Father’s Day Gifts

This list of Father’s Day Gifts has unique gifts from kids, wife, and even friends. Simple and thoughtful small gifts for even the dad who wants nothing!
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**UPDATED: You can now check out my 101 Unique Father's Day Gift Ideas here!***

We are officially in the home stretch for Father's Day gifts. If you haven't ordered a present for your favorite dad, this is the week!
I'm going to be honest…I don't get guys. I just don't. Some of the things they're into are just foreign to me. But, I have observed the men in my life…here's a Father's Day Gift Guide of things they've received over the years and have just loved…or things I think are just cool!
1. iPad Aluminum Keyboard Case Holder and Stand
If your husband/dad is a little bit of a tech nerd (cough cough Noah Lambert), this would be amazing. It has a built-in keyboard for the iPad (one of Noah's biggest complaints that it's missing), and offers a sturdy cover. Would be great for the traveler too! 
2. Personalized Money Clip
Noah has a money clip that he bought on our honeymoon…he has never used a wallet, just this clip! A personalized one would be such a special touch.
3. Long-Range Grill Thermometer
I had never heard of this until I was researching this post…what a cool idea! It lets you know what temperature you're grill is at from up to 300 feet away. 
Have a dad that loves to grill/cook and loves beer? This is the perfect idea without having to actually give him a 6-pack! This includes a few marinades, sauces, and mustards with beer flavor.
5. Bluegrass Whiskey Barrel
Ok, I'm going off of what Noah has told me – apparently you can age whiskey in this. He received one as a groomsmen gift and is absolutely obsessed with it.
6. Kabob Grill Baskets
This is a really cool idea – instead of using kabobs on the grill (and risking your food falling off), just put your meat/veggies in these little baskets and grill. Much easier, and these are reusable!
7. Magazine Subscription
One of the great things about technology these days is that magazine subscriptions are available in print or on your favorite reader! Men's Health is always a great option – GQ and Esquire are also good ones.
8. Indoor Putting Green
Got a golfer in your life? This would be wonderful! Includes lake and sand trap feature, and an automatic ball return.
9. Digital Picture Frame
Most guys are not all about changing out picture frames. My husband, for example, still has our faded engagement picture in his office…from 6 years ago. So, I got him a digital picture frame a couple of years ago…it's a great way for them to keep updated pictures in their office!
10. Smart Light Bulb
Ok, another cool idea I found while researching this post – this light bulb can be programmed with a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone to turn on and off! It has a built-in timer and dimmer, and can be used outdoors.
**Please note: I occasionally have to change links in this post as products are discontinued/sold out; products in top picture are similar but might not be the exact same items.**
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xo, Leslie

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