it look so much more put together! This is mostly for the things I use daily – dry shampoo, brush, toothpaste, etc.

[towels available here, soap dispensers available here]

And our lights – I just love these lights. These are in our bathrooms throughout the house. Noah wasn't super picky about decor choices when we were building, but one thing he had to have was Edison bulbs. This is one of the places you'll find them!

Sometimes, the organizational gods just smile upon you…these baskets are a good example. They were 4 per pack from Dollar Tree and fit absolutely perfectly in my side vanity drawers. I mean, couldn't fit better. This is how I organize my makeup and nightly skincare items in the top drawer…

…and items I use a little less often in the next drawer. I'm not sure if my drawers are a standard size (all of our cabinets are custom), but they might work for some of you too! (The inside of these drawers measure 8.75×18″.)

I'll spare Noah from having to show his bathroom cabinet, but this is under mine – very simple. I have one small bin of items that I use at least weekly – hair products, self tanner, etc. The other items are in a storage tower I'll show in a second. And this might be kind of unconventional…

…but, over to the left, I use an old over-the-door towel hanger that we weren't using for my hair tools! The dryer sits perfectly on top and I hang my straightener/curling iron on the bottom rungs. It totally works and made great use of something we were going to throw away anyway.

Across the room is our shower. It was one of our splurges when we built and we don't regret it one bit! It's really hard to get a picture of because of the angle, but trust me – it's amazing.

We have a nice-sized linen closet in between the shower and water closet. Linens are stored on the bottom, and a few random items (electronics, beach towels, and extra toiletries) are stored on top.

I don't think anyone wants to see pictures of our toilet ;), but I will show this organizer we have in the water closet – I also showed it in my inventory management post, but since then, I've labeled it with my new handy dandy vinyl cutting machine. It's a great way to organize extra bathroom items.

Last but not least, our closet! I used a lot of the same organization methods I employed in the old house for closets – but it's a whole lot easier to organize a closet when it's bigger. 😉

We use the top open shelving for t-shirt and workout shirt storage, and the bottom closed cabinets are for other folding clothes.

Cut pool noodles are great for helping boots keep their shape!

One of the biggest space-saving tricks I've learned for closets is using these velvet hangers – I love them so much that I just replaced the hangers in our kids' closets too. They help you store so many more clothes in the same space.

And, on the empty wall of the closet, we have my jewelry organizer and our hamper (one for dirty clothes, one for dry cleaning).

That's the tour, friends! Want to see more of our home? Click here for the full (so far) tour!

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  1. Amy Faulkner says:

    I LOVE those light fixtures!! Beautiful master. It looks so cozy and relaxing!

  2. I love mansion style beds like that! Makes the room feel so warm especially in that color.