Year In Review 2010

This is a post that has been a long time in the making. It definitely won't go down as the best year of our lives, but it might just mean the most.

January – The year started off great! Alabama won the national championship on December 7th. On the same day, we had a snow day (which are just about my favorite days of the year). It was a fun month!

February – In a rare double dose of snow days, we had our second one the Friday before Valentine's day.

March-April – Same ol', same ol'. Really nothing too interesting in these months, just living life! I knew life was about to get exciting though…

May – I finished my first year of teaching. We went to Gulf Shores a few weeks after the oil spill…with no oil in sight! That was also the weekend I had a pretty TDAP vaccine, and though I was dying. We started getting ready for the trip of our lives at the end of the month!

June – At the very beginning of the month, we went on the best vacation of our lives…Alaska! Now I can tell you that this was meant to be our “baby-moon.” 🙂  We had no idea what was about to hit us though. I came back from Alaska, not pregnant (much to my shock…), and finished teaching summer school. We went to Noah's hometown, Hattiesburg, at the end of the month.

July – We started the month in Hattiesburg. Noah turned 26 on the 4th, and I turned 25 on the 15th. I was very disappointed when I didn't find out on my birthday that I was pregnant (which is what I thought would happen all along). I wish I could sit down and have a good long talk with that girl. 🙂  We went on a trip to New Orleans at the end of the month, just as a end-of-summer vacation.

August – I was getting ready to head back to school. We found out Noah's brother and his wife were expecting. I also found out around mid-August that I was not pregnant again. This is the point where I started to get kind of sad about it all. Once again, wish I could have a chat with that girl. 🙂  Alabama started their football season at the end of the month.

September – The first week of the month was work, work, work. On September 10th, I took a pregnancy test, and found out I was pregnant. From the beginning, we had trouble with the pregnancy, but I was hopeful (even if only in the back of my mind, sometimes) that this would be our take-home baby. It was a very trying time though – I did everything I knew to do to save the pregnancy, which took a lot out of me (emotionally and physically). On the last day of this month, we had an ultrasound that showed our 6 week, 3 day pregnancy measuring 5 weeks, 5 days. Even though our doctor was hopeful that our dates were just off,  my instinct knew that this was over.

October – The first week of October was incredibly trying. We were basically in limbo for a week on whether or not our child would survive. On October 7th, I went in for another ultrasound to see if the baby had grown sufficiently. Unfortunately, it had not. I had a D&C later that day to quicken an inevitable miscarriage. The rest of the month was just really spent trying to cope with what had happened. There was a lot of crying and a lot of praying, I assure you. Everybody in our lives assured us it was a fluke event, and would never happen again.

November – Just kind of a continuation of October. It was just an incredibly sad time. I found an awesome sale on baby stuff early in the month, and bought several of our big items…and cried the whole way home. It slowly did get easier to deal with everything though, and we went to Gatlinburg at the end of the month (this is all I blogged about this one – I just haven't been able to bring myself to write about it anymore, for personal reasons).

December – On December 3rd, I got the test that told me our nightmare was over…I was pregnant again. I had the same problems I did with my first pregnancy, but I was hopeful that it was just a coincidence. That was a Friday – by the next Tuesday, I tested negative in a doctor's office. I was absolutely devastated. I actually miscarried on our 3rd wedding anniversary, December 8th. This was the point we began to pursue testing for why we were miscarrying. On December 27th, we met with a RE, and had extensive testing done (still waiting to hear back from most of that). We are very hopeful that this is our key to a healthy pregnancy!

Like I said, this was an incredibly trying year, but it was also a year where we learned so, so much. I know I will take so much out of 2010, I just don't know what yet. I'm so hopeful that 2011 is our lucky year!


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