A Tour of My 2018-2019 Year of Intent Planner

This DIY planner tour is a great peek into how to organize your life in so many areas – includes best supplies/binders and a complete run-down of what printable pages are used to plan schedules, goals, financial info, projects, and more!

This DIY planner tour is a great peek into how to organize your life in so many areas - includes best supplies/binders and a complete run-down of what printable pages are used to plan schedules, goals, financial info, projects, and more!

Today, I get to share something with you guys that I've been preparing for months now. I'm so excited to introduce the 2018-2019 Year of Intent planner!

For years, I've had it in the back of my mind to do an all-inclusive planner that covers just about anything a busy mom/dad/professional could need to manage a crazy lifestyle. I've been making organization printables for years – why not make one big product that covers all of it at once? The problem is, we're all different; there's no way that any single planner could perfectly suit every single customer (and that kind of bothered me). I really wanted to make a product that could be customized by the user to accommodate busy schedules, goals, and plans.

So, since about May, I've been working on the planner that would do just that: The Year of Intent. This is the first of what I hope is many editions of a planner that, year after year, will be designed by you to fit your lifestyle. The great thing about this planner is the ability to customize it to your needs. You decide what makes the cut and what doesn't…print as many of any particular page as needed for your own use, or skip a page that doesn't fit your life! The possibilities and combinations of pages for this planner are endless.

Let's take a look at what you'll get in the over 60 printable pages of this year's Year of Intent planner!

Time and Goal Organization Pages

Goals Overview – If you're looking to set new goals for the new school year, this page helps you pinpoint a main goal and break that down into easy-to-complete steps.

Daily/Weekly/Monthly Goal Breakdown – Once you've set those goals, break them down into how you can complete them. This page includes sections for analyzing goals on a daily/weekly/monthly basis and a checklist to keep up with progress.

Habit Trackers (Monthly/Weekly/Daily) – (preview here) Ready to form a new habit? With these tracking pages, you can check off habits as you complete them, whether you're forming a monthly, weekly, or daily goal.

Calendar Pages for June 2018-July 2019 – I have dated monthly calendars for every month of the 2018-2019 school year. I've also included a blank page if you want to use this planner past those dates.

Week at a Glance – Check out your weekly plans on one concise page. Lots of space to write in all of your appointments and events is included on this page.

Daily at a Glance – On the daily page, you'll get an even more detailed look at each day. Categorize your specific schedule, make a to-do list, and even plan dinner!

Health and Wellness Organization Pages

Meal Planner (Weekly/Biweekly/Monthly) – Whether you plan your home menu by the month or the week, The Year of Intent has got you covered! The weekly page goes into detail for each meal and allows room for notes about recipes and ingredients.

Grocery List – Make an organized grocery list that's categorized by area of the store for easy shopping.

Recipe Cards – List your favorite recipes for easy reference.

Favorite Recipes – Don't forget those favorites! With this page, you can make an easy list of breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack recipes for when you're in a meal planning rut.

Pantry/Fridge/Freezer Inventory – Three separate pages will help you inventory the foods in each area, including expiration dates.

Restaurant List – Keep an easy reference page of your favorite restaurants; you can even note phone number and favorite entrees!

Food Tracker – Looking to tighten up your diet? Keep up with each meal (and snacks) on this page, including water intake.

Workout Tracker (Weekly/Monthly) – (preview here) I've made my popular workout calendar even better! In this edition, you get both a monthly and weekly detailed workout tracker.

Progress Tracker – This page helps to track so much more than weight – keep track of your progressing body measurements in one place.

Vaccination Records – Get a little help with keeping up with those confusing vaccination schedules. Includes side-effect notes.

Doctor Visits – This is a great page to have around for children; note doctor visits each time to remember treatments and medications administered.

Finance and Account Organization

Financial Goals – Put those financial goals into action by writing down ideas and action steps to complete them.

Yearly/Quarterly/Monthly Bills at a Glance – Need to know when you pay each bill? This easy page will break down the categories for easy payment planning.

Budget Planner – A throughout budget is one of your strongest tools towards financial responsibility. Plan out a budget that works with these pages, including monthly reflection and savings planning!

Income Tracker – This page allows for easy noting of various income sources, whether they're from different family members or different jobs.

Expense Tracker – By analyzing expenses by category (and by want/need), you can really pinpoint areas where your budget can improve.

Charity/Donations Tracker – This page is especially handy around tax time! Check out what donations you've made throughout the year and analyze where they're going.

Debt Tracker – Keep track of each individual debt source and how you've paying it off.

Financial Accounts Tracking – It's impossible to keep up with each and every financial account number/login/phone/address without a little bit of help. Note each one on this page for easy reference.

Activity Organization

Travel Planning Pages – (preview here) Make the most of any vacation by making a thorough plan first! Includes brainstorming for food/hotels/fun, packing lists, and budgeting tools.

Party Planning Guide – Plan the perfect event with these pages from The Year of Intent! You'll get to do/to buy lists, decor and menu planning, and guest lists.

Birthday Tracker – An easy way to note birthdays (and dates) throughout the year for quick reference.

Gift Tracker – When you note a birthday, quickly note a gift as well! Set your gift budgets and organize family/friends in this easy list.

Online Order Tracker – Having trouble keeping up with the endless packages on your doorstep? Write down orders as you place them to ensure everything comes in on time.

Project Planning Guide – These all-encompassing pages are great for any project, big or small. Whether it's a home improvement project or a new work goal, plan out each individual step here!

Project Inventory – We all have tons of different projects going at any given time. Keep a running list (and an inventory of start/end dates) with this printable.

General Productivity

Password Log – This is an easy reference point for your usernames and passwords online!

Gratitude Page – Keep a running log of things you're thankful for.

To Do List – We all need a good, structured to-do list…I know I rely on mine way too much! This colorful page will allow you to check off your day's projects and reflect on each day's productivity.

Notes – What's a good planner without a good notes page? Keep random notes, write down favorite quotes, or make lists with this page.

If you're wondering how to put this many pages together into an effective planner, don't worry, it's easy! I recommend starting with the time and goal organization pages and building from there. As you see a need, simply print off the page. I have full printing instructions (as well as tips on how to use the pages) in the full version of this book.

And did you notice that each section of the Year of Intent is color-coded? I can't tell you how happy that makes my little organization nerd heart! 🙂 Divide each part of your planner with colored sections (and, there are also two different types of divider pages included for each section as well).

With your planner, you'll get printables for both a 8.5×11″ and a 5.5×8.5″ mini planner. It's up to you which one to use; if you're the kind of person that is more detail-oriented and needs more space to write, I'd go with the full-size. If you like taking your planner everywhere and just like to “hit the high notes” of your day in your planner, the mini might be for you! But don't worry, you don't have to decide that just yet…you get both files with your planner purchase.

You can check out a few perfect notebooks for the different planner sizes below…

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Full-Size Binders

The following binders will fit the full-size 8.5×11″ pages.

A || B || C || D

The following binders will fit the mini 5.5×8.5″ planner printables.

A || B || C || D


If you're putting together your own planner, I'd also recommend the following accessories (I originally discussed these in my Journey to Clean post, but they've been updated a little):

1. Bright, high-quality copy paper: Getting really vivid colors in your printables has a lot to do with your paper, surprisingly. If you use dim paper, you’ll often get dim colors in your final product. I like to use paper like HP Office Ultra White to get really bright, vivid colors out of my printables. For card stock (like I mentioned above for those divider pages), the Neenah Premium Cardstock is a great option.

2. A great everyday printer: I’ve been so impressed with my HP Envy 4520. It’s really inexpensive in the inkjet market and produces such great quality printables. It’s what I printed all of the pages you’ll see above on, as a matter of fact!

3. A 3-hole punch that lasts: I have used my Swingline Desktop 3-Hole Punch for years. I bought it as an education student (over 10 years ago), used it throughout my teaching career, and now have it in my home…and it’s still going strong! This is such a great investment and, especially if you have school-aged kids, you’ll use this a ton. It also adjusts between the full-size and mini pages in Year of Intent wonderfully!

4. A precise paper cutter: If you're planning on using the mini pages in the Year of Intent, I highly recommend a paper cutter like this. You could always order A5-sized paper for these pages, but I prefer to cut standard 8.5×11″ paper in half hamburger-style to print these pages (it's less expensive and basically the same size). If you choose to do it this way, make sure the pages are cut evenly – that's why you need the paper cutter! I have this one and love it.

5. Reusable accessories: I’ve often advised my printable users to invest in a few reusable accessories so they don’t have to print pages over and over. Two of my favorite are plastic page protectors and wet erase markers. The EXPO Vis a Vis markers are a teacher favorite for a reason – they last and last. I also found these cute tabbed dividers that are adorable with the printables in Year of Intent. They even have a pocket to keep up with invitations, receipts, and business cards!

6. Non-bleeding, colorful pens: I couldn’t let a supplies post go by without mentioning my favorite pens! The Papermate Inkjoy Gel Pens are the best colored pens I’ve found. They don’t bleed and they stay so bright, even after a ton of use. No smearing (even my left-handed self doesn’t have an issue) and very quick drying gel…that’s hard to find! These are fabulous and last so long, too.

Alright, information overload, I know. I get a little excited when I start talking about organization. 😉 I hope you can use pieces of this post to organize your own Year of Intent planner!

Right now, you can get introductory pricing on the 2018-2019 Year of Intent! It's only available for a limited time – click here for more info.

Happy planning, friends!

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