Friday, January 6, 2017

Designing Our Functional, Beautiful Upstairs Bathrooms

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Kohler for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Right now, we're right smack in the middle of picking all kinds of finishes for our forever home.  Tons of decisions are being made right now - everything from counter top options to exterior brick.

There are so many things that you never think you'll have to choose before building a home.  I have been borderline obsessed with this process for years, and even I didn't think about things like soffit finishes and mortar colors.  It's a little overwhelming to have to make a thousand decisions all at once (but, it's kind of fun too!).

One big thing we're in the final process of picking is bathroom options.  Our master shower will be a custom tile walk-in shower, but both Emmie and Jackson's showers upstairs will be shower/tub combos.  I've been a little hesitant to share the floor plan (and I still don't think I'll be sharing the whole upstairs floor plan, just to give the kids a little privacy), but here's a peek at their bathroom plans...

Emmie's bathroom is immediately off her room and is only accessible by her room.  It's one big room and has a shower/tub combo and a really wide counter...perfect for all of that junk teenage girls tend to accumulate! 😉

Jackson will have a shared bathroom with our guest room, so it isn't immediately accessible by his room (but is right next to it).  It will be two separate rooms, with a shower/tub combo and a single basin, wide-counter sink.  We thought about doing a double basin (since he'll be sharing it with another room), but that was an easy way to slash the budget a little.

For both of these bathrooms, I want something that's going to be both pretty and functional for the spaces for years to come.  They might not need a lot of bells and whistles in their showers right now, but I can see storage being an issue in the future with both of these spaces.

So, to design both of their bathrooms, I've been using the Kohler Choreograph shower planner. This awesome tool lets you plan out a shower with the new Kohler Choreograph collection, a line that really lets you personalize a shower system that fits your individual needs.  The shower walls in this line come in a variety of colors, patterns, and textures that you can personalize to match your more boring cookie-cutter shower & bath combos!

Installation of the Kohler Choreograph line is super simple and quick.  It can be installed over existing tile and can even be cut on site if needed.  The Serica™ material used in this system makes for a durable finish and a super tight seam to conceal the silicone and leave a finished look. Even the accessories in this line were designed to be user-friendly...most are adjustable and some can be removed and cleaned in a dishwasher!

Kohler's Choreograph line has several awesome accessories that you can use to really fit your needs, like locker storage units, shower barres, and seats.  Not only can you customize what accessories you add to your shower design, but you can also tailor the look of your shower by adjusting colors and finishes of the walls.  I worked with the Kohler Choreograph shower planner to customize a look for both Emmie and Jackson's shower/bath combos!

For Emmie's bath, I tried to kind of think ahead 10 years to a teenage girl that might need a little bit of storage space.  I gave her a larger locker area in the shower.  I kept the look really simple...a white finish with a brick texture (it looked similar to subway tiles to me, which I'm loving right now).

For Jackson's bath, I didn't think we would need quite as much locker storage space, so I made that a little bit smaller (but still kept it - I love that idea!).  I used the cord texture in his bath and added a barre, in case guests needed a little bit of support when showering.

This system has been installed in many bathrooms to give a gorgeous, modern look to otherwise drab spaces!  If you don't believe me, check out a few of these before and afters:

Gorgeous, right?

My designs were super easy to make (these took maybe 10 minutes each) and really gave me a chance to personalize our needs!  I am so excited to see everything start to come together, including the functional and pretty shower spaces in each of these bathrooms.

Want to design your own shower spaces?  Plan your shower with Kohler Choreograph Shower Planner and design your own beautiful and functional area!  You can also click here to See more Kohler Choreograph shower spaces.

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