Our Tailgating Favorites

Today’s post is sponsored by Sam’s Club, but my love for their tailgating and football season is all my own!

The past couple of football seasons have been a little bit different in our family. When we lived in Tuscaloosa, we were right in the middle of all the excitement. We were used to tailgating on the Quad every weekend, and had a ton of fun doing it!

But now, football seasons are a little bit more laid back. We still like to tailgate, but it's at home and 3 hours away from the action now. Is it strange that I might like this kind of tailgating just as much? It kind of takes some of the fuss out of it and concentrates on the fun.

Here are a few of our favorites tailgating items, whether we're right in the middle of the action or celebrating at home!

-A good, quick dip recipe: I love having an easy recipe to take to tailgates that is both delicious and easy to put together. Here's one: mix 1 block Kraft Velveeta with 1 can Hormel Chili. Microwave in 3-4 minute increments until cheese is melted, and mix well. Top the mixture with another can of chili and cheddar cheese, and bake until cheese is melted. Serve with tortilla chips. Easy and such a crowd pleaser!
A sturdy canopy tent: These things were absolutely everywhere when we tailgated on the quad. It's so important to get a sturdy one…you're going to be using it lots! These are great for beach trips and outdoor afternoons too. You can see Sam's Club's full line here, just click on Canopies!

An easy-to-transport grill: The last thing you want to do is lug a huge grill from your car to your tailgate area…what a pain! This is a great quality one that's portable.

-Something to stay hydrated: Tuscaloosa, Alabama is HOT throughout a good half of football season, and it's really easy to not drink enough fluids to take care of yourself while tailgating! We kept a supply of things like Powerade in our coolers.

-Comfortable chairs: I've seen many, many kinds of tailgating chairs throughout the years, but the one pictured above has to be my favorite! Make sure yours has a cup holder and folds up easily…when you're breaking down 10-15 of these at a time, you'll thank yourself for that. (You can find that one under “Tailgating Furniture” at this link.)

A good slow cooker: The easiest thing to do for a tailgating recipe is to find one you can put in a slow cooker and just forget about. I prefer to spend time with friends, rather than worrying about what we're eating. The recipe I put up above is perfect for that! (Isn't the one above awesome? I'm kind of in love. It has a rice steaming option and holds up to 20 cups of cooked food!)

A Smart TV: This is definitely something for the at-home tailgating experience (although I've seen these on the quad). It's so nice to have a Smart TV that allows you to not only watch the game, but check social media and other scores too! This one is also 3D…how cool does it sound to watch the game in 3D?

Alright, what am I missing? What are your favorite tailgating items?


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