Monday, May 8, 2017

Four Creative Wedding Gift Ideas

Thanks to Moen for sponsoring this blog post! My love of their gorgeous items is 100% my own.

Wedding season is upon us, so let's talk wedding registries today.  I feel like there is so much to think about when you start planning a wedding registry...every newly-engaged couple should have a crash course on what they will and won't need in their home.  Of course, it varies from family to family, but I think there are a few items that might not be obvious at first, but are so, so necessary.

When it comes to wedding gifts, I am kind of particular about what I like to give the happy couple.  I want to give gifts that they might not have initially thought of and that they will actually use in their new home.  I know that, when I registered for our wedding (back in the dark ages, before blogs and Pinterest were even a thing), there were so many things that I thought we would use...but haven't touched in the ten years I've had them.  So, even though I like to give unique items, I want them to be personal gifts that the recipient(s) will love!

How about we take a look at 4 Unique & Functional Gift Ideas...

Instant Pot Duo - I know, I know...I go on and on about this thing. But you know how, 20 years ago, everybody and their mother gifted slow cookers for wedding presents?  I have a feeling this thing is quickly going to take over that role.  In addition to slow cooking, it can pressure cook, sauté, make yogurt, steam, and more!  I use it almost daily (if you haven't noticed by now...).

Moen Magnetix Rainshower Combo - Not only is this something that the couple will use every day (at least I hope so 🤣), but it's a nice little way to pamper them at a time when they're just getting started in their home!  This is a gorgeous brushed nickel piece that is spot-resistant and has 6 settings.  Each shower head can even flow separately and can be paused momentarily if needed.

Toaster Oven - This is one of those things that you think you'll never use...then use you it daily.  It's so much easier to pop something little in the toaster oven, rather than trying to heat up a whole oven (and making your house miserable in the summer)!  We cook everything from toast to pizzas in our toaster oven.  I'm kind of particular about what can stay on my kitchen counter, but this is most definitely a fixture.

Favorite Board Game, like Monopoly - At some point, every single home will need a classic board game!  I love the idea of giving the couple something that will bring so many happy memories and can be used by the couple (and possibly future children) for many years.

Tell me - if you're married, what was your favorite wedding gift?  I'd love to get a few new ideas!