An Organized Kitchen Tour

Check out my organized kitchen, complete with storage ideas, ways to declutter your cabinets and drawers, and custom cabinet designs that will maximize your space!

an organized kitchen tour.

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After a few months of living in our home and implementing organization methods that will keep things neat and tidy, I'm finally ready to show off our organized kitchen today! Last week was a Journey to Clean kitchen week, so I thought this would be the perfect time to get pictures while it was actually clean. 😉

kitchen with neutral cabinets and an island.

There's a lot to see and explore, so we'll start to the left and work our way around. This is the view of the kitchen from our living room.

desk in a kitchen.

Next to the French doors that go our to our screened porch, we have a desk area. This has kind of become our command center. Any papers go in that organizer to the right (similar one linked, no longer available) (school papers on the bottom, other papers on the second shelf). It's clean right now because I just organized it during kitchen week, but it's normally our “catch-all” for any and every paper that's saved in our house. I talked a little bit more about what I do with school papers here and how we minimize paper clutter here.

blue and white plates hanging above a desk.

This is also the site of one of my favorite decor spots in the house! Five of these blue willow plates (including the platter in the middle) were my grandmother's; I remember eating off of these as a child. When she passed away, I made sure I got these to hang in our home. I've since added a few more to the collection and plan on adding more as I find them!

There are three drawers to the left of the desk in that area; I'd definitely consider those my “junk drawers,” but I've done what I can to keep them in check.

medicine and self care items organized in plastic bins in a drawer.

A week or so ago, I finally got around to lining our drawers! I picked this blue gingham pattern (similar here) because it matched our couch cushions perfectly – I love the little subtle pop it adds to the kitchen.

The top drawer contains the things we use the most. I am a huge fan of organizing with these small rectangular storage containers…they're three to a pack from Dollar Tree and fit perfectly in most cabinets and drawers! I use a combination of the Dollar Tree ones and some from Walmart (that are priced similarly) throughout my kitchen (I tried to find these online but couldn't…I found them in the kitchen storage section).

In that top drawer, I have medicines/vitamins we use a lot, flashlights, lighters, thermometers…basically anything that we need to grab quickly.

kitchen items organized in plastic bins in a drawer.

The next drawer has some overflow from our kitchen. These are items I don't use a lot – mixer attachments, grill supplies, etc. I also used the Small Slotted Plastic Baskets in a few places in our kitchen – they're great for slightly larger spaces.

random items organized in plastic bins in a drawer.

The bottom drawer has a few of our plugs/chargers for the kitchen, my wax melt collection (yes I am an addict…combination of Better Homes and Gardens [my favorite] and some I made myself), and a few random things (like our dog leash) that aren't used a ton.

beige and bronze kitchen canisters on a countertop.

kitchen counter, sink, stand mixer in the background.

utensil organizer in a drawer.

Moving to the right of the desk, our utensils are on the top drawer (with a few kids' utensils in the back that will be retired soon).

kitchen linens in a drawer.

Kitchen linens are below that. I read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up a couple of years ago, and if there's one thing I picked up from it, it's that using a filing system of folding is so much better looking! Our towels are folded in a file in the front and any other linens (like trivets and oven mitts) are stacked in the back.

baking dishes in a drawer.

At the bottom of those drawers, I have a few of our Pyrex/Corningware dishes that aren't used that often.

stainless steel dishwasher with a blue kitchen towel.

The dishwasher is to the right of our sink (and currently adorned with this pretty towel).

cups stacked in a cabinet.

You'll find our cup cabinet above that – we have a butler's pantry (that I'll show in another post) that holds our coffee cups and glassware, but this is the area where we keep plastic cups and kids' cups.

farmhouse kitchen sink with brown balloon valence on a window.

Then, we have our beloved farmhouse sink. I think I've discussed this sink before…it's an Ikea Domsjo Sink that was super inexpensive compared to other apron sinks of the same size. We had to drive to Atlanta to get it (because shipping was as much as the sink), but it was so worth it! I'm not sure if Ikea is discontinuing this one…they have the single bowl, but it's hard to access the double bowl on their site now. But, if you can get your hands on one, it's so worth it…we have been so impressed with the quality! (Soap pump available here.)

lazy susan, hanging bar under a kitchen sink.

Below that is our newly organized sink storage!

Trust me, it hasn't always looked like this…

unorganized cleaning products under a kitchen sink.

It was kind of a disheveled mess a couple of weeks ago. But, with a few simple tools, organizing it was an easy project!

lazy susan, hanging bar under a kitchen sink.

I put a shower rod (not a curtain rod; not heavy enough) to hold some of our spray bottles in place. I used small hook command strips to hang a few of those rectangular bins from the Dollar Tree on the doors; those hold our sponges and sink hardware. I've also got a command strip on the other door that holds my eCloth kitchen cloths when not in use. Finally, a simple non-skid lazy Susan holds our non-hanging cleaners!

pull out utensil drawer.

To the right of the sink of one of my favorite parts of the kitchen! I wanted a pull-out utensil organizer that eliminated the need for my utensils to clutter up the counter. I showed one to my cabinet contractor and he did an amazing job of making my idea come to life! The area below it is cut out, so I use it to store seasonal dishes and casserole holders.

kitchen cabinet with bowls and plates.

Above the utensil drawer is our plates/bowls cabinet. The middle shelf is dedicated to the “kid stuff” – plastic plates/bowls, disposable pouches, snack cups, etc.

kitchen cabinet with bowls, measuring cups, colander.

The cabinet just to the right of that is the corner one…it holds a lot of our random stuff that doesn't really have another place. Mixing bowls, measuring cups, larger kitchen utensils, even my yogurt strainer.

kitchen stove with fluted range hood.

Moving further to the right, you'll find the stove section of the kitchen.

kitchen drawer with knife block.

I've always had my knives in a block on the counter, but decided to put them in a drawer in this house…and it's so nice having them out of the way. I use this bamboo knife block to organize them.

kitchen cabinet with cookie sheets, baking racks, cutting boards filed vertically.

Below that, I store our cookie sheets and cutting boards using a very narrow cabinet to the left of the stove. I thought about putting some kind of organizer in here, but it honestly doesn't need it!

kitchen drawer with pots and pans.

Below the stove, I have a couple of deep cabinets that store our pots/pans and storage containers.

kitchen drawer with food storage containers.

kitchen drawer with food storage containers.

Dollar Tree storage bins again, this time they're holding storage lids. I told you I used these a lot!

kitchen drawer filled with measuring cups.

pull out kitchen spice drawer.

To the right of that, you'll find a small drawer that holds our measuring cups and our pull-out spice cabinet.

kitchen cabinet holding oil, vinegars.

Just above that is my cabinet for vinegars and oils!

double oven with tea towels on handles.

Next up is our double oven. (Towels available here.) Above that is a collection of baking dishes and storage containers that are needed but not used a ton…

kitchen cabinet holding pots, pans, containers.

drawer containing baking dishes.

…and below the ovens are our baking dishes that are used often. (Yes this is the only drawer that isn't lined. Yes it bothers me. But I haven't quite been able to bring myself to pay $20 for a roll of shelf liner for 1 drawer.)

built in pantry doors, past a kitchen island.

The pantry is to the right of that. I've shown it in much more detail in a previous post…you can check it out here.

kitchen cabinet full of glassware.

The cabinet to the right of that has our glassware, like vases, pitchers, and bowls. (This is also a good look at our wedding china…it's displayed in the glass upper cabinets throughout the kitchen!)

pull out drawers holding appliances.

And below that is probably my favorite storage decision in the whole kitchen! Another request I had of our cabinet builder was an appliance locker that would keep all of our smaller appliances off of the counter but accessible. He hit a home run with this…it's exactly what I wanted! Of course I have a whole shelf dedicated to my Instant Pot & accessories…another shelf is for slow cookers and waffle irons, and the third one is for mixers and toasters.

easter decorations on a kitchen counter.

trash can drawer next to a built in microwave.

Finally, in the island of the kitchen we have a few storage-add ins. Our trash cans are in that big drawer…

drawer with koozies filed in color order.

…and our (out of control) collection of koozies and thermal lunch bags is in that small bottom drawer.

looking into a living room, built-ins, past a kitchen table.

Looking back into the living room, we have a small breakfast nook with our kitchen table – and, I've had a few questions, yes, it is holding up beautifully after our refinishing project! (Chairs available here.)

blue bowl of easter eggs.

I like to decorate the bowl on the table with seasonal items…we had ornaments at Christmas, and for Easter, I found these cute chalkboard eggs. They're inexpensive and the kids love drawing on them! (This is the set, but if you can find them at Walmart they're much cheaper.)

kitchen table with upholstered chairs.

We've also recently put a rug under the table – the LVP floor was scratching more than we liked by constantly dragging the chairs, so we got this inexpensive jute rug that ties the rooms together beautifully.

peg board on a wall.

And, one more view that I love – we didn't have a great place to display important notes and artwork, so I ordered this pinboard (c/o Minted) for one of the empty walls in the kitchen that solved the problem so well. We've loved filling up this little space!

Source list:

Paper organizer (similar one linked, no longer available)

Blue gingham shelf liner (similar here)

Small rectangular drawer organizers

Slotted baskets

Blue Turkish Towel

Domsjo Apron Sink

Cobalt Blue Soap Pump

Shower Rod

Non-Skid Lazy Susan

Bamboo Knife Block

Herb Tea Towels

Desk Chair

Counter Stools (Target; no longer available)

Table Chairs

Table Rug


Kitchen Backsplash

Kitchen Island Pendants

Breakfast Chandelier

Pot Filler

Kitchen Faucet

Cabinet Color: Popular Gray by Sherwin Williams

Wall Color: Amazing Gray by Sherwin Williams

Granite Color: Alaskan White

(Let me know in the comments if you need sources for anything else!)

There you have it, friends! Looking for more organization inspiration? Check out my full collection of organization posts here!

xo, Leslie - blog post signature at the end of post.

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  1. Kaelin Thacker says:

    Beautiful!! I love everything about your kitchen!

  2. Sandra L Garth says:

    Lots of inspiration here and the curtain rod for spray bottles is a great space saver. Thank you for sharing with us this week at Celebrate Your Story, and have a Happy Easter.

  3. I thrive on looking at kitchens, I dream of having one like yours someday. You have so many ideas I could incorporate into my small kitchen. I love the Konmari way of folding towels, I just downloaded an app on my phone for ideas to use throughout homes. Pinned some of your ideas to share!! Now following on Instagram!!

    Thank you for sharing on #omhgww this week, hope to see you again next week!
    Happy Easter!!

  4. What a lovely kitchen. I love the desk and the plates hanging above. Plates like that remind me of my grandmother too. Your home should be personal to you.

  5. That utensil organizer is the bomb! Don’t you love pullouts? I have them in my renovated bathroom, but not the kitchen! I need them!

  6. Wow, that is a gorgeous and organized kitchen! You have totally proven that you can have both form and function in a space. Beautiful job!

  7. Susan Jackson says:

    Very well organized! I am about to move in 2 months and I will be using the lazy susan idea under my sink for sure! Glad to find your blog at the bloggers pit stop yay!

  8. There are so many wonderful organizational ideas in this fabulous post. Thank you so very much for linking to the Spring and Easter Joys party. Have a very Happy Easter!

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    Your beautiful organized kitchen was popular on the Blogger’s Pit Stop so we will feature it on the next Pit Stop. Congratulations.
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