Friday, March 17, 2017

Our Forever Home: Bed, Bath, Laundry Choices

The new house is coming right along!  I've been documenting it over on Instagram, but I haven't done a great job of sharing on the blog.  I'm hoping to get a building update done in the next week or much has happened since my last post about it (spoiler: we actually have building progress)! In the meantime, you can check out the hashtag #LambertsGoHome for all of the updates.

In my last post about our design choices, I covered the living and kitchen areas of the home.  I thought I'd dive into bed, bath, and laundry choices today!  Of course, they are pretty similar to everywhere else in the home, but I have a few ideas for these areas that I'm so excited to share.

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We have a main-level master suite and laundry room in this house.  Since there are bedrooms on both levels, we decided on a main-level laundry room to prevent any 2nd floor leaking/water damage if something ever happens to the washer (speaking of washers, we are still trying to decide on one...if you have a washer/dryer you love, help!).

I'm also going to cover a teeny tiny bit of the 2nd floor in this post.  If you read my last post, I've really debated whether or not to share the kids' area.  I'm still not going to share their rooms, but I have so many fun ideas for the playroom area that I couldn't not at least give y'all a peek!  Our playroom is right up the stairs (which are in the 2-story foyer).

Let's start with the Master Suite downstairs...

Neutral Paint Scheme || Perfect Greige || Comfort Gray || Amazing Gray || Spalding Gray || Sherwin Williams || Farmhouse Paint Ideas

I posted this in the last design post, but it carries into this one as well.  I'm still trying to decide between a few neutral taupe colors for the majority of the house...Amazing Gray, Perfect Greige, and Pavillon Beige (not pictured) are on the short list.  I kind of want to see how they look on the actual walls before I decide, but you get the idea...a medium gray/taupe color is what I want.

That medium gray/taupe color will be on the walls in most of the house, including the kitchen/family room area, halls, office, loft (see below), and master bedroom.  For the bathrooms and laundry room, I'm almost 100% sure I want to use Comfort Gray (though I did see Oyster Bay in a house a couple of weeks ago and it was gorgeous!).

We will also be continuing the A&M LVP in Majestic Oak throughout the first floor (yes, even in the bath/laundry areas)!  It's a really pretty (but not too dark) wood tone that is water-resistant and so easy to clean.  I'm more excited about this flooring than just about any other design feature in the's so easy to maintain and so soft under your feet!  It is the perfect combination of warm/homey and higher-end finish too.

Let's move on to lighting...

I mentioned in the last post that I am a pretty big recessed lighting fan.  That's what we'll be using in most places throughout the house for the main source of lighting (those are shown on the plan with the "Rs").  But, of course, there are a couple of different options in these areas as well!

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We'll be using ceiling fans in all of the bedrooms (duh...we live in the south...absolutely and totally necessary 10 months out of the year!).  The master bedroom fan is #1 above (it matches the living room) and the other ones will be #4 (simple, basic...we have these in our current home and they're really pretty!).  We chose to do sconces in the master bath on either side of both Noah's and my mirror.  And I think I already showed the lights for the half bath, but I had to show them off again...I love that they're a little rustic! (So much that I'm thinking about using them in the other bathrooms upstairs instead of the #5 I previously chose.)

Now, for the master bath....guys, I am so excited about this area.

For years (I'm pretty sure from the time we got married), Noah and I have said that our forever home would have a huge shower.  So, when we were making edits to the floor plan and budget, one of the non-negotiables was this huge, awesome walk-in shower!  You can see it at the top left of this image.  It will have both a traditional & rain shower head and a seat area.  We decided to not have a door on this one (no more cleaning glass shower doors! 🙌🏻).  I was actually really inspired by Melissa's shower in the home she built a few years ago.  That's kind of been my vision for this space ever since she shared it!  Our tile will be a similar color to hers as well (I can't remember the name, but we have already picked it out).

Our tub can be found will be between our sinks and feature bronze fixtures.  We debated whether or not to put the fixtures on the front, but I'm really glad we decided to kind of keep them out of the way in the back.

Bathroom Cabinet Color Scheme || Neutral Color Scheme || Bronze Fixtures || White Galaxy Granite|| Agreeable Gray || Sherwin Williams || Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas

Drawer Pulls: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4

Our bathroom/laundry cabinets are going to be pretty consistent throughout the house (except for the half bath, where we'll have a pedestal sink similar to this one).  These match the kitchen cabinets in color and the granite is very similar - it's a composite granite, so it was an easy way to save a little bit of money in the budget while still getting that pretty granite look.

And speaking of laundry room... of the biggest design requests I had in this space is to integrate these laundry basket storage cabinets!  How awesome does that look for family laundry organization? They will be to the right of the washer and dryer.

I'm also planning on having a hanging rack above the washer and dryer.  It just looks so convenient!

The only change from this plan is that we'll have a little space opposite of the sink for our smaller deep freezer (similar size here).  We use it so much (if you don't believe me...see this post) that it definitely needs a space inside the house.

And last but not least, the loft area!

Like I said, this is right at the top of the stairs and will be the kids' playroom for now.  We plan on making it into kind of a hangout/sleepover area as they get older (one of my childhood friends had this and I always loved it).  This way, we can still kind of keep an eye on the kids from downstairs, but they still have their own area!

I have big plans a couple of the walls in the loft.  I think it would be so fun to use magnetic primer and chalkboard paint...maybe even a Lego wall.  Those plans aren't 100% in stone yet, but I have so many fun thoughts running through my head for this space!

I'll have to change the layout a little bit from our current is about the same length but actually about 2' more narrow (and will require a walkway to get to the kids' rooms).  I'm planning on maybe going a little bit more vertical with the toy storage (and parting ways with a few more toys...they just keep multiplying!).  I'm thinking about changing out our current bookshelf for something that hangs on the wall as well.

So, many ideas!  It's all starting to come together and I can't tell you how exciting it is to see the (many) visions you've had for years come to life!

I'm hoping to have that building update ready in the next few weeks.  In the meantime, follow along over on Instagram for a few sneak peeks!

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Happy Friday, friends!