Decluttering Checklist

Get over 100 ideas for things to purge from your house right now in this huge decluttering checklist!

over 100 things to purge from your house right now.

There's no doubt that cleaning routines have been documented on this blog. I've released several popular cleaning schedules (the latest one here) that turned into a whole book of cleaning routines and printables, Journey to Clean. So cleaning? I've got a grasp on that. But I'll go on and admit – there is a big difference in a clean house and a clutter-free house, and the latter one is an area where I struggle.

I try. Lord knows I try. But with two kids and a work-from-home lifestyle, there's just simply a lot of stuff that finds its way into our home. I've found that dedicating a few hours to keeping the clutter in check every month or so is absolutely crucial. It's also important to know what you're looking for when trying to find things to donate/toss.

Below, I'm sharing over 100 items that I can almost always toss immediately! I'm a big believer in loving the items you allow in your home, and for the most part, these are items that I most definitely do not love. I'm also a big believer in repurposing and being a good steward of items in your home; if you can find a way to repurpose (or find a new home) for these items, by all means, go for it. But, I've had to come to terms with the fact that sometimes, things just need to be thrown away. It's ok…no harm in tossing things that just simply don't (or can't) serve a purpose in your (or someone else's) home!

Living Room

  • Empty Candles
  • Dead Flowers
  • Old/Read Magazines
  • Damaged Pet Toys
  • Extra Glass Vases
  • Used Batteries
  • Flat/Old Pillows
  • Damaged Books
  • Unused Decor
  • Damaged Lamp Shades


  • Damaged Toys
  • Used Coloring Books
  • Empty Paint/Markers
  • Scratched CDs/DVDs
  • Games/Puzzles with Missing Pieces
  • Broken Crayons
  • Extra Stuffed Animals
  • Excess Artwork/School Papers


  • Unused Appliances
  • Used Water Filters
  • Old Baby Bottles
  • Rusty Silverware
  • Expired Spices
  • Leftover Matching Paper Plates/Napkins
  • Chipped Plates/Bowls
  • Expired Pet Treats
  • Old/Unused Pantry Staples
  • Torn/Worn Dish Towels
  • Duplicate Kitchen Utensils
  • Empty/Flat Drink Bottles
  • Excess Promotional Cups
  • Old Storage Containers
  • Unused Coffee Mugs
  • Old Takeout Menus
  • Empty Cleaning Product Bottles
  • Extra Takeout Condiments/Utensils
  • Unused Shopping Bags
  • Old Frozen Food (if you don't know how old it is, toss it!)


  • Expired Medication
  • Excess Sample-Sized Toiletries
  • Old Toothbrushes
  • Dried/Empty Nail Polish Bottles
  • Empty Toiletries
  • Damaged/Worn Towels
  • Promotional Makeup Bags
  • Broken/Unused Hair Appliances
  • Old Makeup
  • Moldy Bath Toys
  • Worn-Out Brushes
  • Damaged/Dirty Makeup Sponges
  • Old Medicine Droppers
  • Empty Hand Soap Bottles
  • Stretched Ponytail Holders
  • Broken Scales
  • Mildewed Shower Curtains


  • Unused/Old Linens
  • Empty Tissue Boxes
  • Old Pillows
  • Unidentified Remote Controls


  • Socks/Underwear with Holes
  • Broken Jewelry
  • Damaged Belts/Purses
  • Empty Shoe Boxes
  • Clothes That Haven't Been Worn in More Than a Year
  • Broken Coat Hangers
  • Socks Without a Pair
  • Leftover Buttons
  • Unused Suit Bags
  • Damaged Shoes
  • Outgrown Kids' Clothing (my tips for consigning here)
  • Stretched/Old Bras

Office/Craft Room

  • Owner's Manuals (most can be found online now!)
  • Old Receipts/Paperwork
  • Crumbled/Damaged Paper Products
  • Old Printer Cartridges
  • Dried Out Pens
  • Old Cell Phones/Cases
  • Unused Jump/Thumb Drives
  • Unidentified Charging Cables
  • Old/Empty Craft Supplies
  • Used/Empty Notepads
  • Excess Gift Wrapping Supplies
  • Read Books
  • Almost Empty Wrapping Paper Rolls
  • Outdated Electronics


  • Broken Toys
  • Rusted Tools
  • Dried-Out Paint Cans
  • Old Sports Equipment


  • Duplicate Pictures
  • Unused apps
  • Junk Email (I love for this)
  • Screenshots/memes you'll never use again
  • Completed/unneeded inbox emails
  • Old Contacts
  • Items on Computer Desktop
  • Social Media Follows
  • Unneeded text messages
  • Watched TV Shows on DVR


  • Empty Lighters
  • Unused Reward/Loyalty Program Cards
  • Empty Baby Wipes Boxes
  • Expired Coupons/Gift Cards
  • Loose Change (cash it in instead!)
  • Old Calendars
  • Duplicate Holiday Cards
xo, Leslie - signature at the end of blog post.

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  1. Purging is so good for everyone’s home and for their mental health. Great ideas in this post. Pinning.

  2. grammy goodwill says:

    Instead of saving leftover paper plates and napkins for the next occasion, I use them for every day. Thanks for the great list.

  3. Amber Harrop says:

    Fabulous List – I want to start cleaning straight away

  4. Evelyn Edgett says:

    Yay, I have done almost everything on this list! Good post.

  5. Did you ever hit a sore spot. I am going to have to print out your list and go from room to room with it and just get rid of all my clutter. Leslie, thanks for the kick in the pants.

  6. Great list of items to get rid of. I just cleaned out my kitchen cabinets. I found lids for dishes I got rid of years ago. Thanks for sharing on Sunday’s Best.

  7. We have been purging all year since we were getting ready to move and then after the move! It’s amazing how much junk can accumulate in a house! Thanks for sharing this nice list with us at Merry Monday! We all need to purge!

  8. Karren Haller says:

    Boy you nailed the clutter, doesnt we all have some. Great inspiration to get busy!!
    Pinned, Tweeted and shared on Facebook!!!

  9. Is there a way to print just the cleaning list?

    1. Do you need the list from this post? I don’t have a printable, but you’re more than welcome to copy and paste to a text document for your personal use.