101 Easter Basket Ideas for Teens & Tweens

This list of Easter basket stuffer ideas for teens & tweens includes ideas for both boys and girls. Find unique, funny, and cheap gifts that sons or daughters would love!

This list of Easter basket stuffer ideas for teens & tweens includes ideas for both boys and girls.  Find unique, funny, and cheap gifts that sons or daughters would love!

Thanks for stopping by my fourth Easter basket stuffer post! I've loved crafting these over the years to help readers think of ideas for many different age groups. This time, I'm tackling what can sometimes be a difficult dilemma:  Easter basket ideas for teens & tweens.

The thing is…teens and tweens have definitely developed their own personality and interests, so they're all going to be a little bit different. That's why I've divided this list into categories by interest. Whether you have a bookworm or a beauty guru, I've got you covered!

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Now, let's get to the ideas!

For the Learning Teen…

1. The Amazing Smart Cube
2. Jenga
3. Flashing Cube Game
4. Stomp Rocket
5. Build Your Own Solar Robot
6. Microscope Kit
7. Magnetic Putty
8. Circuit Kit
9. Memory Game
10. Teen Talk

Easter Basket Ideas For the Beauty Guru Teen…

11. Nail Polish
12. Candy Bath Bombs
13. Create Your Own Lip Balm Kit
14. Makeup Brush Cleaning Mat
15. Sketch It Nail Pens
16. Hair Chalk Comb Set
17. Makeup Organizer
18. Shower Gel
19. Temporary Henna Tattoos
20. Daily Detangler Brush
21. Tinted Lip Balm
22. Hair Tie Bracelet
23. Unicorn Snot
24. Spring Nail Decals
25. Egg-Shaped Makeup Blending Sponges
26. Lip Smacker Dr. Pepper Lip Balm
27. Solid Lotion

For the Active Teen…

28. Unicorn Headphones
29. Pogo Tritan Water Bottle
30. Emoji Hopper Ball
31. Jazzminton
32. Wave Runner Ball
33. Light Up Football
34. Bike Wheel Lights
35. Football Mouthguard
36. Infuser Water Bottle
37. Running Shorts
38. Pedometer

For the Fashionable Teen…

39. Heart-Shaped Sunglasses
40. Swimsuit
41. Bunny Slippers
42. Tsum Tsum Socks
43. Unicorn Handbag
44. Googly Eyes Earrings
45. Bunny Hat
46. Boxers
47. Cat Coin Purse
48. Bunny Sleep Mask

For the Outdoorsy Teen…

49. Monogrammed Beach Towel
50. Tackle Box
51. Helmet
52. Seashell Tote
53. Wide-Brim Sun Hat
54. Gardening Gloves
55. Bonsai Starter Kit
56. Walkie Talkies

Easter Basket Ideas For the Bookworm Teen…

57. Teens Cook: How to Cook What You Want to Eat
58. Journal
59. NIV Bible for Teen Guys
60. Sleepover Party Mad Libs
61. The Best Summer Programs for Teens
62. Ask a Science Teacher
63. You're God's Girl! A Devotional for Tweens
64. Chicken Soup for the Preteen Soul
65. 3-Minute Devotions for Guys
66. 77 Science Activities for Illustrating Bible Lessons

For the Creative Teen…

67. Dare to Dream Board Kit
68. Gel Pens
69. Tote Decorating Kit
70. Sewing Kit
71. Aquabeads
72. String Art Kit
73. Washi Tape
74. Mini Sewing Machine
75. Decorative-Edge Scissors
76. Foamies Air Dry Modeling Clay

For the Decorating Teen…

77. Unicorn Sign
78. Bright Digital Alarm Clock
79. Mermaid Pillow
80. Doodle Pillowcase
81. Pineapple Light
82. Lightbox Letter Sign
83. Silly Light Switch Stickers
84. Mermaid Tail Blanket
85. Peel and Stick Dry Erase Wall Decal
86. Color-Changing Light Bulb

Miscellaneous Easter Basket Ideas…

87. Fluffy Egg Slime
88. Personalized Stationery
89. Easter Squishies
90. Bendy Bunnies
91. Personalized Name Stamp
92. Monogrammed Stainless Steel Tumbler
93. Fidget Toy Set

Toiletries/Personal Care Gifts for Teens…

94. Teen Deodorant
95. Sequin Makeup Bag
96. Biore Strips
97. Hair Gel
98. Prep U Scrub
99. Spot Zap
100. Dude Face Wipes
101. Teen Vitamins

That wraps up this week of Easter Basket stuffers! Next week, I'll be back with 2 more revamps and a brand new list for this year.

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