5 Ways to Make Special Memories at Disney World

Ready to make special memories with your family on your next visit to Walt Disney World? This post includes ways to have fun and create special moments throughout Magic Kingdom and other parks!

Ready to make special memories with your family on your next visit to Walt Disney World?  This post includes ways to have fun and create special moments throughout Magic Kingdom and other parks!

A huge thanks to Disney for providing tickets for this post. All opinions are my own.

My family just returned from an amazing trip to Walt Disney World. This isn't our first rodeo with Disney – we did a one week trip in 2015 and a one day visit in 2017 that were both special in their own way. I knew that it was totally possible to make new and special memories with each visit to the park, and this year's visit definitely didn't disappoint!

One thing that Disney does incredibly well is give families the ability to make special memories. These are going to be a little different for every family – and, over the years, we've found a few things that are must-dos on our trips to Disney.

1. Get a first haircut at Harmony Barber Shop.

This is my absolute, #1 favorite memory from Disney World, just because both of my kids did it!

Harmony Barber Shop (in Magic Kingdom, at the front of Main Street) welcomes kids of all ages for haircuts that are actually really reasonably priced. But, they also have a “my first haircut” package that includes the cut (with a first lock of hair in a special bag), a certificate, and a special pair of Mickey ears. It is such a cute, fun experience…we waited until Jackson was 2 1/2 to cut his hair just so he could have the same first haircut as Emmie.

Jackson, 2018

Emmie, 2015

These appointments book up quickly, and it's kind of rare to just be able to walk in to Harmony Barber Shop, so I'd recommend booking your appointment as soon as you can (you can book an appointment before you buy your park tickets if needed). Click here for more info. (And, FYI – you can stop by Harmony Barber Shop at anytime and ask for a little pixie dust in your hair!)

2. Have a silhouette cut (by hand).

I feel like this is one of the best kept secrets about Disney World – I honestly don't think I would have known if I hadn't stumbled upon it in one of the Disney Facebook Groups I'm in. Somebody mentioned it a few months ago, and I remembered that my mother-in-law had the same silhouettes of her sons from Disney World…so I thought it would be cool to get a set of our own!

There is a booth on Main Street in Magic Kingdom and one in Liberty Square (where we went). You can also find a kiosk in Disney Springs and one in Epcot (near the France pavilion). There is usually very little wait, so this is a good activity to do for a few minutes of downtime. Watching the artist make these is absolutely amazing. He literally sits with a pair of scissors and cuts a beautiful silhouette within a few minutes.

You'll get 2 copies of your silhouette, so this makes a wonderful souvenir for grandparents too! If needed, you can have 2 children sit together for one silhouette or have them sit separately (what we did).

I mean seriously…how amazing is that? And this is another experience that's incredibly reasonably priced (I think we paid $10 each for these, including an extra copy).

3. Press pennies.

We love this experience, at Disney or elsewhere. It's a great way to start an inexpensive souvenir tradition in your family. You're not going to find a souvenir in Disney cheaper than $0.51!

There are penny presses all over the resort. Most of the rides have one, as well as a few of the gift shops and hotels. Most of them are different and themed to their area, so it's kind of fun to come off of a ride and press a penny to remember that moment. We usually just bring a few rolls of pennies and quarters and stick them in our backpack so they're ready to go when needed. I'm planning on starting a vase or some kind of container in our living room full of our pennies!

You can find an interactive map of all of the penny presses in Disney World here.

4. Start a pin collection.

There is a whole world of Disney pin trading (that is honestly kind of a rabbit hole if you start doing it). Basically, it's just a fun way to meet new people and collect fun, themed Disney pins from both cast members and other guests.

Pins and lanyards are available at most gift shops (but can be found beforehand online as well…ebay and Amazon are good sources). Pin “etiquette” says that the pin must represent something in Disney, must be metal, and must have a Disney copyright on the back to be traded.

It's fun to trade with other guests, but the cool part is trading with cast members…if you ask a cast member to trade a pin (and they don't have the one you want to give them already), they must trade one of their pins to you. Emmie had so much fun finding cast members with lanyards to trade with! We'll definitely be buying a few more pins before our next trip for her to build her collection.

There's a whole world of pin trading rules and history – there are even events just for this hobby. This wikipedia page is a good read if you're planning on getting into it.

5. Stay for the fireworks.

One of my absolute best memories from the last time we visited Disney was the fireworks show. Yes, you're going to think everybody's done for the day and too tired/cranky to stay…stay anyway. It's such a sweet wrap-up to your day and a great way to wind down after a hectic, hot day.

Listen – you're not going to have a problem making memories at Disney World. It's probably the #1 place on earth for that. But, I hope these few little (kind of unknown) ways to make memories make your next visit even more special!

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