Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Ultimate Planning Notebook Add-On: Doctor Visits Printable (and a sale!)

Doctor Visit Printable || free planner || Ultimate Planning Notebook || medical tracker for kids

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It's so that time of the year for us.

Since both of my babies have spring birthdays, a lot of our doctor visits just naturally kind of fall within the next month for us.  I think, with all 4 of us combined, we have 6 check ups in the next few weeks. You'd think I'd try to spread those out a little, but no...every year I forget to stagger them.

So, if you're anything like me, you need some kind of way to organize all of the info you get at these doctor appointments!  I love using Evernote to scan in our print-outs from doctor visits.  That way, I can easily search for stats, developmental milestones, etc. from my computer or phone!  So much easier than scanning pieces of paper (or keeping up with tons of pieces of paper, for that matter).  I detail a little bit more on how I use Evernote to organize papers in this post.

But, sometimes you just need a quick way to jot down a few important notes about your visit.  Ultimate Planning Notebook to the rescue! 😁 Long-time readers will know that this is my collection of (free!) planner printables.  We're now up to 16 different pages that you can use to make your own planner! (And that's not counting my Ultimate Blog Planning Notebook collection.)

Doctor Visit Printable || free planner || Ultimate Planning Notebook || medical tracker for kids

Click here to download your free copy!

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