Carrots for the Easter Bunny Plate

What mom doesn't love a good holiday craft?

Such a cute idea for a kids handmade Carrots for the Easter Bunny Plate - made with acrylic paint and sharpies!
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A couple of weeks ago, Emma Ramey and I made a plate just for The Easter Bunny to use when he visits us each year! We'll fill it up with his favorite treats the night before Easter…I hear he's a big fan of carrots.

It was a fun, inexpensive craft that we mostly made in one afternoon.

If you want to make a Carrots for the Easter Bunny Plate too, you'll need…

-a ceramic plate (I found this one at the dollar store)
-pencil and pen
-several colors of enamel acrylic paint (available at craft stores, right next to standard acrylic paint bottles…should say glass/ceramic safe on the bottle)
-sponge brushes (round for polka dots, straight for nose/ears on bunny)

showing back of lettering paper covered in pencil marks.

Step 1:

Print the wording for your plate on standard printer paper in the font of your choice (I'd recommend something not too curly or textured…just FYI, the one I used is called Creative Block). Cut out words and color the back of the paper with a pencil.

plate with lettering paper taped on.

Step 2:

Tape your words to the plate. If you're putting the wording around the edge like I did, I'd recommend separating the words every 2-3 letters or so to follow the curve of the plate.

tracing over paper with a pen.
Step 3:
Go over the outline of the letters with a pen or pencil. Press hard so you transfer some of the pencil marking from underneath the paper onto the plate.
peeling off paper with pencil marks.
It's kind of hard to see in this picture, but you should see a faint outline of your letters from where you pressed with the pen. This will be the outline you use to write in your letters.
using a sharpie to add lettering to plate.
Step 4:
Fill in the lettering you made with the pencil. Careful not to wipe off your outline as you write! I'm a lefty, so I worked from right to left to avoid this.
white plate with carrots for the easter bunny plate lettering.
plate with pink bunny handprint and polka dots.
Step 5:
Here's where you'll need your toddler assistant. Have him/her dip one hand, minus the thumb, in the enamel paint color of your choice. Help them separate their middle and ring fingers (so make the Dr. Spock hand sign) and press firmly into the plate.
Decorate around the bunny with polka dots, using the round sponge brush. I also thought using the kids' thumb prints might be cute instead, but my particular helper was over having paint on her hands by that point. 🙂
Let dry for 3-4 hours.
little girl holding carrots for the easter bunny plate.
Step 6:
Using another shade of enamel paint, draw in the bunny's ears and nose. Use the Sharpie to draw the eyes, whiskers, and mouth.
putting carrots for the easter bunny plate in the oven.
Step 7:
Let the plate completely dry for 48 hours. Then, place in a cool oven and turn it on to 325 degrees. Bake for 30 minutes once oven gets to 325. Turn oven off, and let it cool in the oven.
(If eating off of this plate, I would seal the plate…more information here.)
And you're done! Such a cute craft that is one of those forever kind of keepsakes. You'll always get to remember how tiny those hands used to be. It was an inexpensive craft (everything together was under $10)…plus, it's functional. The bunny's got to eat too!
Happy Easter everyone!

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