Developmental Counting Game with Goldfish® Crackers

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In the past several months, Emma Ramey has really shown us that the moments she values most are those where we are totally engaged with her.

She absolutely loves the one-on-one attention. Whether we're playing board games as a family, creating a craft for Daddy on a lazy Friday morning, or making dinner together, she loves being a helper, and loves feeling like we're doing something together.

So, I've really tried to make it a priority to come up with new & creative activities we can do together. Bonus points if I can come up with something that allows us to be engaged while she's learning. Even more bonus points if I can use things from around our home to create the activity. I'm really channeling my teacher side with these activities…and it's really a lot of fun!

My latest creation is a super easy counting activity. If you're like me, you have a billion leftover plastic Easter eggs around the house. I decided that, instead of chucking them in the trash, I'd use them for an educational and fun toddler activity!

I filled a dozen of the standard size plastic eggs with varying numbers of Pepperidge Farm® Goldfish® crackers. The first egg had 1 Goldfish cracker, the 2nd had two, so on, and so forth. Then, I mixed them up in a basket.

I wrote numbers 1-12 in the inside of a leftover egg carton with a marker.

Emma Ramey then had to match the number of Goldfish crackers in her eggs to the number in the carton. She counted the Goldfish crackers and told us how many she counted. We helped her match that number to the number in the carton.

Great developmental counting game with leftover Easter eggs and Goldfish crackers!

At her age, this is definitely something with which Mommy and Daddy still have to help… and that's great, it encourages a lot of interaction and dialogue! It also helps with number sense and counting. Most importantly, it gives us a moment to have a lot of fun with her. And this didn't cost a penny – I had all of these things around the house already.

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