Halloween Dinner Idea: Chicken Spider Kabobs

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spider chicken on kabobs.

Look – I'm not always a Pinterest mom. But the fall holidays just get me every time.

They are so my favorite. I love everything from Halloween to Christmas – it's just a chance to have the best time making memories when you have kids! There are so many possibilities for fun things to do – everything from little treats to themed dinners.

But, I will also admit that it's a busy time. I already know that we're not going to have a ton of time for a full-on creative, themed dinner tonight. My kids wouldn't want a full dinner anyway – I think they're going to be way too concerned about candy around dinner time. So I'd like to give them something that's easy, creative, and nutritious – not too tall of an order, right? 😉

My best answer to this issue is to prep a make-ahead Halloween dinner that can be eaten as a come-and-go finger food kind of meal. These Chicken Spider Kabobs are perfect for that. They are easy to make the night before they're needed and can be eaten cold or warm. Kids think they're super fun and they'll actually give them a well-rounded meal on a crazy night!

spider chicken on kabobs.

Here's how I made them!

Chicken Spider Kabobs


1 20oz bag Cooked Perfect Fire Grilled Boneless Chicken Thighs, Classic Style

1 10oz bag matchstick carrots

1 mozzarella cheese stick

4 oz cream cheese

1 4oz can sliced black olives

4-5 kabobs

chicken kabobs on aluminum foil lined baking sheet.


First, I took Cooked Perfect Fire Grilled Boneless Chicken Thighs (lightly thawed) and cut them into bite-sized pieces. I got around 4-5 “spider bodies” out of each chicken thigh. Place them on a lightly-greased, foil-lined cookie sheet (to make for really easy clean-up) and bake for 375 degrees for 25 minutes.

These chicken thighs are already fully cooked…you're really just developing their already deep flavor and texture with this step. Let cool in the fridge. (I had mine on kabobs to cook, but it isn't really necessary at this point…I ended up taking them off to decorate.)

chicken kabobs on aluminum foil.

There's absolutely no need to season Cooked Perfect Fire Grilled Chicken before cooking…they're already perfectly seasoned with a savory blend of spices and grilled over an open fire to lock in its natural juices. This makes the chicken super flavorful and juicy. It's absolutely delicious as the star of the meal!

poking holes in side of piece of chicken with a toothpick. putting carrot sticks in the side of pieces of chicken. Once chicken pieces are cooled, take a toothpick (or your kabob) and poke 4 small holes in each side of the chicken piece. Put bagged matchstick carrots in each hole to make the legs of your spiders. making chicken spiders with olives, cream cheese, carrots. For the eyes of the spider, slice a mozzarella cheese stick into thin (around 1/8″) slices. Use a tiny dollop of cream cheese to “glue” the eye onto the spider. Take another small dollop of cream cheese and “glue” the olive to the top of the cheese stick for the eyeball. three spider chicken kabobs.

If you haven't done so already, put 3-4 spiders on each kabob for a spooky and adorable Halloween treat! I was able to make these in advance and they were just as delicious the next day. This is a great meal to have Halloween night that can be eaten with no prep time beforehand.

spooky spider chicken kabobs.

Happy Halloween, everyone!

xo, Leslie - blog post signature at the end of post.

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  1. Leslie- You always come up with some really cute stuff, but THIS, by far, has GOT to be the CUTEST and handiest thing YET !!! I love it. Thanks for always being so REAL and creative at the same time. Happy Halloween with your sweet family and congratulations on your Forever Home, it is beautiful !!!

    1. Oh you are so sweet…thank you so much! I thought they ended up being pretty cute. 😉