Friday, December 16, 2016

Jackson at 10 Months

Bobo - you are TEN months old now!  We are on the serious downswing to a year...and I can't believe it's gone so fast.  Seriously, I blinked and you went from a snuggly tiny newborn to a wiggly, smiley, fun little boy.

Here's what you're doing at 10 months old!

TBA - I'll update this when we have a scale with batteries in this house! 🙈

TBA - I'll update this when he wakes up this morning!

Clothing Size:
I think we're about to have to retire the 12 month clothes.  Everything is pretty snug at this point.  With Christmas craziness I haven't had a chance to change out your closet, but that's on the to-do list to happen very soon!

Still size 3's, but those are slowly getting too snug too.  You don't go through quite as many now (probably 4-5 a day at most).

Not as many feedings now!  You probably eat every 4 hours or so (not nearly that consistent, but if I had to average, I'd say 4 hours).  You nurse right before you go to sleep each time and maybe every once in awhile when you're upset.

You are loving pretty much all kinds of food!  You tried oranges this month and you absolutely love them.  You'll at least tolerate all kinds of fruits and veggies, but you're definitely a carb person (which is ironic considering my pregnancy with you).  You love puffs and crackers (and maybe a bite of cake or two that we've snuck in).


Big pretty brown eyes!  And you might? be getting a little bit of hair.  It's definitely coming in brown (and I think it will stay that way), but there's not much to report in the hair department.


Hallelujah, praise all that is holy, YOU ARE SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT!!! 💃🎉💃🎉Our pediatrician recommended Daddy get up with you at night for a few days so you would put it together that you don't need a feeding every few hours.  Sure enough, after about a week of that you started just sleeping through those middle-of-the-night feedings.

So now, you go to sleep around 6:30-7 and sleep until around 6:30 each morning.  I can usually bet on you waking up for a feeding once every few nights, but it's not every night now and it's not multiple times a night.  You also wake up and fuss maybe once a night for a minute or two, but usually put yourself back to sleep.

Fun Stuff:

We are right in the middle of teething right now.  You are cutting your eye teeth (which are pretty rough), so you haven't been in the best mood for the past week or so.  Tylenol seems to do the trick if you're obviously in pain.  So that puts us at 8 teeth as of right now, and I'm pretty sure we're working on 2 more at the top.

You've also been sick.  The "crud" that's been going around has hit everyone in our house, including you.  That combined with teething hasn't made for the best few weeks, but you're still our smiley sweet boy through it all.

You can (almost) stand on your own!  You're a champ at cruising the couch (with almost no support from us), and I can let go of you to let you stand for a few seconds at a time.  You can also walk pretty well if we're holding your fingers!

No crawling yet, but you can scoot better than any baby I've ever seen.

You have the cutest little toothy grin I've ever seen.  You smile with your whole face!

Your favorite toys are your school bus, your car, and your walker.  You're also a big fan of the remote, cell phones, wrapping paper, and the medicine dropper.  And probably your favorite thing to do is open and shut Mommy's laptop.

You can high five, clap (anytime somebody says "yay" or "pat a cake," you get to going), and "stretch" (put your arms above your head).  You also love to dance with Mommy.

Happy double digit birthday to our best guy!!!

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