101 Pandemic Friendly Stocking Stuffers & Small Gifts

This list of over 100 small gifts / stocking stuffers is perfect during a pandemic! This quarantine collection has ideas for women and men…even a few ideas for kids or teachers.

This list of over 100 small gifts / stocking stuffers is perfect during a pandemic! This quarantine collection has ideas for women and men…even a few ideas for kids or teachers.

Guys, I had to.

I've done a stocking stuffer post for every year for the past 8 years…and what has defined this year more than the Coronavirus pandemic? As of this publish date, we're still knee-deep in dealing with the crisis. I couldn't think of a better theme for this year's stocking stuffer post than pandemic-friendly gifts. (And please don't think I'm making light of the situation with this post – it's very serious. I'm just acknowledging that we're in a new normal and gift giving might look a little different right now.)

As it turns out, there are a ton of kind of funny (and pretty useful) pandemic small gifts now available. These range from having fun (and staying sane) at home to essentials we need to be safe when around others. There are a few things we all need now that weren't necessary a year ago. It's the perfect time to gift all of the new things we need (and a few we might want) in this new era.

(Of course, please follow disease expert recommendations when trying to avoid the virus. I am SO not a doctor. 🙂 )

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Let's take a look at 101 Pandemic Small Gifts that are perfect for stocking stuffers!

  1. Germ Nerd
  2. Stress Ball
  3. Mask Lanyards
  4. Quarantine Wine Glass
  5. Good Morning Zoom
  6. Mask Strap Extenders
  7. Digital Thermometer
  8. When The World Is Sick
  9. Face Shield
  10. Mask Earrings
  11. I Miss Your Face Candle
  12. Immunocompromised Buttons
  13. Beard Mask
  14. Finding Christ in the Crisis book
  15. Airplane Seat Covers
  16. Microban Sanitizing Spray
  17. Blue Light Blocking Glasses
  18. Masks
  19. Stress Check Clean Hands
  20. Vaccination Card Keychain
  21. Big Hug Token
  22. Sanistrap
  23. Dr. Fauci Mug
  24. 2020 Dumpster Fire
  25. Bath Tea
  26. Not Today Rona Shirt
  27. Uber Eats Gift Card
  28. Stressballs Gummies
  29. My Last Nerve Candle
  30. Covid Wine Glass
  31. From My Window book
  32. Quarantine Survival Cup
  33. Mask Nose Shapers
  34. Dumpster Fire Socks
  35. Essential Employee Mug
  36. Mask Hanger
  37. Covid Isn't Fair
  38. Shopping Cart Keys
  39. 2020 Swizzle Stick
  40. Mask Keychain
  41. “Because Homeschooling” Tumbler
  42. Donation to Local Food Bank
  43. Virus Tie
  44. PPE Mini Kits
  45. Sanitizing Light
  46. Crayola Kids Hand Sanitizing Gel
  47. School In The Time of Coronavirus
  48. Mask Washing Bag
  49. No-Touch Openers
  50. 52 Essential Coping Skills
  51. Covid Checklist Tote Bag
  52. Mask Head Straps
  53. Quarantine Bingo Card
  54. 20 Second Hand Wash Timer
  55. The Coronavirus Prevention Handbook
  56. No-Fog Glasses Spray
  57. Car Air Purifier
  58. Stop Virus Stickers
  59. Quaranteacher Sticker
  60. “Color Me” Kids' Face Mask
  61. Covid Trophy
  62. Dad Jokes: Social Distancing, Toilet Paper, and Quarantine Laughs
  63. Virus-Shaped Ice Molds
  64. Hand Sanitizing Wipes
  65. Missing You Necklace
  66. Covid Cookie Cutter
  67. Wine and Label
  68. Face Mask Case
  69. Maskfone
  70. Sending Good Vibes Candle
  71. Beaded Lanyard
  72. Face Shields
  73. Fauci Socks
  74. Reindeer Webcam Cover
  75. 50 Fun Things To Do At Home
  76. No Tear Toilet Paper
  77. Phone Sanitizer
  78. Calming Bath Salts
  79. Pandemic Survival Tool
  80. “I Was Social Distancing Before It Was Cool” Shirt
  81. Chill Essential Oil Roll-On
  82. Mask Pins
  83. Coronavirus Adult Coloring Book
  84. Teacher Ear Saver Button
  85. Hand Sanitizer Keychain
  86. Heated Neck Massager
  87. Happy Quarantine Christmas!
  88. Microbes Washi Tape
  89. Liquor Minis
  90. Personalized Puzzle
  91. Lockdown Diary
  92. Head Massager
  93. COVID-19: The Great Reset
  94. Mask Holder Headbands
  95. “Oh, The Places You Can't Go!”
  96. Clear Mask
  97. Car Mask Hooks
  98. Uno
  99. Child's Informational Book
  100. Fiber Optic Mask
  101. Mask Support Inserts

I hope you all have a wonderful, safe Christmas!

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