Ultimate Planning Notebook Add-On: Online Order Tracker

I'm so excited to bring you guys a new addition to the Ultimate Planning Notebook today! This set of printables now includes over 20 pages that, when put together, can make a complete (and free!) planner that meets so many different needs and responsibilities. I have a ton of fun putting this together and love to answer needs as I see them!

printable online order tracker on a blue polka dot background.

And, friends, I most definitely saw a need last week (that I think many of you probably have, as well). As I was looking through my PayPal account, I realized that there were several online orders that, not only had I completely forgotten about, but had been promised to me weeks ago and weren't yet at my doorstep. I was kind of aggravated with myself that I had not even realized these were outstanding…you guys know I try so hard to be a good steward of our finances, and well, paying for things you forget about just isn't responsible.

printable online order tracker on a blue polka dot background.

So, I put an end to it that day! I made a little chart that detailed the information you see in this printable. As I received these orders (never fear, I've now gotten most of them!), I simply crossed the item off of my list. It's an incredibly easy (but incredibly effective) way of organizing online orders! I suppose you could also put non-online orders in this too (like fundraisers, direct sales orders, etc.).

screenshot of online order tracker.

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This matches the other printables in this collection and works best when printed in color on plain old 8.5×11″ paper.

Check out a few of my other printables for this collection by clicking here! Don't want to sort through all of these posts and download files individually? You can grab all 24 pages of the Ultimate Planning Notebook in one big file (plus a pretty planner cover sheet you can't get anywhere else) by clicking here for the Ultimate Planning Notebook set.

the ultimate planning notebook, collage of printables.

Happy organizing (just in time for last-minute Christmas shopping)!

xo, Leslie - blog post signature at the end of post.

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