Toddler Summertime Essentials

Babies require a lot of stuff, don't they? Ok, maybe they don't require all of the stuff…it's the adults that need it. But that stuff sure does make life with a little one a whole lot easier!
We're slowly learning what we need for summertime fun around here. These are a few of our favorites!

1. Swimways Baby Spring Float Sun Canopy – We have used this the past two summers, and I'm sad to say that Emma Ramey has outgrown it this year (but she's a big toddler – most 2 years olds could probably get away with it!). It's a great pool float for babies that aren't swimming yet. It has a canopy to shade the sun that can be detached.

2. Clip-On Stroller Fan – If it's hot (HOT) for y'all like it is here, this is essential. I like this one because it has foam blades, so a little less harsh if the baby touches it. Plus, it's not very expensive!

3. Coppertone Kids Continuous Spray Sunscreen – I don't know that we could do summer without this one – it might be my favorite thing on this list. Regular lotion sunscreen takes next to forever to put on Emma Ramey – I would honestly give up half the time if I had to lotion her up every time. This goes on so quickly and protects her in the sun too!

4. Huggies Little Swimmers Diapers – This kind of sounds like a given, but just in case you've never used a regular diaper in the pool/water…don't. Those fun little crystals go everywhere and just make a mess. These are a much better option!

5. Melissa & Doug Seaside Sidekicks Sand Baking Set – I love that this little sand kit not only includes fun beach toys, but actually integrates a little bit of imagination into the play.

6. Puddle Jumper – This is another absolute must for us in the summer. Emma Ramey wasn't big on it last year, but has adapted very well this year. She's actually able to float independently (with us supervising like hawks, of course) with this on!

7. Water Blaster Gun – Super fun water gun that toddlers can actually use! I don't know about y'all, but Emma Ramey just hasn't mastered the “gun technique”…those fine motor skills just aren't there to shoot a gun yet. This is much easier! I don't have a link for this one because I couldn't find it on the Walmart website, but my Walmart actually had these for $1 each this week!

8. Pool Shoes – It is a royal pain to have to fasten a toddler into a pair of shoes every single time they want to play with anything related to water. Not to mention that water isn't so great for most kind of shoes. That's why I like these…they're easy to put on and water-safe!

9. UV Protection Sunglasses (pictured unavailable – similar here)- I love this pair of glasses because it offers 100% UV protection and they're not super expensive. I think they're really cute without being too cutesy.

What are your favorites for summer?



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