2013, In Review

Where in the world did this year go? It feels like we just welcomed 2013…and I was just thinking “where in the world did 2012 go?” I guess time flies when you're having fun. And we definitely are!

Here's what happened in our 2013…


We started the year very low-key (as most new parents do). We celebrated the national championship towards the beginning of the month. Emma Ramey had several firsts, including her first snow day. She also turned 10 months old.


We did a few home improvement projects around the house. There was lots of celebrating for Valentine's Day, and we prepped for Emma Ramey's birthday. She also turned 11 months this month.


Emma Ramey took her first steps on Valentine's Day, but really started walking this month! We got some use out of an old item, and most importantly, Emma Ramey turned 1! We celebrated the weekend before her actual birthday. A few blog friends filled in for me with a great mommy series that week.


We celebrated Easter at the beginning of the month. Emma Ramey had her 1 year appointment, and I tried my hand at a garden…unsuccessfully, again. Emma Ramey really started talking, and we soaked up Spring! I also finished up a big project I've always wanted to do, my sorority t-shirt quilt.


Noah described me as only Noah could. I started what has been a really fun series for my blog, Create It Thursday! We got to spend time with family we don't see very often, and I celebrated my second Mother's Day. Our huge project of the month was re-sodding our yard…ourselves.


I talked about a great reminder of Emma Ramey. We celebrated Father's Day and had a great beach trip! Emma Ramey was 15 months old this month.


Noah turned 29 at the beginning of the month, and we put our house on the market! I talked about feeling a little less pressured to put every single detail on the blog. I turned 28, and we spent a weekend in New Orleans to celebrate. Emma Ramey was growing and changing so quickly!


I talked about the ups and downs of selling our home ourselves. Emma Ramey had another round of teething. We went to my 10 year high school reunion, I talked about being out of teaching, and I reminisced about football season.


This was a big month for us! We put our house on the market with a realtor (the same day Emma Ramey had her first emergency doctor visit). We had our last beach trip of the summer. Noah started a new job toward the end of the month! We missed him while he was gone for training. Emma Ramey was 18 months old.


At the beginning of the month, we announced that we were moving to Mississippi! We adjusted to a few months of living with the in-laws and really started loving our new surroundings. Emma Ramey made a very cute piggy before and on Halloween. 🙂


Emma Ramey put up a fight as she started staying away from me more and more (she's better now!). We went to Alabama for the LSU game. We also celebrated Thanksgiving in Alabama!


We started a different kind of Christmas season. Noah and I celebrated six years of marriage and had lots of fun with Christmas with a toddler. Emma Ramey really started talking more! We went to Alabama for Christmas and braved the stomach virus.

I really absolutely cannot wait to see what 2014 has in store for us…I have a feeling it's a lot! This has been an uncertain, leap of faith kind of year for us…and I couldn't be happier with our decision. Life is very good right now!

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Happy New Year Everyone! I can't thank y'all enough for sticking with this sometimes random, sometimes boring, sometimes wild little blog of mine. It's one of my most fun hobbies and I even though I think it's a little crazy that y'all care at all about it, I'm so thankful!

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