Friday, March 24, 2017

Home Tour - Kitchen

Can I have a little bit of a honest moment?  I'm going to be SO glad to see this post published.

Here's the deal: this post has been on my calendar to write for at least 6 months now.  I just kept pushing it back, and back, and back (even after I mentioned writing about it weeks ago in my newsletter...I thought it would actually make me do it.  It didn't.).  

I've documented the spaces in the rest of our current home throughout the time we've lived here.   This house wasn't decorated overnight, so I've kind of just done it as I finished each space.  I've discussed before why I don't document my kids' rooms on the blog (they deserve a little bit of privacy and a space that is their own, in my opinion), but the rest of the rooms are basically all here.  You can see our living room all decked out in Christmas decorations, our playroom (and how I organized it), our guest bedroom (before it became Jackson's bedroom), and even our master bedroom.

So really, the kitchen is the last area of the house that I need to share.  I want to have it on the blog to have a memory of it when we move into the new house in a few months (and because I'm kind of weird about that kind of stuff and can't stand for there to be a gap in what I've shared).

Here we go with another moment of honesty...while my kitchen space is huge, it's not my favorite space in the house.  It took me the longest of any space to kind of finalize (and it's really not all that complete).  It's kind of a cave.  It's as big as my living room but has one tiny window at the sink and at the door.  Windows from other rooms is the primary source of light in there.

There's also a ton of weird, unused space in the kitchen.  It's huge, but it's almost too big for what it is.  So, some of the space in the kitchen has become (not-so-Pinterest-friendly) storage space because we simply don't have anywhere else to put a few things. first glance, there wasn't a lot of motivation there to post it for the world to see.  Sometimes in the blog world we can get so caught up in having the prettiest space, the nicest finishes, or the most creative touches.  And, if you don't have those things, it might feel pointless to share.

But then I went back to the real reason I run this blog: to motivate others to make their home the best it can be.  So why in the world wouldn't I share my home at the best it is, even if it isn't "Pinterest-perfect?"  It might not be ready for its magazine debut, but it works so amazingly well for our family (and I finally put my big girl pants on and realized this).  It's been a wonderful, functional space that has helped us make too many delicious meals to count.  It's also been a space where so many memories have been made.  It's the spot where Emmie developed a passion for cooking and where Jackson took his first bites of food.

So for that, I will always be thankful for this kitchen and will always have a soft spot in my heart for this house.  It's exactly what we needed exactly when we needed it.  And, finally, I am honored to be able to share it with you today.

Enough of my's our kitchen!

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Our kitchen table looks directly into the living room.

Looking the other way from the table, you can see the refrigerators.  Yes, plural.

A couple of months ago, we found a phenomenal deal on a fridge for the new house.  Since we had about 8 months before we moved, we had to have somewhere to put it...why not in our massive kitchen?  We went on and plugged in/used the new one so we could test it out and just never moved back to the old one.

It's been kind of nice as I prep my freezer meals to have two fridges!  But yes, it is a little strange-looking.

For you Journey to Cleaners out there, this is my command center!  And it's obviously the end of the month - that bin needs to be cleaned out in a bad way.   We also store office supplies, coupons, gift cards, and stationery over here.

The playroom is on the opposite side of the kitchen from the living room (right past our second fridge 😉).  It's actually been nice having the playroom so close to the kitchen - I've loved having the ability to look in on Emmie while I'm cooking.

And, on the other side of the fridge, we have our makeshift locker area.  We really need a full locker area to store all of our bags, purses, shoes, etc...but this does the trick for now.

Moving on to the counter to the left...I've had these canisters since we lived in Tuscaloosa!  I might get tired of them one day, but they're still one of my favorite kitchen accessories. (From the Arthur Court Tuscan Fleur de Lis line, now discontinued.)

I'm not a huge fan of counter clutter, but with these few items, it's necessary.  We use our Ninja Coffee Bar and Instant Pot basically every day, and there's not a cabinet in the house that will fit our protein powder! :) Decorated paper towel roll is courtesy of Emmie.

This is the hub of our kitchen!  This area of the kitchen might look's where 95% of my recipe pictures are shot, mostly because it's the only area of the room that gets any natural light.

I absolutely love this garden's definitely my favorite thing about the kitchen!  It's an awesome place to grow smaller herbs and flowers, and it works very well for non-chilled fruit and veggie storage.  And apparently, it's pretty good for storing a bottle rack too! 😉  I love it so much that I'm going to ask our builder if they still make garden windows for the new house.  This is kind of a retro thing, but from the few minutes of research I've done about it, you can still get them for new builds.

Our little king cake baby collection!  Don't ask me why we save them here, but we always have.

This is my second year of using these little planters for our herb garden!  Beautiful paint job, huh?

I've been obsessed with these candles for years!  When I talked about melting down my old candles for wax melts, this is one I just couldn't part with...there's something about the smell of it burning that is just so homey.

Finally, coming back to the table area...this spot is an absolute thorn in my side, but it's a necessity.  Not only do we not have all that much counter space for things like a mixer, but we don't have a home office area in this house and, with both Noah and me working from home, we have to have a little area dedicated to "office stuff." And yes, that is an old, very chipped coffee table.  Functional, not so pretty though.

I've said it a hundred times - this will be our kitchen table forever and ever if I have my way!  This was Noah's family's kitchen table when he was young.  I just think it is so cool that two generations have eaten daily meals at this table!  I'm planning on refinishing it before we move, hopefully soon. (Chairs from here.)

Just off the other side of the table area, you can see our foyer (that's also attached to the playroom and our back hall).

So there you have it, our perfectly imperfect kitchen!  I enjoyed putting this post together way more than I thought I would.  It was nice to take a good long look around the area and really focus on what I love about it...which turned out to be a lot!

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Happy Friday, friends!