Cartwheel 101

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I've heard a lot of buzz lately on social media about Target's new Cartwheel program. Simply put, it's a great way to save on things you probably already buy at Target…but there's really so much more to it than that. Since there is a Target less than a mile from our new home, I thought I'd do a little bit more research into how much I could save with Cartwheel!

What is it? What do I need to use it?

Cartwheel is a new idea by Target that has over 700 in-store coupons for Target. Contrary to popular belief, you don't have to use it on a smartphone…in addition to the iPhone and Droid apps, you can also use it on a mobile web device, tablet, or a plain ol' desktop computer (printable coupons). If you have the Droid or iPhone apps, you can scan any item you're buying in store to see if there are current Cartwheel offers…pretty cool!

How Do I Log In?

You can either log into the Cartwheel app with your Facebook login or login info. But don't worry – if you login with Facebook, but don't want all of your offers posted all over Facebook, you do have the option to post your offers to a private section that will keep them…well…private.
How Do I Use It?

So simple!

Open your Cartwheel app, and select Browse on the left side.

Then, select the category you'd like to browse. (Savings on baby items is obviously a high priority in
this house.)

Select an offer you'd like to add to your Cartwheel account. (That 10% off up & up Diapers caught my eye – we love those around here!)

Select add, and that's it!

Go back to “My Cartwheel” on the left side, and you'll see your unique barcode. All offers you select will be loaded onto this one barcode…just scan it once when you're checking out, and your discounts will be applied to all eligible products you're buying.

Nitty Gritty Coupon Rules

Alright, here's the info that all of the couponers out there are wondering…

-Coupon Stacking – Good news…you can use Cartwheel offers on top of any other Target discounts or coupons, manufacturer coupons, and/or REDcard discount! That sounds like big savings!

-Multi-Use Policy – You can use the same deal on up to 4 items per transaction, and can scan your Cartwheel account up to 6 times a day. So, let's take a bottle of Diet Coke for example. If there's a deal on 1 bottle of Diet Coke, you can buy up to 4 in a single transaction, scan the coupon once, and get the deal on all 4 bottles. Then, you can go back up to 6 total times in a day to do that again…so you can get the deal on up to 24 bottles in one day. That's a pretty lenient multi-use policy!

Other Features

-You start out with 10 spots on your offer list (so you can get 10 offers at a time). As you use Cartwheel, you will be awarded badges for reaching savings milestones ($10, $25, $50, etc.), interacting with Cartwheel (like adding an offer from a collection to your list), and via social sharing (an invited friend who joins Cartwheel). For each badge that is earned, a new spot on your Cartwheel list is opened.

-Cartwheel collections is another fun feature of the program – these are curated lists of offers that are specially designed for shoppers who are looking for specific items (grocery, women's apparel, baby items, etc.). If you're in the market for something specific, you might want to check these lists out!
I hope y'all can use Cartwheel to learn a little bit more about a fun app and save a few dollars next time you're at Target!

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