Friday, February 10, 2017

Jackson at ONE YEAR!!

Bobo -

This is it!  You're a whole year old!  Where did this past year go?  Seriously, I blinked and my sleepy, snuggly newborn turned into a funny, chatty, loving big boy.  If you need me for the next few days, I'll be curled up in a corner somewhere.

Here is your one year update! (And the last one for the blog - sad day!)


You're weighing in at 24.6 pounds this month.  I have been 100% sure you were going through a growth spurt the past couple of seemed so much heavier, but you really only gained about a pound this month.  That puts you in the 91st percentile.


I stink at measuring you...I got 30" this morning, but I don't think you've shrunk since last month.  We go to the doctor tomorrow so I'll update with a better measurement then!  As of right now, that puts you in the 57th percentile.

Clothing Size:

Your 18 month clothes are perfect!  I'm hoping you hang out in those for awhile.


I'm trying to use up all of our size 3 diapers so you can move on to size 4.  They still work, but they're getting a little small.


Well, I thought our nursing days were over last month - not so much.  You've gotten old enough to start asking to nurse, and definitely aren't afraid to let me know when you're hungry (which is a little awkward when you start pulling my shirt down in public...).  I don't mind keeping on for a few more months - I'm just excited we made it to my goal of a year of nursing!

You are a huge eater. You mostly just eat what we eat for dinner now, I just typically have to tear/chop it into small pieces.  You love yogurt, cheese, hot dogs, bananas (you will loudly scream "NANA!" if you see one, even at the grocery store, as I learned Wednesday), and peanut butter crackers.


Those big brown eyes just kill me!  They are so pretty, and we get comments on them from all of the ladies you flirt with at the grocery store. 😉

You might have a teeny bit more hair this month, but not much.  And I am very excited that you're getting a baby mullet just like your sister had...I love a little baby mullet!

And those dreaded 1 year molars are coming in now (for about the past week).  One has broken through and another one on the bottom looks close.  That makes 9 teeth now.


I forgot how much I love the point where a baby starts really sleeping through the night!  You are a rockstar with nighttime sleeping now.  You go down between 6:30-7 and stay asleep until 6-7 in the morning.  If it's closer to 6, I might try to put you down for a little catnap (sometimes you do, sometimes you don't).

Naps have been a little iffy.  You are pretty good with the morning nap - usually around 2 hours at 9:30-10 in the morning.  But you're starting to skip the afternoon naps.  I'm hoping you don't drop that one for a couple more months, so I'm holding on and hoping this is just teething!

Fun Stuff:

You are full-on crawling now!  You figured out how to actually crawl about a month ago, and it's like something clicked last week - you realized that crawling was easier than scooting.  You're MUCH faster now!

You can cruise a couch like nobody's business, but no actual walking by yourself yet.

You've really started jabbering lately.  It's like you're part of the conversation...we just don't know what you're saying!

You love to "stretch!" (put your hands above your head), clap, talk on the phone (you put it up to your ear if you have one), wave bye-bye/night-night, and we're working on blowing kisses (you get the general idea, you just don't want to do it most of the time).

You still love when Daddy turns you upside down, and you'll rock your head back any chance you get (we're pretty sure you just do it so we'll tickle your neck).  You're also a big fan of jumping off of the bed/couch! 😬😳

You have learned how to "give love" (put your head down on somebody's shoulder) and you can pretty much get anything you want from me by doing it.

Here is 12 months of Bobo pictures! (Past updates here.)

And here's a comparison shot with Emmie at 12 months...

A big huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the sweetest little boy there ever was!