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My Favorite (Free) Graphic-Friendly Fonts

Between designing blogs and making graphics for this blog, I've amassed quite a font collection over the years. As you design and work with these fonts, you kind of learn what looks best in certain situations.

There are fonts out there that just don't mesh well with graphics for blogs. I usually like to find one that's fairly thick, doesn't have a lot of squiggles/brush strokes, and is easy to read. What's the point of making a graphic for your site if you can't read it? You want one that immediately attracts a reader or Pinterest user. I like to use bright (but not overwhelming colors) on these. I also like to test it at multiple sizes, to make sure that, no matter what, the person that sees it will be able to read it to decide whether they want to read your post. This is usually your first impression on the reader…make it count!

I've listed a few of my favorite graphic-friendly fonts for blogs below. You can click the links below the graphics to download for free!

Lots of great graphic-friendly, free, commercial fonts!

Lots of great graphic-friendly, free, commercial fonts!

Lots of great graphic-friendly, free, commercial fonts!

Happy designing!

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  1. I cant figure out how to download the free fonts. HELPPPPPPPPP lol

    1. If you click in the links, you’ll get instructions at the individual sites! They’re a little different for each site, but all of the ones I’ve listed here are great about listing instructions.