#LambertsGoHome, Part 5

The day is finally here…it's closing day!!! Later this afternoon we will be officially buying our forever home. To say that we're excited is an understatement – after 13 months of building (and years of dreaming and planning), we are so happy with the result of hard work from lots of different people.

So, what other kind of post could I do today than a wrap-up of our #LambertsGoHome series? I've been sharing periodic updates on Instagram (through both posts and Insta Stories) as we went along in the custom building process, but it's just so much easier to have all of the timeline in one place on the blog. I'm going to try to post an empty home tour in the next couple of weeks too so you can see the final results!

Let's start off where we left off in the last post at day 353. We were just starting to get paint at that point (about a month ago – it's crazy how much has happened in just a month!).

Day 360: This is the first time we were able to see our paint on the walls! I am thrilled with the color – it's exactly what I was wanting. It's Amazing Gray by Sherwin Williams and it's such a great mix of gray and taupe.

This was also the first time we saw our cabinet color – Popular Gray by Sherwin Williams.

Day 364: Granite is in! I absolutely, totally love the color…it's perfect. We used several slabs of Alaska White Granite, but they were a little more on the brown side than white/gray like it normally is. It ended up being the perfect palette to match our colors.

My beloved sink was also installed this day! We went all the way to Atlanta for this sink from Ikea – it's a great choice for a farmhouse sink on a budget. This ended up being about half the price of any other sink we priced. Totally worth the trip!

We also got to see the start of our deck this day. Lots happening!

Day 371: The lighting started going in on this day. This was the point when I could really see the house as nearing the end.

Day 372: Our tile work started on this day. I've wanted this arabesque tile kitchen backsplash for years and I'm so happy with how it turned out!

Tile work also included upstairs bathroom floors and the master shower. I've got some more complete pictures of the master shower later in the post – but suffice it to say that I'm obsessed. Forget the rest of the house – I might just move in there.

Day 374: Tile work is finished!

This was also the first time I was able to get a good picture of the dining room light. I think it's looks so good for the space.

Day 378: Let there be light!! Something as simple as turning the lights on made a massive difference in the look of the house. (And check out those gas lamps on the island – those were soon to be installed on the front porch and beside the garage.)

Day 380: Another big change: vinyl flooring installation started. I've talked about our love for Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring in other posts – we had it in an apartment a few years ago and fell in love. It's so durable and easy to keep clean, and looks beautiful! I just love this color too – it's Majestic Oak by Artisan Mills.

For some reason it looks kind of parquey-ish in these pictures, but that's just the dust – it has a pretty, natural finish that looks just like wood.

The next day, on Day 381, we (finally) got front stairs! The yard wasn't level enough to do these until now. That front door was pretty much inaccessible until this, so we were excited to see these.

Day 383: This day brought one of the biggest changes we've seen! Appliance installation started, our plumbing installation started (including that beautiful pot filler you see – that was a treat we got for being under budget in a few other areas), and a few finishes touches in lighting (like our island pendants) went in.

Day 385: This beauty was finally installed! It had been sitting in the middle of our master bedroom until this day (and actually had to be taken out again – some of the flooring underneath had to be fixed). (This is a link to Vintage Tub's pedestal tubs and this is our tub faucet, c/o Vintage Tub.)

Day 389: The last of our lighting, our foyer pendant (and several can lights) went in!

There were also can lights installed in the shower that let me get this not-so-great picture of it…it's hard to photograph because of the angle, but it is GORGEOUS. I am in love!

Day 391: The last of the painting started. The squares in our coffered ceiling were painted and it made such a huge impact on the look of the living room. (The contractors were working on carpet upstairs this day, but we didn't want to go up and disturb them.)

Day 392: Carpet is all done upstairs!

Day 395: (This past Saturday) We checked in on all of the little things that had been happening in the past day or two. The master bath was completely finished, including hung mirrors and fixtures. Still waiting on the drawers and small shelves in the master closet, but besides that, it's done too.

The half bath in the hall was also done, including this pedestal sink from Vintage Tub (c/o).

Stair railing was up and just needs stain.

Kitchen is basically finished, besides just a couple of tiny projects (like putting knobs on a couple of doors, touch-up paint…nothing major).

And front porch is done besides another coat of paint on the railings and columns. The gas lamps were on too! (We're not really loving that black rail, but it has to be there for the city inspection. We might consider other options once we're in and settled).

Day 397: A few final touches went in yesterday! The whole house was cleaned from top to bottom, the painters put another coat of stain on the front door and paint on the rails/columns on the front porch, and a couple of other last-minute details were finished. Flower beds were also planted.

As of this morning, there are a couple of little details to wrap up…I'm hoping to get in the house to take a few pictures for an empty house tour post before the moving starts! We're loading everything up tonight and officially moving in tomorrow.

This has been a long time coming…we've both worked very hard to get here and couldn't be happier with how it's turned out. We can't wait to be in this home forever and ever!

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I'm sure I'll be sharing a few moving updates Instagram in the next few days…make sure to follow along!

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  1. Sugar Bostick says:

    I am SO very happy for you! Y’all have worked HARD for this beautiful home. I love it!

  2. Looks beautiful!
    Hope everything goes well this afternoon!

  3. Absolutely GORGEOUS! Congratulations! Everything came together so beautifully!!