Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Jackson at 11 Months


ELEVEN MONTHS!  How in the world?  I was always the mommy that couldn't understand why parents got sad when their children grew up - until my last baby wasn't a little baby anymore.  It's so fun to see you grow up, but a little sad at the same time.  I'm soaking up every last second we have of the baby stage, because I know it's quickly coming to a close!

Here's what you're up to ONE MONTH before your first birthday!

You're weighing in at 23.8 pounds this month...I think you're starting to slow down in the weight gain department!  That puts you in the 89.6th percentile.

You were 30.5" (from my best guess) yesterday morning.  That, coincidentally, puts you in about the same percentile as weight...89.5.

Clothing Size:
Very comfortable in 18 month clothes now.  I packed up the rest of the 12 month clothes right after Christmas.  The legs can be a little long sometimes (you have a long torso and short legs, just like your Daddy and sister).

I think our days of size 3 diapers might be just about over!  They are quickly getting snug.

I am a little sad to report that I think our nursing days are just about over.  I've noticed you making a huge shift to solid foods in the past few weeks.  You seem to prefer a big meal (usually 3 times a day) and then just a little nursing session right before you go to sleep each time.  It's pretty rare that you want to nurse when it's not time to go to sleep now!

You're eating so many different things now - I don't think there's much we haven't tried now!  You're still loving any kind of carbs (pasta, chicken & dressing, puffs) and anything crunchy...you're a huge raw carrot stick fan (we watch you, I promise).  Basically, anything that's cold and feels good on your gums is right up your alley.


I love those big brown eyes!  And, you have random little sections of longer hair starting to come in.  Still pretty much bald, but we're slowly making some progress in the hair department!

And, still holding strong at 8 teeth.  We've had a little bit of a break from teething this month, which has been nice!  I thought you were getting your eye teeth, but that seems to have passed for now.

(I never thought I could love a little tooth gap so much. 😍)


Still so much better than the first few months.  You usually go to sleep around 6:30 and sleep until around 4-6, when you wake up for a feeding.  I feed you and will put you back to sleep if it's before 6:00...if it's after 6, you're usually up for the day.  Not many middle-of-the-night feedings anymore!

You take a mid-morning nap (around 9:30-10) and a mid-afternoon nap (around 1:30-2).  Both of those are usually around an hour and a half, give or take 30 minutes.

Fun Stuff:

You have been in the cutest, sweetest mood in the past few weeks.  Your personality is really starting to come out!

You're starting to say a few words - Dada, Bye Bye (with a little wave), Nigh Nigh (usually means you're hungry or tired), Mama (not as often lately, for some reason!), and Hey.

Still not crawling - we've just decided you're going to be one of those babies that skips it.  You can army crawl like a champ though.  I'm pretty sure you move faster with the arm scoot than most crawling babies do!

You are getting pretty close to walking!  You can cruise the entire (huge) couch totally by yourself now, and you're pulling up on everything (as a matter of fact, I had to drop your crib last week because I accidentally showed you you could stand in it).  You can also stand for a few seconds on your own.

If you can get your hands on a piece of cloth, you're going to play Peek a Boo.  You still love Pat a Cake, and you've started to learn how to blow kisses (you'll put your hand up to your mouth if I tell you to blow a kiss).

You are SUPER ticklish, especially on your neck and under your arms.  You give us the cutest, biggest belly laugh when we tickle attack you.

You are a little daredevil!  Daddy loves to hold you upside down (which Mommy still can't quite look at), and you just giggle and giggle.

You love opening and closing things, especially Mommy's laptop.  You love it so much that Santa brought you your own laptop for Christmas, and it has become your favorite toy!  You'll sit and open/close it for the longest time.

You love your Cece (Emmie) and Hardy SO much.  One of my favorite parts of the day is when Cece comes in our bedroom for the first time in the morning and talks to you - you always light up!

You love dancing when music comes on.

That first birthday is almost here, Bobo!  We love you to the moon and back!

Here's a little progression (past posts here):

And here's your comparison shot with Emmie at this age!