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This living room home tour shows the details of this farmhouse-inspired space, including a sectional couch, ottoman/coffee table, rugs, chairs, and pillows. There are even organization ideas for toys!

This living room home tour shows the details of this farmhouse-inspired space, including a sectional couch, ottoman/coffee table, rugs, chairs, and pillows.  There are even organization ideas for toys!

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Welcome to our living room! I've shown little bits and pieces of this space on Instagram and on the blog since we moved in last October, but it's high time we do a full tour of it for the blog today.

This space probably has the most customization (so far) in the whole house. My beloved coffered ceilings were added in this room, as were our built-ins. There's no question that we spend the majority of our time in this room, so it was a great decision to put our personal touch on this room and really pull out all of the bells and whistles for it!

Let's take a look…

Looking into our living room from the kitchen. This is an incredibly open space (just like we wanted it) – it's great to be working in the kitchen and have a perfect sight line to the TV or the kids playing.

Let's start over on the left side of the room! I get questions all the time about our couch – we actually bought it from a sample sale years ago. The brand is United Furniture (but I'm honestly not sure they even make this model anymore – I couldn't find any info about it online).

Brown Pillow Cover || Gingham Pillows || Brown Throw

I used the Ikea Ribba frames to make this gallery wall in our living room. You absolutely will not find better frames for the price! It makes such a statement on this wall (and shows off some of my favorite pictures at the same time). (Sconces are from Kirkland's years and years ago…we've had these since we lived in Tuscaloosa!)

This ottoman (no longer available, similar here) was incredibly inexpensive and was one of the absolute best purchases we've made for this home. It has a lid that folds up, so we can store toys in it. I love that it serves two purposes! It's also really soft when you put your feet up (kind of a weird pet peeve of mine).

I'm a big believer in filling your home with things you love. If you know me at all, you know I am a massive Mr. Rogers fan. Don't get me started – I honestly, truly think he was as close to an angel on earth as there has ever been. I found this book at an antique store last fall and absolutely had to have it. It makes me smile every time I see it. (And it is still available to buy if you're interested – it's a great coffee table book for an easy read!)

Another small purchase we made for our home was our side tables – they're also relatively inexpensive and really cute/functional! They fit my MacBook perfectly so I can hide it during the day.

Probably my favorite design feature of our whole home. The coffered ceilings add so much coziness and depth to the space.

Many of you long-time readers know our funny story from this fireplace screen – we found it on super clearance at Kirkland's right after we were married, but it originally had a “D” (and the letter is magnetic and can be removed). My brother-in-law was at our house one night and something came up about needing it to be an “L” – he immediately grabbed a pair of tin snips and made it an L. I just can't bear to get rid of it (and actually still really like it), so here it sits in the fourth living room we've had, 10 years later.

If I'm keeping it real, I have to show the toys in our living room. We have kids – so we have toys! That's just real life. Our beloved Anywhere Chair (recently made over from pink to blue) is in here and still used (by both kids and dogs…and sometimes adults) daily. We also love our lego/train table…it keeps a lot of the little cluttery toys at bay! We use the built-ins behind that for toy storage as well.

And before I forget about it – this rug. I. Love. It. It has all of the colors of our living room integrated perfectly and really lightens up our dark floors. And yes, it's totally doable to keep it clean with kids. We've had it for almost 6 months with no major issues!

It is so hard to get a good picture of the view from our living room – but it is absolutely breathtaking. I have always, always (like from the time I was a kid) wanted this kind of view out of the back of our home. I'm actually kind of surprised that we pulled it off so well! 😂

Another view of our side tables. The lamps are from Hobby Lobby (as are the decor on the tables).

But if I'm being honest, this is how this chair normally looks…

We're clearly great at enforcing the “no animals on the furniture” rule.

Finally, looking back into the kitchen!

I hope you've enjoyed this little tour of our space – we love it so much. If you want to see the rest of our home (that we've shown so far), click here!

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  1. Love the tour of your Living Room! A couple of questions…. brand/ Source of the brown leather recliner?

    Also, love your rug! I know you linked to Wayfair, but is your the Beige/ brown or the Gray/Blue?

    Thanks so much!

    1. Thanks so much! 🙂 The brown chair is Haverty’s from many years ago…it was actually a hand-me-down to Noah before we were ever married, and he loves it so much that we’ve kept it around all of these years. And the rug is the brown/beige version!

  2. I love your home, so many fabulous items. I to love, love , love that rug, as well as your fireplace cover.