#LambertsGoHome, Part 4

We've had some exciting updates to our forever home since my last update! When we left off last time (at day 293), most of the structural work was done and we were starting on the fun finishing details. We're now at day 357 and well on our way to a complete home right now – let's see what we've been up to in the past 64 days!

From Days 293 until 315, we had a lot of mudding and sheet rock going in. They actually had to go back and redo our ceilings…they had a texture we didn't want, so they were made flat and that put us behind a few days.

Day 315: Cabinet work starts! This is looking into our living room.

Day 316: I had my final meeting with our lighting provider to go over last-minute changes and fill in a few gaps. She was able to show me our gas lamps this day! One will be on the front porch and two will go on either side of the garage.

Later on Day 316, we checked out cabinet progress. This is looking into the kitchen…the double ovens will be to the left of the pantry and an appliance garage will be to the right.

By Day 318, most of the kitchen cabinets had taken shape! Emmie is standing next to where our fridge will be (and you can see a little peek of the kitchen sink in that fridge cut-out too).

We were also able to see the start of laundry built-ins this day too.

By Day 322, we were able to see most of the detail work on the living room built-ins.

We were also able to see paint colors for the first time on Day 322! Photo credit goes to Emmie for this one. The top left is our all-over color (SW Amazing Gray), bottom left is cabinets and built-ins (SW Popular Gray), middle is bathrooms (SW Comfort Gray), and right colors are Jackson/Emmie's Rooms (SW Sleepy Blue and SW White Dogwood).

By Day 324, installation of Mudroom lockers had started.

…and we got our first peek at the range hood! I had asked for a fluted look and the genius cabinet maker we used totally delivered. This is exactly what I had in mind!

They had also started on our mantle.

The next day (Day 325) I got to check out one of two of our granite slabs (just to make sure I liked the look of this particular one before they cut it for our house). I love it! This is an Alaska White slab but these two are a little more brown than the others I've seen…perfect for the colors we've chosen.

By Day 329, cabinet work was done. Drawers, doors, and trim are going to be installed later. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect set-up…the cabinet guy was amazing!

The bead board in the kitchen and mudroom lockers was also in by this day.

By Day 331, trim work had already started. This is a part you don't really think will be a big deal until you see it in action. The trim workers frame out all of the doors/windows, put in crown molding and baseboards, do little projects like wainscoting and ceilings, and do our custom closets/pantry. All of it together made a huge impact!

This girl was excited to see doors in her bedroom!

And this one was excited to run around the house like a crazy person for the first time. We've either carried him or had him in the Ergo during every other visit.


By Day 334, our pedestal tub (partner link) had been delivered and brought into the house. It hadn't quite made its way to the Master Bath yet…this is right in the middle of our bedroom. Close enough, right? 🙂


One of our last fireplace pictures, right before the fireplace was installed!

And then, on Day 340, our last fireplace picture…Emmie was not happy they were taking away her photo op.


By Day 345, trim work had started in the living room and kitchen! It really finished off everything and made it so pretty.

And then, by Day 351, one of my absolute favorite features had been installed. I fought for coffered ceilings all through the design and budgeting process…they weren't cheap, but I knew they would add so much to the living room. I was right! I literally gasped when I walked in to see this for the first time. I can't quit looking at pictures of it!

Our wainscoting framing had also been done in the dining room. All it needs is paint now!

We visitied last Friday (Day 353) and paint was underway! We couldn't stay upstairs for very long (the fumes were terrible), but all of the upstairs walls had a primer coat.

There was also a primer coat in the living room. Most of this won't be white – the built-ins are a beige color and the walls will be even darker.

And these two, as always, were goofing around!

From here, we are in the home stretch! Painting has started and should take a week or two. From there, flooring will go in and we're kind of at the mercy of Mother Nature after that. Our driveway has to be installed for the upstairs carpet to be rolled out. To pour the driveway, we have to have a 72-hour dry and hot stretch to get the ground as dry as it needs to be…something that hasn't happened in a few weeks around here. We're hoping this week will give us a little bit of dry weather so we can play catch-up with some of the outdoor work that needs to be done (grading the front yard, driveway, and beginnings of landscaping).

Our builder is giving us an estimated October 6th close day…we're still hoping to make the date! So just a little over a month until we're in our home. We're so ready.

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