Freezer Meal Boot Camp Packs are HERE!

It's a huge day in my little corner of the internet – this morning, the first two Freezer Meal Boot Camp packs were released!

I thought I'd give you guys a little tour of the packs today.

In each pack, you'll find all of the info you need to shop for, prep, freeze, and serve a selection of meals for your family. The first pack has 10 meals; the second pack has 5. Both packs include instructions tailored to work in electric pressure cookers, like the Instant Pot. You'll get a full grocery list, as well as printable recipe cards and labels for each meal included in the set.

The initial instructions you'll find in the Boot Camp packs are similar to the instructions I included in the original Instant Pot Freezer Meal Boot Camp. I have added a note or two for these sets!

A new feature of the Boot Camp packs that wasn't included in the original Boot Camp or Mini Boot Camp is a matching grocery list printable. You've always had access to the grocery lists through my email-exclusive printable collection; now they're just pretty and matching! 😉

The packs include colorful printable labels that fit perfectly on your freezer containers. These labels include all of the info you'll need to prep your meals on serve day.

After the original boot camp, I had a ton of requests for recipe cards for all included meals. For the mini boot camp, I included these, and you'll get them in these packs as well!

Check out the menus for each of the packs below!

A few FAQs…

  • How many pages are included in each pack?  The first pack is 22 pages long (including instructions); the second is 17. You'll also receive a file of just printables to make for easy printing!
  • Once I purchase, how do I get started?  Each step of the process of meal prep and serving is outlined in the pack!
  • Is this a physical or digital product? All files in these packs are delivered digitally! You'll receive your product within a few minutes of purchasing.
  • How long is it going to take to prep these meal packs? Of course, this varies a little person to person, but it took me 3 hours to prep the 10-meal pack and about an hour to prep the 5-meal pack for the freezer. The prep times for serve day are printed on the cards, and range anywhere from 30 minutes to a little over 2 hours.
  • Am I going to need any extra products to prep these meals?  For the most part, you should already have everything you need in your kitchen. I do list out all of the needed and optional products you might need in the packs, but you can get a peek of what you might need on this page!
  • How much does each pack cost?  For a limited time, the 10-meal pack is available for $6.99 and the 5-meal pack is $3.99. I also have a package deal on the homepage if you'd like to purchase both!
  • How much will the groceries cost? Again, this will vary. I paid around $150 for the groceries for the first pack and a little under $100 for the groceries for the second pack.
  • Can I find the recipes in the packs on your blog? No…all recipes in these packs were written especially for this series!
  • I have another question…how do I contact you? You can email me at leslie at lambertslately dot com and I'll be glad to help!

I'm so excited to see what you guys think of the very first (hopefully of many) release days for the Boot Camp packs! Check out more information by clicking here!

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  1. So I’ll prep, freeze, and when it’s time to make it I’ll just dump it into my Instant Pot?

    1. leslieflambert says:

      Exactly! There are usually a couple of little things you’ll need to do on serve day while your meal is cooking, but they’re easy…mostly just preparing side items and cutting veggies.

  2. Menaka Bharathi says:

    Now this is interesting never heard of it..Would definitely love to experiment it

  3. I love these, and recommend your blog to all my IP friends. Is there an easy printable version of this Bootcamp (and the mini bootcamp), similar to the 1-4 that I purchased? Thanks!

    1. Hi Beth, thanks so much for your recommendations! I have thought about doing that after getting lots of requests – that might be something I put in the printable collection soon. If I do, I’ll include that info in my Friday newsletter, so make sure you’re signed up!

  4. Hi Leslie, I’m excited to give the the boot camp a try. I just downloaded both the original and the mini because I have family members with Gluten intolerance and Dairy issues. The GF part is not problem for swapping it but Dairy….I prefer to swap the meal for another meal that has no cheese (half and half can be swapped). I’m confused with the original package…it doesn’t have the prep or the recipe for each item (or am I being looney?). I don’t doubt that your system is great but I do doubt whether I can be consistent and committed to it so I wanted to test this system before I try different packages. I think your blog is very creative and fun. I like it! 🙂

    1. I currently have both the original and the mini boot camp instructions on the blog post only. I started making the full (all-in-one-place) packs after I published those, and just haven’t gotten around to making a pack for them (so everything’s still kind of spread out). I actually have it on my to-do list to get the mini boot camp made into a full pack this week though! I’ll post that update on both my Facebook page ( and my Freezer Meal Community on Facebook (

  5. Is there a way to download & save the ingredients & recipes into apps such as Paprika! Or a way to copy & paste them? I would love to do this & share with my elderly parents!

    Thanks for doing so much work to save time for the rest of us!

    1. I’ve never used Paprika, so I’m not sure. If there is a copy and paste feature, you should be able to open the file in a pdf reader and do it that way!

  6. Lisa Williams says:

    OK, so I posted a comment when I downloaded the recipes, but I had to check back in. My guys LOVED every meal that I made from the IP Freezer Meal Bootcamp. Every. Single. One. You have no idea how unusual that is! I didn’t make the ones that I knew were out of their comfort zone (kale is no longer permitted in our home after a botched juice diet fiasco, and no one except me likes curry), but they even liked the egg roll bowls (which were a huge ? in my mind because cabbage is usually a no go). THANK YOU so much for these wonderful recipes! You helped me overcome my fear of pressure cooking, and you can bet these recipes will become staples at our dinner table.

    1. I love seeing this so much! So glad you loved them.