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Probably the most awkward question I get asked is, “What do you do?” Because, for me, it's so not such a cut-and-dry answer.

I'm not a full-on stay at home mom. But I'm not a work at home mom either…what I do most definitely doesn't involve a full time schedule, so I've always felt like I was exaggerating to say I work from home. And, that answer always inevitably leads to the “oh, what field?” follow-up question.

Then, if I tell somebody I'm a blogger, they usually either look at me like I'm insane or give me that “yeah, ok” look. Because approximately nobody takes a blogging career seriously (even though there is so, so much more work to it than anyone realizes).

So, today, I thought I'd give you guys a peek into exactly what my day entails as a “Blog At Home Mom.” This is what my day looked like on Tuesday of this week…just a typical day, not really all that much going on. Every one of our days look different, and this just happened to be one of the slower days!

5:45 – Jackson wakes up to nurse. I usually put him back in the bed (and go back to bed for an hour or so myself) after this one.

7:15 – Jackson's up again, this time for the day. He always lays in bed with me for a few minutes (we're the two in the family that are ridiculously slow to wake up) while Emmie and Daddy go fix breakfast.

7:45 – Noah takes Jackson in the kitchen and I get ready. Jackson's eating breakfast (Cheerios I think?) and Emmie is too. Noah leaves about this point too.

8:15 – The kids play in the living room and I make breakfast for myself. I am not a big breakfast person at all, but I make myself at least have a smoothie every morning (and I actually enjoy that!). My go-to is a scoop of vanilla protein powder, one frozen banana, about a cup of cold coffee, and a tablespoon of PB2.

8:20 – I get Emmie and Jackson ready to go. I usually have Jackson in jammies if we're going to be home for the day and it's cold outside…he won't keep socks on to save his life, and his feet get so cold!

8:40 – We leave to take Emmie to school.

9:15 – Jackson and I make a quick Starbucks run on the way home from drop-off. I grabbed the cutest smile from him grinning at me! He has just recently realized he can see me in the mirror and gets so tickled when he does. (Car was in park, I promise.)

9:30-10 – Playtime for the two of us! This is the only time of the day I know it's just going to be me and him, and I love it. He usually either tries to open and close my laptop, cruises the couch, or tries to steal the remote.

10:05 – I usually wait until Jackson kind of gives me the sleepy cues to go down for his first nap…that's usually between 9:45-11:15. Today, it fell right in between. He started fussing and scratching his eyes, so we laid down to nurse for a minute, then he went in his room for a nap.

10:15 – This is the time I have been getting my morning cleaning routine knocked out every day. This day, I dusted, cleaned bathroom surfaces, hung up/refolded clothes, organized shoes, made beds, unloaded/reloaded the dishwasher, and decluttered for a few minutes. It normally takes me probably 30-45 minutes each morning (I have in the book that Room of the Week tasks are done at night, but it just works so much better for me to do it in the morning. One of the bonuses of this system – it's super flexible to your schedule!)

10:45 – This is my first mini work time of the day. This part of the day is reserved for the little daily tasks that have to be done – answering emails, scheduling posts for social media (this day I was promoting my new Trader Joe's post), and doing a little bit of bookkeeping. This is the work time I have each day of the week, but it's always a little different…it just depends on what little tasks have to be done that day! I'd say I normally do about an hour of work at this point in the day, then usually work one day during this naptime over the weekend.

11:20 – Jackson's up! I walk him around the house for a few minutes to wake him up and we sit down in the floor to play. He also has a snack (peanut butter yogurt).

11:35 – We're out the door to pick Emmie up from school.


12:05 – Emmie's back with us! (She wanted to show you her Skye.) She's super chatty on the way home today (she's always chatty, but this day was next level) – she is currently obsessed with YouTube toy reviews. Like, we have to peel her off the computer because she will watch them all. day. long. if we let her.

Now, she's gotten it in her mind that she wants to start a Youtube toy review channel. (I might or might not have made the mistake of telling her those reviewers get toys for free sometimes.) I'm not too sure about becoming a Youtube stage mom, but I think it could be a good learning opportunity for working hard and the behind-the-scenes effort that goes into something like this. So, Noah and I decided we're going to help her make a channel, it just has to be private (for grandparents and friends to see). But, she has to be involved in all of the work it takes to produce the videos (including planning and editing).

On the way home, she decided what toys she wants to review first, what she wants her channel to be called, and what she's going to talk about in the first video. We talked about plans for the video and what all work goes into it. This whole conversation was in a 20 minute trip home. ?

12:25 – We're home, and it's time for lunch! Jackson has leftover Cheerios, cheese slices, and banana…Emmie has a peanut butter sandwich and banana. I have leftover Instant Pot Spaghetti (promise those posts are coming next week, Instant Pot fans!) and a salad.

12:45 – This is kind of our free-for-all time of the day! Emmie's been at school all morning, so I usually let her choose what she wants to do – and it usually has to do with Disney Junior or ABCMouse.com. ๐Ÿ™‚ I'm usually busy with Jackson at this point, so she does her thing while I'm on the floor with him (or she plays with us).

1:30 – Jackson's down for his second nap. After I put him down, I like to have a little bit of one-on-one time with Emmie…it's my only chance of the day. Today, of course, we plan out her first YouTube video. I made her sit down and actually write out what she was going to talk about…

…and she had lots of ideas!

2:15 – Emmie's nap time. I read her a story first. And, just in case you think the girl that wrote the cleaning ebook always has a clean house, this is the aftermath of our morning…

2:25 – I clean that mess up quickly, and it's workout time for me!

Today, I did a PopSugar Fitness workout. I've been loving those, Fitness Marshall, and the Fitness Blender channels lately.

I am planning on joining a gym when Jackson drops his morning nap, probably sometime this summer. I miss the interaction in classes! But, right now, it just isn't possible to get him ready, get to a gym, drop him off, get into a scheduled class, and get home before he's ready for another nap. I've only got a few more months of those morning naps…I'm enjoying that while I can.

2:55 – I'm done with the workout, so I sit down for a few minutes. If I have spare time at this point in the day, I give myself a little bit of “goofing off” time, because I know Jackson will be up before long.

3:15 – Sure enough, Jackson's up. I usually lay down with him to nurse him and give him a few minutes to wake up…every once in awhile (like, maybe once every two weeks) I can get him to go back to sleep in our bed. Today was one of those days! We both rested for a while. Normally, we go in the living room and play for a little while until Emmie's up from her nap.

4:30 – Emmie wakes up from her nap, so I go on and wake Jackson up too. We all play in my bed for a few minutes, then I go get dinner started (Instant Pot Stir Fry and brown rice).

Guys, from the time I took the first picture to this one…

…was two minutes. That's all the time it took me to prep dinner today! So in love with this thing.

We all head in the living room and play for a few more minutes. Emmie draws her intro picture for her Youtube channel (can you tell what the girl's got on the brain right now? ?).

5:30 – Noah's home! He just happens to walk in about the time that dinner is ready. We all sit down to eat (Jackson has leftover yogurt, veggie sticks, and a little bit of brown rice…the rest of us eat the dinner I made).

6:00 – I go clean up dishes quickly before I have to leave. As I'm cleaning, I hear Emmie laughing and screaming, “look at Hardy!”

I've got to admit, that's some commitment. He always stands under Jackson because Jackson always drops food for him. He didn't even notice that there was yogurt spilling all over him (or if he did, he didn't care).

God bless him and his commitment to food.
6:15 – I'm out the door! This is kind of part of my Blog at Home Mom thing – a couple of nights a week, I head to Starbucks to work for a few hours. This is usually when I do bigger projects that need a little more focus – blog posts, book writing, email and course scheduling, coding or graphic work, etc.
This night, I worked on the post you're reading right now, did some revisions on my 7 Day Home Refresh Challenge (FYI – I added a fun surprise at the end for those who haven't started yet!), and wrote a recipe/grocery list for a sponsored post I have coming up. I'll get those supplies tomorrow!
This isn't an every night thing – usually only once or twice a week. I'm hoping to be able to do this at home once we build the new house (we have an awesome office in the house that's just for this!), but I've tried locking myself in the bedroom at home, and it just doesn't work (if I can hear the kids or can find something else to do, I can't concentrate). So, for the low price of a Starbucks drink, I get free refills for a few hours and a comfortable, wifi-enabled place to work. I'd say that's a pretty good set-up!

Meanwhile, Noah and Emmie were at home recording the famous Youtube video after Jackson's bedtime. This is the text I got a few minutes ago…

Never a dull moment. And guys, I can't tell you how excited I am to get home and watch that video. ๐Ÿ™‚

I do get to say goodnight to Emmie! She FaceTimed me just before she went to bed.

9:15 – I get my last refill and head home.

9:30 – I walk in and Noah's finishing up dishes and cleaning the kitchen. I help him for a few minutes, do a little bit of my nightly cleaning routine, then sit down finally! Noah and I usually get a little more time than this after the kids' bedtime, but on work nights we still try to spend a few minutes together at night just to decompress.

10:15 – I take a shower and hit the hay!

And that's just a plain old, regular day for somebody that has one of the most non-traditional jobs in the world.  While it's definitely not a normal lifestyle, I love every second of it and I'm so glad it kind of fell into my lap almost 8 years ago!

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  1. I love this…it makes my heart to see how devoted you are to your family and still have room to do what you need to with the blog. What an encouragement! I was wondering if you have a blogging schedule as far as what you do on social media each day, when you post, how you schedule your writing time, etc. Thank you!!! Oh, and the question “What do you do all day?” gets old really fast!

    1. leslieflambert says:

      I’ve had it on my editorial calendar for months to write about how I actually schedule day-to-day activities…you’ve inspired me to actually get that scheduled! Great questions.