Stuffed Portabello Mushrooms

I got an awesome deal on Portabello mushrooms at a grocery store that's going out of business yesterday, so I thought I'd make stuffed mushrooms for dinner. I normally don't blog about every little thing I eat, but these things are just so freaking good that I had to share.

Here's the recipe (it changes like the weather though, because I'm still tweaking it):

6-12 large Portabello Mushroom caps, with the stems removed (or 2 lbs. mini white button mushrooms, stems removed)
1 pack light cream cheese
1 pack frozen spinach (thawed in the microwave)
1lb. sausage (I use the HOT kind!)
1 egg
3 cups sharp cheddar cheese
salt, pepper, garlic powder, and Tony Chachere's (cajun seasoning) to taste

Brown the sausage, and reserve 1/3 of the grease. Set aside. In the sausage grease, fry the mushroom caps a couple of minutes, until softened. Arrange on a cookie sheet or a casserole dish.

In a bowl, mix the browned sausage, cream cheese, drained spinach (drain well, or it will be watery), egg, 2 cups of the cheese and seasoning in a bowl.

Here's where it gets messy.

Using a spoon and your hand, stuff the upright mushroom caps. You just have to use your hand to do it. I'm a clean freak, but it's just one of those things…

Bake the mushroom caps for 30 minutes at 350 degrees. Then, top with the rest of the cheese and bake another 10-15 minutes.

And you'll get this deliciousness.

If you have any stuffing leftover (which I always do), you can bake it like a casserole along with the mushrooms. You know, only if you want to eat all of it, straight out of the oven, still in it's casserole dish.

Like I just did.

Does that sound good or what? I'm kind of excited! Enjoy!


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  1. JobandBrittany says:

    this looks great!! mushrooms are delicious!!

  2. I am Harriet says:

    Wish I could try one- they look wonderful! Stopping by via the blog hop to check out your recipe.

  3. Just hopping by to say hi!